Doug Polk makes a notable entrance into the crypto world

The cryptocurrency world is closely tied with the online poker world. In the past people would deposit on US poker sites through banks and credit cards, but nowadays cryptocurrencies are one of the most commonly used methods for deposits and withdrawals.

Therefore, it may not come as a surprise that three-time WSOP Bracelet Winner Doug Polk is making a grand entrance into the crypto currency world. He started using Bitcoin some years ago as a necessity to transfer money to and from other players and really liked the technology.

Doug Polk Crypto

Only a few weeks ago he created a new channel Doug Polk Crypto, a channel that already has almost as much viewership as his original channel Doug Polk Poker with 166,000 subscribers. The new channel focuses on different cryptocurrencies he recommends people to invest in and more importantly denouncing youtubers who are either promoting Ponzi Schemes or don’t know what they are talking about and are simply making videos to increase viewership. He also openly shares his crypto portfolio and offers his informed advice as to which coins to buy and sell.

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Bitconnect and other Scams

The instant success of Doug Polk’s new channel stems from his criticisms of other popular YouTube crypto channels. He initially called Bitconnect, a Ponzi scheme presented as a cryptocurrency, a complete scam.

THE TRUTH About BitConnect, CryptoNick, Trevon James, and Craig Grant


Secondly, he called out all the youtubers who were advertising Bitconnect as scam artists. Then he called out a few more youtubers for making crypto content without actually knowing what they were talking about. In Polk’s videos he constantly references their videos and then shows how the content creators contradict themselves as well as their lack of knowledge in the crypto world.

He continually reminds his viewers that his goal is to stop misinformation and to help people from getting manipulated into giving away their money away on false or risky investments. Since the release of his video warning that Bitconnect is a scam, the company collapsed and Polk has been proven correct.

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