Daniel Negreanu unveils action-packed summer schedule featuring over $2M in Buy-Ins

The time of year is almost upon us. Las Vegas will be flooded with optimistic poker players in a little over six weeks, each hunting for an elusive WSOP bracelet. Among them will be fan favourite Daniel Negreanu, who has been seeking his seventh bracelet since 2013.

Daniel Negreanu
Daniel Negreanu – Photo GPI

$1.4M WSOP

Negreanu has now posted his schedule for the series and has opted mostly for events which give the best chance of a bracelet as you would expect. He hopes to play all the larger buy in events along with most of the mixed game events. He says he will not play two events at once and will skip a scheduled event if he still in another event when registry is running. While Negreanu has made room for a few rest days during his schedule he certainly has a very full couple of months ahead, as he also plans to play big buy in events in Las Vegas before the WSOP even gets started. His expected outlay on the WSOP alone is over $1.4 million, but he claims that with other pre WSOP events, his summer buy ins will top $2 million.

Big One for One Drop

With the Big One for One Drop making its return, it is no real surprise that Negreanu’s total buy ins will amount to such a high, even though he says he plans to sell 50% of his action. The Canadian pro is also hoping to win a third WSOP Player of the Year title, and feels that the points system last year worked against him.

Each year, Negreanu releases a list of goals and hopes for his WSOP along with the schedule of events he plans to play, and this year is no different. Back in January he released his list, reigning in his key targets somewhat. Interestingly, he dropped what has formerly been a key target of winning three bracelets during the series, to just one. He also hopes to reach $40 million in total live earnings (he currently has around $35.5 million) and hang on to top spot in the all-time money list, among other things.

Daniel Negreanu’s WSOP Schedule

June 1 3pm $100k NLH
June 2nd 3pm $2500 Triple Draw Mix
June 3rd 3pm $10k Omaha HL
June 4th 3pm $1500 Dealers Choice
June 5th 3pm $1500 2-7 NL Single Draw
June 6th 11am $1500 HORSE (secondary)
June 6th 3pm $10k NLH Heads Up (priority)
June 7th 3pm $10k Dealers Choice
June 8th 3pm $5k NLH
June 9th 3pm $1500 8-Game
June 10th 3pm $10k 2-7 NL Single Draw
June 11th 3pm $1500 Stud 8
June 12th 3pm $10k HORSE
June 13th 3pm $1500 2-7 Triple Draw
June 14th DAY OFF
June 15th 3pm $50k Players Championship
June 18th 3pm $10k Stud
June 19th 11am $1500 NLH Shootout
June 19th 3pm $2500 Big Bet Mix
June 20th 3pm $25k PLO
June 21st 3pm $10k 2-7 Triple Draw
June 22nd 3pm $2500 Stud 8/Omaha 8
June 23rd 3pm $10k PLO
June 24th 3pm $1500 RAZZ
June 25th 3pm $10k Limit Hold’em
June 26th 11am $1500 PLO 8
June 26th 3pm $3k NLH
June 27th 3pm $10k RAZZ
June 28th 3pm $5k NLH (6max)
June 29th 3pm $10k PLO 8
June 30th DAY OFF
July 1st 3pm $10k Stud 8
July 2nd DAY OFF
July 3rd DAY OFF
July 4th 11am $10 WSOP Main Event
July 8th 3pm $3k PLO (6 max)
July 9th 3pm $3k LH (6 max)
July 10th 11am $5k NLH (30 min levels)
July 10th 3pm $1500 NLH/PLO
July 11th 3pm $10k NLH (6 max)
July 12th 3pm $3k HORSE
July 13th 3pm $50k NLH
July 14th DAY OFF
July 15th 11am $1 million One Drop

Maximum Events: 39
Maximum Buy Ins:$1,414,500

Article by Craig Bradshaw