Chase Cokaliong ships inaugural Chase Cup Main Event title for PH₱ 1,140,183 (~USD 19,930) following three way deal

The first running of Chase Cup played down its final day festivities

The first running of the new locally founded series, Chase Cup held at Poker8 Cebu, Philippines, played down its final day festivities with Chase Cokaliong himself emerging victorious in the headliner Main Event. Having garnered support from players all over the country, the Main Event surpassed all expectations, pushing the prize pool to balloon over PH₱ 8.1 Million (~USD 143K) after 495 entries were recorded across five starting flights. In an epic turn of events, Cokaliong came out on top in the final games and bagged the inaugural title, along with PH₱ 1,140,183 (~USD 19,930) in winnings following a three way deal.

Chase Cup 2024 – Festival Results

Main Event Final Table Recap

e Cokaliong ships inaugural Chase Cup Main Event title
Chase Cokaliong

Today’s Main Event final table action kicked off with Chase Cokaliong leading the charge, stacking a massive 104 big blind stack over the remaining nine. With 60 minutes on the clock, the first casualty of the day was seen as early as the second level with the most decorated player in the scene, Mike Takayama falling in 9th place. An hour later, Kenrick Lim followed suit, having lost a flip to Conrad Lumaban for his tournament life. Short stacks Alex Lai and Martin B likewise found their Main Event journeys come to an end just a couple hands later, exiting in 6th and 7th place respectively. 

Chase Cup Main Event Final Table
Chase Cup Main Event Final Table

Five handed play lasted fairly long as chip counts began to even out which left Joel Diaz at the bottom of the ranks to eventually succumb in 5th place. Chris Boys, who was seen dabbling in several pots, consistently sat atop the list up until he suffered a massive hit by the hands of Junnie Pamplona to shoot down. Looking to recover, Boys instead locked up a 4th place finish after losing a final race to Cokaliong

Following Boys’s exit, a deal was struck in which Cokaliong takes with him the Main Event victory, 24K gold plated Chase Cup trophy whilst leaving the remaining payouts to be split evenly three ways. The final three finishers each collected PH₱ 1,140,183 (~USD 19,930) in prizes with Pamplona and Lumaban sharing the Rolex Submariner timepiece in consolation.

Chase Cup 2024 – Final Day Live Updates

Chase Cup Review

Date: May 1 to 7, 2024
Buy in: PH₱ 18,800 (~USD 327)
Guarantee: PH₱ 5,000,000 (~USD 86,900)
Prize pool: PH₱ 8,162,000 (~USD 143,000)
Cumulative entries: 495
ITM: 64 players

Day 1  Numbers

Day 1A: 41 entries / 6 ITM
Day 1B: 32 entries / 4 ITM
Day 1C: 84 entries / 11 ITM
Day 1D: 134 entries / 17 ITM
Day 1E: 204 entries / 26 ITM

Chase Cup Main Event Final Table Results

Rank Player Prize (PH₱)
1st Chase Cokaliong ₱1,140,183*
2nd Conrad Lumaban ₱1,140,183*
3rd Junnie Pamplona ₱1,140,183*
4th Chris Boys ₱522,400
5th Joel Diaz ₱391,800
6th Alex Lai ₱319,300
7th Martin B ₱261,200
8th Kenrick Lim ₱204,100
9th Mike Takayama ₱130,600

*Denotes deal was made

Dexter Drillo wins High Roller for PH₱ 443,800 (~USD 7,750)

Dexter Drillo wins Chase Cup High Roller
Dexter Drillo

Date: May 7, 2024
Buy in: PH₱ 50,000 (~USD 873)
Prize pool: PH₱ 1,048,600 (~USD 18,330)
Entries: 23
ITM: 5 players

Chase Cup High Roller Full Payouts

Rank Player Prize (PH₱)
1 Dexter Drillo ₱443,800
2 William Ysmael ₱263,900
3 Anthony Bryan ₱165,200
4 Vamerdino Magsakay ₱125,700
5 Florencio Campomanes ₱50,000
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