APPT Cambodia 2022: National prize pool surges to $142.4K; Bonil Koo tops Day 1B; Michael Soyza clinches Mini High Roller


Games are in full swing at the Asia Pacific Poker Tour Cambodia 2022 with Day 5 of festivities in the books and eight players minted with brand new spade trophies. Today’s main highlight was Day 1B of the APPT National $100K GTD. WSOP bracelet winners Mike Takayama and Leo Soma were among the notables in the field which saw 112 entries.

With 92 signed up for Day 1A, the combined number of starters grew to  204 to send the prize pool surging past the guarantee. The remaining 51 players are now looking at a richer $142,474 prize pool. They return on Tuesday, November 8 at 1pm to chase down the $30,133 first prize and the iconic PokerStars trophy. Follow the final day action via our Live Updates.

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Running simultaneously was the $2K buy in Mini High Roller which ran until 4am. Clinching it was Malaysian pro / 2018 APPT Korea Main Event champion Michael Soyza but not before enduring a rollercoaster heads up battle against Korea’s hot running Nam Hyung Kim. We’ve got those stories for you down below.

APPT National update

The talk of the series is Korea’s Nam Hyung Kimwho has been dominating the felt since opening day. Kim carried the second largest stack into the NagaWorld Kickoff final day, and now at APPT National, he brings in the largest stack having bagged a jaw dropping 221 BB stack at Day 1A.

At Day 1B, players attempted to surpass the leader, and after 12 rounds, Korea’s Bonil Koo topped the counts with 227,000 (110 BB). Though commendable, it was still far behind. Koo will return running fifth overall. Other notables advancing from this heat were female players Natalie Teh and Hua Wei Lin. While Lin maintained the biggest stack at her table, Teh came in late and cracked Aces with pocket Tens set on the turn.

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Bonil Koo

Buy in: $800
Guarantee: $100,000
Entries: 204 (126 unique, 78 re-entries)
Prize pool: $142,474
ITM: 31 places

Day 1A: 92 entries / 17 advance
Day 1B 112 entries / 34 advanced

Final day qualifiers – 51 players

Chips in play: 6,120,000
Average stack: 120,000
Opening blinds: 1000-2500-2500 Ante BB

Player Chips BB
Nam Hyung Kim 553,500 221
Yu Qi Zhao 275,000 110
David Erquiaga 232,500 93
Rajeev Kanjani 229,000 92
Bonil Koo 227,000 91
Florencio Campomanes 202,000 81
Harry Ross 199,000 80
Hua-Wei Lin 196,500 79
Hak Do Kim 195,000 78
Alessio Isaia 183,000 73
Raja Sekhar Puttamsetty 174,000 70
Pete Yen Han Chen 165,500 66
Chao Ting Cheng 151,500 61
Dale Andrew Townsend 149,500 60
Duc Thanh Nguyen 147,000 59
Lars Lind Madsen 141,500 57
Natalie Teh 138,000 55
Emmanuel Segismundo 133,000 53
Po Wen Fang 128,000 51
Chay Lem Lim 123,000 49
Eric Wasylenko 119,500 48
Marc Joseph 109,500 44
Meerwais Hussain 108,000 43
Jimmy Hien Diep 108,000 43
Chi Ling Tsang 105,500 42
Dhanesh Chainani 104,500 42
Jonas Magdalinski 104,000 42
Hoa Thinh Nguyen 98,500 39
Patrick Liang 96,500 39
Michael Soyza 90,500 36
Clement Van Driessche 88,500 35
Trent Fechter 88,000 35
Quan Qiu 78,500 31
Victor Chong 72,000 29
Zhao Feng 70,500 28
Zdravko Duvnjak 62,000 25
Derek Wei-Yee Wang 62,000 25
Yu Chung Chang 60,000 24
Ngoc Khanh Le 58,000 23
Kyle Bao Quoc An Diep 57,000 23
Gyula Ryan Revai 52,000 21
Hassaan Arif Siddiq 51,000 20
Koen Breed 48,000 19
Seongmin Lee 48,000 19
Daniel Holmedahl 46,500 19
Ceesvin Abraham Abdulla 45,500 18
Hamish Crawshaw 39,000 16
Renniel Galvez 38,500 15
Zarvan Tumboli 33,000 13
Max Menzel 27,500 11
Go Mori 21,500 9

MICHAEL SOYZA seizes a spadie at the Mini High Roller

On his debut Cambodia appearance, APPT Korea 2018 Main Event champion Michael Soyza captured a spade trophy at the Mini High Roller however it was no walk in the park. Korea’s Nam Hyung Kim was just as determined and threw everything he had at the pro. Meeting up for the title, the pair engaged in an hour long heads up match that saw stacks swinging until Soyza finally put a lid on it. He pocketed the $18,490 first prize while Kim settled for a runner up payout of $12,743.

DSC 6922

Taking the action back before registration closed, Soyza jumped in at Level 8, just after qualifying for the APPT National final day. By then, Kim was already holding court. As usual, he was sitting on an enormous stack which he carried into the final table. Registration closed with 28 entries for a prize pool of $49,974.

Down to the final seven players with the money two spots away, Soyza began his ascent. He doubled up through Kim with pocket Queens over pocket Jacks to take the lead for the first time. Victor Chong delivered the bubble with KsQs straight dusting Taiwan’s Nevan Yu Chung Chang AdKh on a board 8hJh2c9d10d.

The next five all in showdowns saw Zarvan Tumboli tumble in 5th place to Soyza with pocket Nines outdrawn by Ace-Jack, the perpetually short stacked Fritz Douhan doubled up twice, Kim lucked out on Soyza with Ad8s finding two Eights against AcJc to regain the lead, and Chong falling in 4th place with 7h7s outdrawn by Kim’s Ad5d flush on a board 8dQd6d6cAc. Down to three, Soyza recouped some of his lost chips with pocket Nines surviving Kim’s Ace-Five, then climbed back up top after railing Douhan in 3rd place.

Heads up

DSC 6918

Heads up began with Soyza up 64 BB to Kim’s 44 BB. The first big pot of the swingy match saw Kim drop to 26 BB and Soyza increase to 92 BB. On a board that completed 9hQh5hJs6d, Soyza raised pre flop, double barreled, then both checked the river. Kim had Ks5c bottom pair, Soyza had AdJc mid pair.

The next big pot was a failed bluff by Kim to send his stack plunging further to 10 BB. On a board that completed Ac2d6c2s5d, Kim raised preflop then triple barreled. Soyza called throughout and won with As9h to Kim’s 10s7d. Still, Kim would not go down easy. He grinded to 20 BB then doubled up with Ace-King (king on the board) against pocket Nines to send Soyza plummeting to 6 BB.

In desperation, Soyza shoved twice and won both to slightly edge Kim. The second shove his Queen-Jack found a lady on the river to dust Ace-Seven. The one hour heads up battle ended with Soyza’s Ad6d spiking the six on the river to bust Kim’s AcKc.

Buy in: $2,000
Entries: 28
Prize pool: $49,974
ITM: 5 places

1st Michael Soyza $18,490
2nd Nam Hyung Kim $12,743
3rd Fritz Mattias Douhan $8,121
4th Victor Chong $5,872
5th Zarvan Tumboli $4,748

APPT Cambodia 2022 – full schedule 

Stay tuned to Somuchpoker for all the action as we bring you updates from start to finish.


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