APL HCMC: Terry Nguyen claims Main Event title for VND1.2 Billion

APL Ho Chi Minh City Main Event reached its climactic conclusion over the weekend, with Terry Nguyen overcoming a field of 365 challengers to take the trophy.

In addition, five more side events are now in the books, with five more happy champions picking up APL titles.

VND16,500,000 Main Event – Winner: Terry Nguyen

Main Event winner Terry Nguyen – Photo credit: APL

The Main Event is the crowning chapter of any live tournament festival, with APL Vietnam’s being no different. The tournament began with 365 runners, each paying VND15,000,000 + 1,500,000, for a total of VND16,500,000 (US$711) to enter. These entry fees combined to build a prize pool of VND6,000,000,000 (US$258,652) with 46 players going on to get paid.

Cao Ngoc Anh had been posing the greatest threat heading into the third day, with a chip-leading stack and the experience to use it. He went on to make a deep run, but ultimately fell in 15th place. By the time the final table had reached its latter stages, Cheng Lin, The Anh and Terry Nguyen were the final three survivors. Lin was first to hit the rail, creating an all-Vietnamese heads-up finale.

The Anh’s efforts to best his compatriot would eventually fall short, with Terry Nguyen taking control of the heads-up match and sealing the title soon after, without any deal being struck.

The final payouts are as follows:
1st – Terry Nguyen (Vietnam) – VND1,222,200,000 (US$52,682)
2nd – The Anh (Vietnam) – VND855,500,000
3rd – Cheng Lin (Taiwan) – VND550,100,000
4th – Kim Seung Jun (Korea) – VND360,000,000
5th – Pham Minh Tuan (Vietnam) – VND277,300,000
6th – Le Ngoc Khanh (Vietnam) – VND229,300,000
7th – Che-Li Lin (Taiwan) – VND192,400,000
8th – Baek Sunwoo (Korea) – VND157,100,000
9th – Phung Huy Quang (Vietnam) – VND122,200,000

VND5,500,000 Hyper Turbo 1 – Winner: Gihun Seo

Hyper Turbo 1 winner Gihun Seo – Photo credit: APL

The Hyper Turbo 1 event carried a buy in of VND5,500,000 (US$237) and attracted 37 runners. This created a prize pool of VND179,450,000 (US$7,735), with 5 players going on to get paid. Having fought his way through the field, Korea’s Gihun Seo was able to win the heads-up match to take down the title and trophy.

Here are the final payouts:
1st – Gihun Seo (Korea) – VND73,550,000 (US$3,170)
2nd – Chen Wei Hsun (Taiwan) – VND44,900,000
3rd – Tran Huy Hoang (Vietnam) – VND26,900,000
4th – Nguyen Tien Thanh (Vietnam) – VND19,700,000
5th – Nguyen Thanh Dat (Vietnam) – VND14,400,000

VND8,800,000 Super Deepstack Turbo – Winner: Nguyen Khoi

Super Deepstack Turbo winner Nguyen Khoi – Photo credit: APL

The VND8,800,000 (US$379) Super Deepstack Turbo was attended by a total of 33 players, with 5 going on to reach the money. The total prize pool for the event reached VND256,080,000 (US$11,038). The final phase of the event saw Nguyen Khoi take on Vu Huy Viet heads up, with Khoi getting the bets of his compatriot to win the title.

Here are the final payouts:
1st – Nguyen Khoi (Vietnam) – VND104,980,000 (US$4,525)
2nd – Vu Huy Viet (Vietnam) – VND64,000,000
3rd – Jeon Seungsoo (Korea) – VND38,400,000
4th – Vu Trung Hien (Vietnam) – VND28,200,000
5th – Parl Heejun (Korea) – VND20,500,000

VND11,000,000 Freezeout – Winner: Nguyen Duy Tung

Freezeout winner Nguyen Duy Tung – Photo credit: APL

The total field size for the VND11,000,000 (US$474) Freezeout reached 63, creating one of the larger side event prize pools of VND611,100,000 (US$26,341). The latter stages saw the trophy being contested by David Erquiaga and Nguyen Duy Tung. After a few blows had been traded, it was Duy Tung who was able to gain the upper hand and close out the tournament.

The final payouts are as follows:
1st – Nguyen Duy Tung (Vietnam) – VND220,000,000 (US$9,483)
2nd – David Erquiaga (Philippines) – VND129,200,000
3rd – Jeremy Pe (Singapore) – VND81,000,000
4th – Tomoharu Furuya (Japan) – VND55,000,000
5th – Panitan Poopadsri (Thailand) – VND42,800,000
6th – Tan Wah Meng (Singapore) – VND33,600,000
7th – Christopher Morrison (Scotland) – VND27,500,000
8th – Tran Trung Hieu (Vietnam) – VND22,000,000

VND6,600,000 NLH Turbo 2 – Winner: SJ Kim

NLH Turbo 2 winner Kim Soojo – Photo credit: APL

The NLH Turbo 2 carried an entry fee of VND6,600,000 (US$284), with 49 players buying in to contest the title. This generated a prize pool of VND282,180,000 (US$12,163), with 7 players going on to get paid. Asian pro and fan favourite SJ Kim was able to defeat Nguyen Diem Phuong Linh heads up to claim the title and the top prize.

The final payouts are as follows:
1st – Kim Soojo (Korea) – VND105,580,000 (US$4,551)
2nd – Nguyen Diem Phuong Linh (Vietnam) – VND62,700,000
3rd – Vo Duc Trung (Vietnam) – VND35,500,000
4th – La Anh Tuan (Vietnam) – VND27,100,000
5th – Lee Bongsu (Korea) – VND21,400,000
6th – Nguyen Van Anh (Vietnam) – VND17,100,000
7th – Huy Anh Trieu (Vietnam) – VND12,800,000

VND8,800,000 KO Bounty 1 – Winner: Nguyen Le Quang

KO Bounty 1 winner Nguyen Le Quang – Photo credit: APL

The KO Bounty 1 tournament brought in a good-sized field of 93 players, with each paying VND8,800,000 (US$379) to buy in. This helped the prize pool to reach a final figure of VND535,680,000 (US$23,090). Nguyen Le Quang went on to triumph over the field, beating Jang Jungbae heads to claim the win.

The final payouts are as follows:
1st – Nguyen le Quang – VND170,080,000 (US$7,331)
2nd – Jang Jungbae – VND101,800,000
3rd – Park Heejun – VND64,300,000
4th – Ang Kai Loon – VND41,500,000
5th – Jeon Seungsoo – VND32,100,000
6th – Nguyen Quang Huy – VND25,400,000
7th – Nguyen Khoi – VND21,400,000
8th – Ryan Revai – VND18,700,000
9th – Park Juyuk – VND17,000,000

Article by Craig Bradshaw