Andras Nemeth’s Life: Net Worth, Biggest Profits, Losses and Private Life

– General Introduction –

Andras Nemeth playing poker

Andras Nemeth, better known as his online moniker “probirs”, is a Hungarian professional poker player. His exact age is unknown, but he’s estimated to be in his late 30’s.

Nemeth is one of the biggest online tournament winners of all time. While his results are no longer public on the online poker tournament database PocketFives, that wasn’t always the case. The last time the public got to take a glance at his ever impressive scoresheet, in October 2019, his career MTT winnings stood at $17.7 million – which was the largest ever at the time.

However, for unclear reasons, he decided to hide his online tournament results.

But that doesn’t mean he stopped winning. He has 2 WCOOP and 3 SCOOP titles. In December 2020, he won two High Roller Millions$ events on the same day on Natural8-GGNetwork, for $282K and $24K, respectively.

Nemeth also has $3.495 million in live tournament winnings. That includes a European Poker Tour (EPT) title as well – In 2018, he won the €25,000 NLHE event at EPT Barcelona.

In August 2021, he took down the weekly $10,300 buy-in GG Super MILLION$ event for $325,957.

– Key Career Dates –

  • c. 2009: He starts playing high stakes online MTT’s on the now defunct sites Full Tilt, Absolute Poker and UltimateBet.
  • 2018: He wins the €25,000 No Limit Hold’em event at EPT Barcelona for €605,600. That is the biggest single live tournament cash of his career to date.
  • 2019: He briefly appears on top of PocketFives’ all time biggest winners list with $17.7 million in online MTT earnings. However, a few days later, he hides his online tournament results from the public.

– Andras Nemeth’s Career –

→ Beginnings ←

Just like with his massive online tournament winnings, Nemeth is very secretive about his past and personal life as well.

There’s only one brief interview with him that is still available online, which is in his native language of Hungarian. He was asked about his table in a tournament at the Unibet Open Prague in 2009. He did give a longer interview to a small Hungarian radio station in 2009 – however, that recording is gone, only mentions of it remain on the internet.

So we don’t know anything about Nemeth’s life before poker, nor do we know how he found the game.

All we know is that he started playing higher stakes tournaments online around 2009-2010, when the local Hungarian online poker media started taking notice of him and started reporting on his results. He originally played on Absolute Poker, UltimateBet, and Full Tilt – all of those sites are now gone. He used his classic screen name “probirs” from the very beginning.

By early 2012, he was one of the top ranked MTT players on the online poker tournament database PocketFives.

→ Live Tournaments ←

Nemeth has $3.495 million in live tournament winnings, according to his Hendon page. That sum is the product of ITM finishes in 59 different tournaments over the course of 11 years.

The first recorded cash on his profile is a victory right away! He took down the €1,500 NLHE event at the Austrian Classics for €49,600 in October 2009.

Nemeth was really off to a flying start on the live felt. The first time he made a tournament score for over $100K was in the very next month, November 2009. He finished 4th in the €6,200 NLHE – Lido International Dutch Open event at the Master Classics of Poker (MCOP) in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Nemeth pocketed no less than €135,432 (which equaled around $201K at the time).

2018 was a truly massive year for Nemeth.

In August 2018, he won the €25,000 NLHE event at EPT Barcelona for €605,600, which is his biggest single live tournament score to date. He beat Wai Chan from Malaysia heads-up for the title.

Then, in November 2018, he came in 5th in the $25,500 NLHE tournament at the partypoker LIVE Caribbean Poker Party in the Bahamas for $550,000. To top off his year, he finished 2nd in the €50,000 EPT Super High Roller in Prague in December, and won €451,350. That time, he lost the heads-up battle for the title to Austria’s Matthias Eibinger.

In January 2020, he came in 3rd for $189,171 in the A$50,000 No Limit Hold’em event at the Australian Poker Open at The Star Gold Coast Casino in Gold Coast, Australia.

→ World Series of Poker ←

Andras Nemeth is yet to win his first WSOP gold bracelet.

In live World Series events, he only chased 2 times for a total of $45,950 combined. The larger one out of the two cashes was $43,925 for a 7th place finish in the $3,000 No Limit Hold’em event at the 2019 WSOP.

However, in online events, he has 8 additional ITM finishes – evidently, online MTT’s are his “home turf”, after all.

In 2019, he came in 28th in the $3,200 ONLINE No Limit Hold’em High Roller for $9,374.

In 2020, when the Coronavirus pandemic forced all WSOP events to be played online, Nemeth cashed in 6 of them. He came in 49th in the $25,000 NLHE Poker Players Championship event for $57,592; and finished 44th in the $10,000 Super MILLION$ event for $33,973, among others. He added one additional cash to his online WSOP tally in 2021.

→ Live Cash Games ←

Nemeth hasn’t appeared on any TV show or online live stream where he played live cash publicly.

→ Online Poker ←

As we wrote in our intro, Andras “probirs” Nemeth’s online MTT results are no longer visible to the public on PocketFives. However, we do know that his lifetime online tournament winnings are well over $17 million.

In October 2020, won the $2,100 Sunday High Roller on PokerStars and a $25,000 Invitational Blade High Roller on Natural8-GGNetwork; and also made another cash in another $25K Blade High Roller, all in the same day. These cashes added up to $677,000 in MTT winnings in a single day.

Then, he still had his P5 scoresheet public, so could report that he reached $17.7 million in career earnings. With that sum, he was on top of the online all time money list, ahead of his fellow Hungarian Peter “Belabacsi” Traply in second place.

However, shortly after, Nemeth decided to hide his MTT results.

We still know some of his biggest scores, as the online poker media reports on them regularly.

He has won two World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) titles: he took down the $530+R NLHE 8-Max event for $79,655 and the $5,200 PLO 6-Max High Roller event for $140,506, both in September 2020. In addition, he has 3 Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) victories as well.

In December 2020, while playing under his alternate screen name “PokerBluff1” on Natural8-GGNetwork, he took down the $10,000 High Roller MILLION$ Main Event for $282,393, and the $1,000 High Roller MILLION$ PLO event for $24,048 on the very same day.

In August 2021, Nemeth topped a star-studded field in the $10,300 buy-in GG Super MILLION$ for $325,957. He beat Russian pro Artur Martirosyan heads-up for the title.

The online high stakes cash game database has 53,497 hands tracked on his “probirs” account on PokerStars. In that sample, he’s up $249,785, playing mostly $50/$100 No Limit Hold’em.

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