WPT Prime Cambodia: Josh McCully, Yu Ogusu, Lucas Tae win trophies; Mystery Bounty draws 550 entries, 69 advance



Another bustling day at WPT Prime Cambodia Season XXI with numerous events filling up the grand ballroom of NagaWorld Phnom Penh. The main entrees were the last two flights of the Mystery Bounty which featured a US$ 100,000 guarantee. By the close of registration, that figure was completely shattered with a combined 406 entries (Day 1B – 256, Day 1C – 150) added to Day 1A’s 144 entries for 550 total and a prize pool of US$ 266,750.

The day also witnessed three players lift trophies – Josh McCully at the Mini High Roller, Yu Ogusu at the Deepstack NLH, and Lucas Tae at the evening’s NLH Turbo.

WPT Prime Cambodia – Festival Results

We’ve got all those results for you down below including an update on the Player of the Festival race.

Mystery Bounty surges with 550 entries; 69 to hunt down biggest bounty

The Mystery Bounty was one hot ticket to drive the guarantee from $100K to well over a quarter of a million dollars. Day 1B was most popular with a roaring 256 pulling up seats. The heat bagged up at ITM of 32 players with WPT Prime Taiwan Main Event champion Marc Inizan at the helm. Inizan amassed exactly 1,000,000, equivalent to 83 BB, placing him second overall in the Day 2 lineup.

Marc Inizan

It was a thrilling race to ITM with Jose Catela surviving the bubble when his KdKc spiked the two outer against AsAd on a board 5sKh8cJcJh. Same as well for Gavin Best whose Ks4h cracked AdAh on a board 3h2d2c6h5s. The bubble was finally delivered by Anton Widjaya with a dramatic straight on the river with 5d5s dusting 3s6c on a board 6h7h7c4c3c.


End of Day 1B – Top 10 in chips

Marc Inizan UK 1,000,000
Hong Sung Heon Korea 950,000
Kiale Matthews Australia 717,000
Anton Widjaya Indonesia 666,000
Aladin Reskallah France 614,000
I-Chun Chiu Taiwan 498,000
Mai Bien Vietnam 484,000
Lee Seok Jun Korea 483,000
Vincent Ferrafiat France 476,000
Curtis Lim Singapore 470,000
Frank Lillis

Over at Day 1C, the last flight attracted 150 with 19 players bagging up. Unlike Day 1B, pocket Aces held for Richard Mari to deliver the bubble. Ireland’s Frank Lillis emerged as heat leader, placing him 5th rank in the overall Day 2 lineup.

End of Day 1D – Top 5 in chips

Frank Lillis Ireland 711,000
Richard Marquez Philippines 530,000
Jae Kyung Sim Korea 478,000
Zarvan Tumboli India 477,000
Tan Zi Xuan Malaysia 464,000

Mystery Bounty numbers

Buy in: US$ 550
Guarantee: US$ 100,000
Total Entries: 550
Prize pool: US$ 176,000
Bounty pool: US$ 90,750

Day 1A: 144 entries / 18 ITM
Day 1B: 256 entries / 32 ITM
Day 1C: 150 entries / 19 ITM

Day 2 players: 69

(Click the Live Updates – Mystery Bounty Final Day tab)

When the 69 players return on Tuesday, March 14 at 1pm, each one is guaranteed to money US$ 565 however, the hunt will be for the US$ 33,835 top prize and the US$ 18,000 top Mystery Bounty reward. It should be an exciting race. You can track the action via the LIVE UPDATES. (Mystery Bounty Live Updates Final Day tab).

Top 10 Entering Day 2

Player Stack BB Table/Seat
Sandro Burkhard 1,047,000 87 T-08 [08]
Marc Inizan 1,000,000 83 T-07 [07]
Kimsour Kong 749,000 62 T-01 [04]
Kiale Matthews 717,000 60 T-08 [01]
Frank Lillis 711,000 59 T-07 [08]
Anton Widjaya 666,000 56 T-03 [06]
Saransh Garg 661,000 55 T-02 [09]
Aladin Reskallah 614,000 51 T-02 [03]
Richard Marquez 530,000 44 T-02 [06]
I-Chun Chiu 498,000 42 T-01 [02]

Top 9 Payouts

1st $33,835
2nd $23,710
3rd $15,250
4th $10,750
5th $8,255
6th $6,810
7th $5,655
8th $4,510
9th $3,385

Mystery Bounty Rewards

Bounty prize Pieces
$18,000 1
$10,000 2
$5,000 3
$3,000 4
$1,000 8
$500 20
$250 31

Redemption for Josh McCully, clinches 2.2K NLH Mini High Roller

One week ago, Australian pro Josh McCully nearly captured his first ever WPT side event title at the WPT Prime Gold Coast $10K Super High Roller but fell short in 2nd place. With the festival all wrapped up down under, he made his way to WPT Prime Cambodia and found immediate success. McCully outlasted the 75 entry field of the 2.2K NLH Mini High Roller, defeating WPT Brand Ambassador Brad Owen at heads up to claim the trophy and the US$ 49,469 top prize.

Josh McCully

The two-day event drew 75 entries  for a prize pool of US$ 145,500. Day 1 played a total of 14 levels with 19 players left at bagging time and nine spots to the money.

Day 2 kicked off with Brad Owen and Mike Takayama as race leaders. Reigning WPT Prime Cambodia Main Event champion David Erquiaga jumped out front after his KhKs knocked out two players simultaneously. Young gun Gary Lin couldn’t turn his chips to cash with 7s7d unable to improve against McCully’s AdAh. The bubble burst on Kunal Patni with AsKd running into Owen’s AcAd. The final table was formed at the elimination of Michael Rocco to McCully.


Carrying in the biggest stack into the final table, McCully delivered a brutal bust to Bluff & Catch Team Pro Seung Mook Jung with QcJc burning QhQs on a board 5d10c9cAd8d. McCully also cleaned out Micheal O’Neill with pocket Aces over Ace-Queen.

Takayama eliminated the next two – Erquiaga (5th) and Tossapat Chunharas (4th) – but on his next shove, he could not get past McCully. The Filipino pro pushed with Queen-Jack that stayed behind pocket Kings.


This brought about heads up with McCully ahead 75 BB to Owen’s 45 BB. Due to the deep stacks, not much change was seen until the final hand. On a turn board JhAsKs5s, McCully had 5d5c set, Owen with Qs7h draw, the river 8d was not one of Owen’s outs to bust in 2nd place. McCully collected a cool US$ 49,496 for his well earned victory.

Buy in: US$ 2,200
Entries: 75
Prize pool: US$ 145,500
ITM: 10 places

1 Josh Mccully Australia $49,469
2 Brad Owen USA $28,373
3 Mike Takayama Philippines $17,751
4 Tossapat Chunharas Thailand $12,004
5 David Erquiaga Philippines $9,094
6 Micheal Oneill Ireland $7,275
7 Seungmook Jung Korea $6,402
8 Victor Chong Malaysia $5,820
9 Andy Li Xueyan Singapore $4,947
10 Michael Rocco USA $4,365

Japan’s Yu Ogusu maintains lead to lift maiden live title

Yu Ogusu turned his $300 buy in thirty times over after taking down the Deepstack NLH for a payout of US$ 9,196. Ogusu topped the 119 entry field to lift his maiden live title and a first trophy for Japan in this series.


After two players fell, chip leader Ogusu knocked out two players in one go, and surprisingly, both busts – Zi Xuan Tan and Wah Meng Tan – had the same amount of chips. They split 6th and 7th prize money down the middle.

A few more busts later, Ogusu eliminated Vietnamese pro Le Ngoc Khanh (3rd) when his As10d spiked the Ten to dust AdKh. This led to heads up against Australia’s Aroha Ngata, both players vying for their first WPT trophy. Despite Ngata’s efforts, Ogusu stayed ahead and took it to the finish line with 2h2c standing firm against QcJs on a final board AsKs3c7d3h.

DJR03182 1

Buy in: US$ 300
Entries: 119
Prize pool: US$ 31,166
ITM: 15 places

1 Yu Ogusu Japan $9,196
2 Aroha Ngata NZ $5,688
3 Le Ngoc Khanh Viet Nam $3,397
4 Hua-Wei Lin Taiwan $2,182
5 Duc Thanh Nguyen Viet Nam $1,652
6 Zi Xuan Tan Malaysia $1,278
7 Wah Meng Tan Singapore $1,278
8 Martin Kanaker Sweden $1,044
9 Ta Khanh Linh Viet Nam $919

Payout 10 – 15 (paid out on Day 1)

10 Julius Umbraziunas Lithuania $810
11 Ngoc Minh Nguyen Viet Nam $810
12 Rindra Norodo Cambodia $810
13 Ankit Jajodia India $701
14 Rahul Marwaha India $701
15 Zhiguang Zou China $701

Deal awards Lucas Tae the NLH Turbo title


The evening’s NLH Turbo found 53 runners for a prize pool of US$ 13,881. Four hours in, Wipat Udomkanjananan won a three-way with As6s two pair beating Qh10c and AdJh on a board 7hAh10s5c6h to deliver the bubble. Udomkanjananan went on to bust in 5th place and was followed out by Tyler Suansrakaew in 4th place.

The final three players attempted to deal numerous times but failed. This led to the fall of Nicholas Cantelo to Lucas Tae with Qh10h dominating Js10s on a board 4h10d4d6h7s. Another deal was attempted and this time it was reached. The final two split the remaining cash down the middle and Tae was awarded the trophy for his larger stack. For runner up Deep Raina, it was his second final table appearance having placed 7th at the 8-Max NLH Single Day.

Buy in: US$ 300
Entries: 53
Prize pool: US$ 13,881
ITM: 7 places


1 Lucas Tae USA $4,094.50*
2 Chakshu Deep Raina India $4,094.50*
3 Nicholas J Cantelo Australia $1,874
4 Tyler Suansrakaew Thailand $1,319
5 Wipat Udomkanjananan Thailand $1,041
6 Niko Antti Juhani Nyman Finland $833
7 Jeffery Kurniawan Indonesia $625

Player of the Festival update

After seven completed events, the Player of the Festival is heating up. Leading the race is NagaWorld Millions champion, Maggie Chien Chih Weng, with 550 points. Listed below are the top 16 in points. At the end of the festival, the player with the most points accrued will win a WPT Passport worth $5K to any WPT Main Tour this year.

1 Chien-Chih Weng 550
2 Vikaash Shah 425
3 Kiale Matthews 425
4 Bien Mai 425
5 Huyen Duc Luu 400
6 Josh McCully 400
7 Rolands Norietis 350
8 Lucas Tae 340
9 Chi Ling Tsang 300
10 Alok Birewar 300
11 Deep Raina 300
12 Brad Owen 300
13 Yu Ogusu 300
14 Zarvan Tumboli 275
15 Dhanesh Chainani 265
16 Mike Takayama 250

On Season XXI WPT Prime Cambodia

WPT Prime Cambodia, in partnership with Connaissance Management, runs from March 9 to 21 at NagaWorld Integrated Resorts in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. A total of 30 tournaments are scheduled and US$ 1 Million in guarantees. To date, seven players have walked away victorious. More trophies up for grabs including the upcoming Main Event $500,000 guaranteed. For added enjoyment, there are ample cash games running daily and the Cash Game Bonanza.

WPT Prime Cambodia – Player Guide
Breakdown of WPT Prime Cambodia schedule
WPT Prime Cambodia – Festival Results


Stay tuned to Somuchpoker as we bring you updates of WPT Prime Cambodia from start to finish.

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