WPT Prime Cambodia: Vietnam’s Huyen Duc Luu seizes first side trophy; Alok Birewar, Shen-Syu Ho top stacks at Millions and Freezeout



The first side event champion of WPT Prime Cambodia was awarded today to Vietnam’s Huyen Duc Luu at the NagaWorld Superstack 50K. Huyen halted the bulldozing Chi Ling Tsang to seize his first ever international title. He now leads the Player of the Festival race. In a brief chat with the champ,

“I am so happy! This is my first international tournament. The field was good, tough, I had difficulty on choosing my action. But I got lucky, I got big hands and they hit.”

The day also saw a large crowd turn up for Day 1B of the NagaWorld Millions $150K guaranteed and for the Deepstack NLH Freezeout. We’ve got all those results for you down below.

WPT Prime Cambodia – Festival Results

Huyen Duc Luu wins NagaWorld Superstack 50K; leads POF leaderboard

Huyen Duc Luu

Opening day crowd favorite, NagaWorld Supertsack 50K, drew 202 entries at $300 each for a prize pool of $53,884. Day 1 bagged up at ITM of 26 players led by the lone Japanese player remaining, Kosuke Hanzawa. 

On Day 2, it was action from the get-go with short stacks quickly knocked out. By the close of the first hour, Chi Ling Tsang’s went on a winning spree that denied Xianbing Zhang a spot at the final table with AsKc dominating KdJc.

Top L-R: Dhanesh Chainani, Kevin Clemot, Vineet Kumar, Chi Ling Tsang, Kosuke Hanzawa – Bottom L-R: Adrien Berger, Amir Abbas, Dealer, Kiale Matthews, Duc Luu Huyen

Entering the final table as chip leader, Tsang lost a portion of his stack on a three-way that tripled up Adrien Franck Berger. He made up for it by winning the next four showdowns that led to the end of Vineet Kumar (7th) and Berger (6th). Huyen Duc Luu cleaned out Hanzawa next for his first final table casualty.

The next two fell to Tsang, Dhanesh Chainani  in 4th place and Kiale Matthews 8h9d outdrawn into 3rd place by 8c6h two pair on a board 6c8dJs7hQc. This brought about heads up with Tsang ahead 69 BB to 10 BB.


Despite the lead, Tsang could not close it out. Instead, Huyen doubled up twice, first with quads-Queens then KdJd spiking the King to survive Tsang’s Ac5c. From there the chip lead bounced until his 6c2c banked a big pot on a board 6h6dAhQc3c against Qh9d. Tsang was down to crumbs and despite winning two double ups he was still behind. The final hand was Huyen KdQs straight beating 10s6c pair on a board 10dJd5h9hJc.

Due to a heads up deal, Huyen pocketed $11,227 which was just one dollar more than runner up Tsang.

Buy in: US$ 300
Entries: 202 (168 unique, 34 re-entry)
Prize pool: US$ 53,884
ITM: 26 places


1 Huyen Duc Luu Vietnam $11,227*
2 Chi Ling Tsang Canada $11,226*
3 Kiale Matthews Australia $5,523
4 Chainani Dhanesh Singapore $3,360
5 Kosuke Hanzawa Japan $2,594
6 Adrien Franck Berger France $2,150
7 Vineet Kumar India $1,832
8 Amir Abbas New Zealand $1,579
9 Kevin Clemot France $1,326
10 Xianbing Zhang China $1,153
11 Richard Sheils UK $1,153
12 Qi Dong China $1,153
13 Lucas Tae USA $981
14 He Zhou China $981
15 Jongmin Won Korea $981
16 Yoke Wei Woon Malaysia $808
17 Shen-Syu Ho Taiwan $808
18 Jeremy Jehanne France $808
19 Han Yee Seow Singapore $647
20 William Bolton Australia $647
21 Eike Soren Strub Germany $647
22 Stephen Nathan UK $498
23 Krzysztof Wierzbicki Poland $498
24 Gregory Kuhnast Germany $498
25 Jasven Saigal India $403
26 Men Nguyen Vietnam $403

Event 2: WPT Prime Cambodia NagaWorld Millions Day 1B

IMG 7944
Zarvan Tumboli

A much healthier field for Day 1B of the WPT Prime Cambodia NagaWorld Millions with 182 turning up for a chance at the $150,000 guarantee. This was significantly more than the 33 Day 1A turnout. Among the participants were decorated WPT Main Event champions Vincent Chauve, Dhaval Mudgal, Marc Inizan, David Erquiaga, and Zarvan Tumboli. Only Tumboli found chips to bag. 

IMG 7948
Shen-Syu Ho

Just past the twelfth hour, the bubble burst on Shardul Parthasarathi whose 4h4c could not fade Eike Soren Strub’s AcJs. The remaining 19 players secured their seat to Day 2. Taiwan’s Shen-Syu Ho earned the chip lead with a stack nearly double that of Day 1A leader Xu Jing Je

IMG 7949

Buy in: US$ 550
Guarantee: US$ 150,000

Day 1A: 33 entries / 4 ITM (recap)
Day 1B: 182 entries / 19 ITM

NagaWorld Millions – Day 2 Chip Counts

End of Day 1B – 19 players

Shen Syu Ho Taiwan 541,000
He Zhou China 484,500
Zarvan Tumboli India 473,000
Eike Soren Strub Germany 439,500
Xianbing Zhang China 364,000
Xiao Qing Lu China 341,000
Kien Duc Tran Vietnam 234,000
Geun The Kim Korea 211,500
Adam Kaufman Canada 187,000
Gaurav Sood India 174,500
Michael O’Neill Ireland 169,000
Mark Kline USA 167,500
Florent Remi Malta 156,000
Lian Ting Hao Singapore 154,000
Maggie Chien Chih Weng Taiwan 145,000
Abijith Cheruku India 112,000
Arun Sriram India 101,500
Martin Ng Zheng Wei Singapore 88,000
Yu Sheng Lin Taiwan 77,000

NagaWorld Millions – Day 2 Chip Counts

With two starting days completed, the event has drawn a combined 215 entries. 23 players advanced and are guaranteed a minimum payout of $1,100. There are two starting flights remaining, both taking place on Saturday, March 11. Day 1C begins at 1pm with blinds increasing every 40 minutes then is followed by the Day 1D (Turbo) at 7pm with blinds increasing every 25 minutes.

The NagaWorld Millions is a new addition to the WPT Prime Cambodia roster. It offers better payouts with ITM at 10% of the field. Players with multiple stacks into Day 2 will also get paid well for their extras, $1,500 for the second stack and $2,000 for the third one onwards.

Event 3: Deepstack NLH Freezeout

IMG 7946
Alok Birewar

The third trophy event was also tabled with 97 players taking on the Deepstack NLH Freezeout. It only took 6.5 hours for Day 1 to end with Min Won Jong denying Stephen Nathan a cut of the US$ 25,404 prize pool . The remaining 13 players return on Saturday, March 11 at 1pm for the race to the top. India’s Alok Birewar leads in the pack with a towering 60 bb.

IMG 7947

Buy in: US$ 300
Entries: $97
Prize pool: US$ 25,404
ITM: 13 places

Alok Birewar India 483,000 97
Tran Thi Xuan Ha Vietnam 279,000 56
Min Won Jong Korea 236,000 47
Mai Bien Vietnam 169,000 34
Sevvy Steenman UK 156,000 31
Tyler Warken Canada 145,000 29
Tang Cheap Ty Switzerland 143,000 29
Sameer Agarwal India 74,000 15
Jason Wong Singapore 72,000 14
Vincent Ferrafiat France 65,000 13
Jonathan Looi Malaysia 60,000 12
William Bolton Australia 46,000 9
Jung Hoon Choi Korea 13,000 3

Player of the Festival – update

At the completion of Event 1: NagaWorld Superstack 50K, the top 16 players earned points towards the Player of the Festival leaderboard. Huyen Duc Luu leads with 400 points. We will have the official board for you once it has been made available.

The player with the most points accrued at the end of the festival will receive a WPT Passport worth $5K to any WPT Main Tour of Season XXI.

On WPT Prime Cambodia


WPT Prime Cambodia, in partnership with Connaissance Management, runs from March 9 to 21 at NagaWorld Integrated Resorts. A total of 30 tournaments are scheduled and US$ 1 Million in guarantees.

Last year, the Main Event set new heights for the brand with 1,050 turning up. At the time, it was the largest WPT Main Event for an open tournament. In prize money, it guaranteed half a million dollars which doubled up, closing at US$ 1,018,500. This year, the Main Event returns with the same guarantee with the goal of surpassing its previous turnout and possibly even set another new record.

WPT Prime Cambodia – Player Guide
Breakdwon of WPT Prime Cambodia schedule
WPT Prime Cambodia – Festival Results


Stay tuned to Somuchpoker as we bring you updates of WPT Prime Cambodia from start to finish.

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