WSOP Spring Circuit final wrap: “pisgapoker_1” wins Main Event for $634.8K; Ivan Deyra captures career fourth ring; Alexander Kulev, John Ander Martinez, “mbhh90” win rings

The World Series of Poker Spring Circuit wrapped up its 24-day run on Natural8 – GG Network with nonstop games taking place from March 24 to April 17. At the close, the series paid out over US$ 32.6 Million across 18 ring events. Among the final five ring winners, Israeli player “pisgapoker_1” seized the Main Event title and Canadian pro Ivan Deyra captured his fourth gold ring. Here are final festival highlights and results. 

Festival review

Ring #1 – #18 prize pool: US$ 32,676,536
Total ring event entries: 84,831
Biggest event winner: Conor Beresford – US$ 728,028
Main Event champion: “pigsapoker_1” – US$ 634,855
Multiple final tables: “TTP_Poker”, Pablo Silva, “DAVAIBANKROLL”, Yuri Dzivielevski, Jon De Antonana Martinez
Natural8 LiveX Sponsorship winners: Conor Beresford and Joachim Haraldstad 

“PISGAPOKER_1” wins the MAIN EVENT for US$ 634,855

IMG 2501

Highlighting the series was the $525 Main Event where thousands saddled up for a chance at the US$ 5 Million guaranteed pot. In the aftermath, 13,397 entered for a smashing prize pool of US$ 6,698,500. Out of that big crowd, 2,077 advanced to the final day and after nine hours of play, Israeli player “pisgapoker_1” shipped it for a GG network high score of US$ 634,855. Prior to this win, pisgapoker_1’s largest network cash was at the 2020 WSOP $800 Marathon side event, placing second for a US$ 153,452 heads up deal payout. 

IMG 2462

The Main Event final day reached the money round at the fall of Vincent “Moist” Huang on the bubble. Leading up to the final table, 2K High Roller 6-Max runner up Nenad “O O L” Djukic busted in 21st place, China’s Yake “RossCola” Wu finished 11th, and Tommi “wnbgambb” Lankinen bubbled to the final table. Of the final 9, Martin “marlin555” Raus carried in the chip lead while eventual champion pisgapoker_1 was wedged in the middle. Pisgapoker_1’s first big pot was with 8s8h against Alex Kolonias 5c3c on a board 5s7dAd6h7h but then lost a chunk to “pedrinhoOo” with A-5 straight dominated by pocket Eights turned quads. At seven-handed, pedrinhoOo dwarfed everyone’s stack, pisgapoker_1 doubled up through Raus to rise to second in command, and the lone Asian remaining “Kowi” fell out of the running. Pisgapoker_1 claimed its first knockout with AhQd over Kolonias 10d10c spiking a queen on the flop.

Four handed awarded numerous big pots and double ups leading to the fall of “Getaway729”. Down to three, pisgapoker_1 overtook leader pedrinhoOo with Qh10h two pair over Js2h pair, but pedrinhoOo jumped back out front by railing Raus in 3rd place. Despite the deficit, pisgapoker_1 controlled the heads up round and quickly grinded to the top. The final hand saw pedrinhoOo 8h5h push on a flop 6s8sKc, pisgapoker_1 called with 10d10c, the turn was 9h and river 6h

Buy in: US$ 525
Guarantee: US$ 5,000,000
Entries: 13,397
Final day players: 2,077
Prize pool: US$ 6,698,500
ITM: 1,400

Final table payouts

1st “pisgapoker_1” – Israel – US$ 634,855
2nd “pedrinhoOo”-  Austria – US$ 476,079
3rd Martin “marlin555” Raus – Canada – US$ 357,001
4th “Getaway729” – Cyprus – US$ 267,713
5th Alex Kolonias – Greece – US$ 200,756
6th Joshua “IyasusSake” Gebissa – Austria – US$ 150,546
7th “Kowi” – Hong Kong – US$ 112,893
8th “kolayruss1978” – Russia – US$ 84,658
9th Aleksey “ImLuckPads” Savenkov – Russia – US$ 63,484

ALEX KULEV “FutureOfMe” bags Mystery Bounty HR 2M GTD – US$ 285,413

Alexander Kulev – Photo credit WSOP / PokerNews

The 2M High Roller Mystery Bounty saw 1,565 cough up the US$ 2,100 buy in across multiple starting flights. This was more than plenty to fatten up the prize pool to a juicy US$ 3,130,000. Only 231 players advanced to the final stage with payouts starting at 175th place. Among the takers were Vietnam’s Thai Ha (58th), recent ring winners Daniel “zafjekis”Reijmer (57th) and Conor Beresford (30th), India bracelet champion Abhinav Iyer ran deep again in 28th place, 2020 Main Event champion Damian Salas placed 16th, and Juan Pardo Dominguez finished 12th.

The final table was loaded with talent however only David Miscikowksi was minted with a gold bracelet. He departed first in 9th place. As players tumbled, two Asian players reached the final five with Lei “yulie1986” Yu halted in 5th place and “sutem” out in 3rd place. Heads up was between Alex “FutureOfMe” Kulev and Swedish online beast Niklas Astedt. Astedt was looking to seize his career third gold ring but ultimately could not overcome the Bulgarian. Kulev shipped a network high US$ 285,413 and his first ever WSOPC gold ring. With this win, he accrued over US$ 1.9 Million on the network. Kulev also sold 10% of his action with a slight markup of 1.11. Roman Hrabec bought it all for a sweet profit of around US$ 26K.

lena900 astedt
Niklas Astedt. Credit: PocketFives

For Astedt, despite falling in 2nd place, he still pocketed the largest payout. In addition to the US$ 177,285 prize, he amassed an enormous US$ 347,000 in mystery bounties for a combined total of US$ 524,285. Same as well for 6th placer Pablo Navarro who claimed US$ 271,000 in mystery bounties for a total payout of US$ 327,162. Navarro was the second largest earner of this event. 

Buy in: US$ 2,100
Guarantee: US$ 2,000,000
Entries: 1,565
Prize pool: US$ 3,130,000
ITM: 175 places

Final table payouts

1st Alex “FutureOfMe” Kulev – Bulgaria – US$ 285,413
2nd Niklas Astedt – Sweden – US$ 524,285
3rd “sutem” – China – US$ 225,944
4th “naal bail” – Israel – US$ 100,994
5th Lei “yulie1986” Yu – China – US$ 83,060
6th Pablo Navarro – Spain – US$ 327,162 – US$ 271,100
7th Harald “OscartheCon” Sammer – Austria – US$ 105,440
8th “No1A” – China – US$ 37,226
9th David Miscikowski – USA – US$ 24,941

JON DE ANTONANA MARTINEZ “  wins Ukraine Fundraising Event NLH – US$ 115,637

IMG 2455

The $1,111 Ukraine Fundraising Event NLH produced 799 generous contributors for a US$ 88,689 donation to the cause. Down to the final two tables, Indian bracelet champion Abhinav “OBellaCiao” Iyer was one of four remaining WSOP bracelet holders but missed the final table in 12th place. Two time bracelet holders Elio Fox and Yuri Dzivielevski fell in succession in 8th and 7th place. For Dzivielevski, it was another close run having reached the final table of Event #2: Super MILLION$ High Rollers. Bracelet holder / six time ring winner Arkadiy “Kamsky” Tsinis fared better than his fellow champions as he raced to heads up. However, his collection of WSOP jewelry was not enough to intimidate chip leader Jon De Antonana “NotSureIf” Martinez who was on his second final table. Martinez just missed the gold at the Mystery Bounty 1M GTD event where he finished in 3rd place. For his second chance, Martinez made sure to go all the way to capture his first WSOP win and gold ring along with a handsome six figure US$ 115,637 payout. 

Martinez has been running hot on the network with stats in the black. Since signing on, he has produced four big wins, the largest was for US$ 128,613 at a GGMasters High Roller, another six figure win was for US$ 125,063 at last month’s Bounty Hunter High Rollers Main Event. To date, Martinez has earned over US$ 2.3 Million on the network.  

Buy in: US$ 1,111
Guarantee: US$ 500,000
Entries: 799
Prize pool: US$ 887,689
ITM: 116 places

Final table payouts

1st Jon De Antonana “NotSureIf” Martinez – Spain – US$ 115,637
2nd Arkadiy “Kamsky” Tsinis – USA – US$ 89,148
3rd Wang Kun – China – US$ 68,727
4th “Jesstex4” – Israel – US$ 52,984
5th “kimsunSHT” – China – US$ 40,847
6th “LJoseph62” Canada – US$ 31,490
7th Yuri Dzivielevski – Brazil – US$ 24,277
8th Elio Fox – USA – US$ 18,716
9th Markos Ladev – Estonia – US$ 14,428

MBHH90 tales down Double Stack Bounty NLH – US$ 40,462

IMG 2394
At the Double Stack Bounty NLH, anonymous player from Germany “mbhh90” came out on top of the massive 5,577 entry field to win a coveted ring and US$ 40,462 combined bounties and first prize. With only 20 recorded cashes on the network, this may well be the champion’s first major win on GG and largest takedown. At heads up, mbhh90 dominated Argentina’s “lalolanda” 4:1 in chips. The final hand was mbhh90 AdJc, lalolanda Kd5c, the board ran 6s7cAc10d9d

Buy in: US$ 105
Guarantee: US$ 500,000
Entries: 5,577
Prize pool: US$ 557,700
ITM: 696 places

Final table payouts

1st “mbhh90” – Germany – US$ 40,462
2nd “lalolanda” – Argentina – US$ 28,860
3rd “Amisrad” – China – US$ 16,805
4th “HardGenomen” – Netherlands – US$ 11,443
5th Henrique “BlackMamba4Life” Starling – Brazil – US$ 8,214
6th “OttoKatz” – Mexico – US$ 5,408
7th “dushen625” – China – US$ 6,330
8th Sergejs “Peehon” Zubkovs – Austria – US$ 5,131
9th “velka” – Mexico – US$ 3,598

IVAN DEYRA “Cordialemeent” tops 6-Max NLH Championship – US$ 161,974

Ivan Deyra – Photo credit WSOP / PokerNews

Canadian pro / WSOP bracelet winner Ivan “Cordialemeent” Deyra captured his career fourth ring at the Six Max NLH Championship. Deyra outlasted the 1,525 entry field, defeating Luis “LuisRRRRR” Rocha at heads up to claim the larger six figure payout of US$ 161,974. With this win, he crossed into US$ 1 Million in WSOP earnings. Also at the final table was WSOP bracelet holder / two time ring winner Guo Wei “SPARK1207” Liang from China who exited in 7th place. 

Buy in: US$ 800
Guarantee: US$ 1,000,000
Entries: 1,525
Prize pool: US$ 1,159,000
ITM: 224 places

Final table payouts

1st Ivan “Cordialemeent” Deyra – Canada – US$ 161,974
2nd Luis “LuisRRRRR” Rocha – Brazil – US$ 117,109
3rd Fabian “lordof0513” Schmdt – Austria – US$ 84,672
4th Fabian “MeowTzGenau” Gumz – Austria – US$ 61,219
5th Menachem “didi2” Arava – Israel – US$ 44,263
6th Oliver Weis – Austria – US$ 32,003
7th Guo Wei “SPARK1207” Liang – China – US$ 23,138

Other Ring winners

Ring #1: “Godofbaccarat” – BIG 500 NLH Spring Kickoff – US$ 325,684
Ring #2: Conor Beresford – Super MILLION$ High Rollers – US$ 728,028
Ring #3: Joachim Haraldstad – PLO Spring Championship – US$ 100,506
Ring #4: Ryan Plant – Bounty Hunters NLH Spring Championship – US$ 104,900
Ring #5: Evgenii Fidchuk – Bounty GIANT No Limit Hold’em – US$ 69,414
Ring #6: Zeping Lu – GIANT NLH – US$ 189,882
Ring #7: “THEHUMBLEGODESS” – MILLION$ Mini Main Event – US$ 106,308
Ring #8: Joao Vieira – Deepstack NLH Spring Championship – US$ 185,516
Ring #9: Stanislav “shrekpoker91” Halatenko – Big 500 PLO Bounty – US$ 73,395
Ring #10: “WouldIlieToYOU” – Monster Stack Bounty  – US$ 85,456
Ring #11: Dalton “morgota” Hobold” – Mystery Bounty 1M GTD – US$ 94,843
Ring #12: “GameOver” – GGMasters NLH Circuit Championship – US$ 204,215
Ring #13: Daniel “zafjekis” Reijmer – 2K High Roller 6-Max NLH – US$ 233,574

Asian player final table results

37 Asians reached the final table with a strong showing of 5 players at the Bounty GIANT NLH and 4 at the Deepstack NLH Spring Championship. The biggest earner was Main Event champion “pisgapoker_1” followed by Taiwan’s “TTP_poker” who was the only one of the bunch to reach two final tables. 

1st “pisgapoker_1” – Israel – US$ 634,855
7th “Kowi” – Hong Kong – US$ 112,893

Super MILLIONS$ High Rollers
“TTP_poker” – Taiwan – 5th – US$ 257,396

Mystery Bounty HR
3rd “sutem” – China – 3rd – US$ 225,944
4th “naal bail” – Israel – US$ 100,994
5th Lei “yulie1986” Yu – China – US$ 83,060
8th “No1A” – China – US$ 37,226

GGMasters NLH Circuit Championship
2nd “brino” – Israel – US$ 153,138
4th Hyungyu “GHSLG” Park – Hong Kong – US$ 86,116

Bounty NLH Championship
2nd Kono “ReichasoGG” Reiji – Japan – US$ 89,498
3rd Yuhan “HansNevrLose” Liu – China – US$ 49,163
7th Chak Yan Alfred “jomud9ahsorjai” Iu – Hong Kong – US$ 18,566

MILLION$ Mini Main Event
“iammvakavaka” – Taiwan – 2nd – Millions Mini Main Event – US$ 79,718

Deepstack NLH Championship
4th Yonatan “itayalenbi” Koko – Israel – US$ 78,231
5th Abhinav “OBellaCiao” Iyer – India – US$ 58,665
8th “zhgaoq666” – China – US$ 24,738
9th Hwany “upDraft” Lee – Korea – US$ 18,551

Big 500 NLH Spring Kickoff
6th Alon “”Alon_Eldar” Eldar – Israel – US$ 77,231

Ukraine Fundraiser
3rd Wang Kun – China – US$ 68,727
4th “Jesstex4” – Israel – US$ 52,984
5th “kimsunSHT” – China – US$ 40,847

6-Max NLH Championship
5th Menachem “didi2” Arava – Israel – US$ 44,263
6th Oliver Weis – Austria – US$ 32,003
7th Guo Wei “SPARK1207” Liang – China – US$ 23,138

Big 500 PLO Bounty
2nd “sanwenyu2” – China – US$ 42,296
4th “RC Lucifer” – China – US$ 17,341
6th Tung-Yu “Unodostres” Chen – Taiwan – US$ 11,625

5th “IAlwaysHaveIt” – Israel – US$ 19,506
6th “crazyplayman” – Hong Kong – 6th – US$ 11,549
7th Chin Wei “davidchien88” Chien -Taiwan – 7th – US$ 7,363
8th “moonpoker” – Hong Kong – 8th – US$ 7,998
9th “TTP_poker” – Taiwan – 9th – US$ 9,472 (second final table)

Monster Stack Bounty
5th Sutthichi “Whattherules” Audhnun – Thailand – US$ 17,520
7th Raghav “TheCooon” Bansal – India – US$ 10,894

Double Stack Bounty NLH
3rd “Amisrad” – China – US$ 16,805
7th “dushen625” – China – US$ 6,330

Mystery Bounty 1M GTD
8th “dagetao” – Singapore – US$ 13,574


Triccia David

Triccia David has long experience as a recreational poker player and has been covering poker events since 2010 for numerous outfits. She spent a year working part time with Poker Portal Asia and later became the editor and writer for all event coverage of the Philippine Poker Tour (PPT). Under the PPT, she overlooked content for their website, and produced live updates on all their events. In addition, she served as the live blogger for several other major events in the Philippines. Currently, she is in charge of events reporting for Somuchpoker.

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