2021 WSOP Winter Circuit Online: India’s Sam Anand denied by Guilherme Schreiber; Christian Jeppsson lands second ring; Sylvain Cisterna wins first

Since the turn of the new year, the 2021 WSOP Winter Circuit Online witnessed another three players capture golds. The newly minted were Sweden’s Christian Jeppsson for his second career WSOPC ring, France’s Sylvain “LaBeSSeRoyA” Cisterna for his first, and Brazil’s Guilherme “wolverine27” Schreiber who came from behind to deny India’s Sam “Lokimon” Anand the victory. We’ve got those results for you below. 

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The series has been ongoing at Natural8 – GG Network since December 12 and will run through January 10. The US$ 100 Million guarantee has already been breached with US$ 25,670,922.80 paid out across 15 ring events and US$ 84,360,422.64 in side events. For those just getting wind of the festival, only three rings remain. Day 1 flights to the highlighted $525 Main Event US$ 5 Million guarantee run daily. Sign up on to avail of exclusive member perks. 

Ring #13: $400 Double Stack NLH – SYLVAIN “LaBeSSeRoyA” CISTERNA – US$ 154,605

Sylvain Cisterna, Photo Credit –

France’s Sylvain “LaBeSSeRoyA” Cisterna has been on fire at the series with an impressive four victories under his belt which included the capture of a golden merchandise. At Ring #13: $400 Double Stack No Limit Hold’em, Cisterna entered a heads up deal then went on to win for his first ever circuit ring and US$ 154,605. This was his largest known takedown on the GG network. Two weeks prior, he shipped a couple of side events for a combined payout of US$ 25,489, and one day after securing the ring, he closed out the WSOPC $250 Daily Main Event for US$ 20,544. Cisterna now has over US$ 910K in winnings on the network. 

For runner up Dutch player Florens “SiemprePositivo” Feenstra, the US$ 148,708 payout deal was also his biggest recorded score on the online felt. Another notable player was Germany’s Claas Segebrecht who was the only ring holder at the final table. He finished in 3rd place. 

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The event attracted 3,667 for a smashing prize pool of US$ 1,378,792. Out of the 440 places paid, the highest ranked Asian player was Malaysia’s Wei Lun “PenangCKT” Loh who reached the final table and placed 6th for US$ 41,103. Other deep finishers were Japan’sAtai0221” (11th), China’s Liwei “HryuKEn9” Sun (12th), and India’s Manish “thekid” Lakhotia (20th). 

Date: January 2 to 3
Buy in: US$ 400
Guarantee: US$ 1,000,000
Entries: 3,667
Prize pool: US$ 1,378,792 
ITM: 440 places

Final table payouts

1st Sylvain “LaBeSSeRoyA” Cisterna – France – US$ 154,605*
2nd Florens “SiemprePositivo” Feenstra – Netherlands – US$ 148,708*
3rd Claas Segebrecht – Germany – US$ 97,472
4th Alejo “Hugo_Ronzi” Castellazzi – Argentina – US$ 73,093
5th “tenlobarosh” – Israel – US$ 54,812
6th Wei Lun “PenangCKT” Loh – Malaysia – US$ 41,103
7th Alexandre “raking-even” Raymond – Canada – US$ 30,823
8th Itay “savnki” Levi – Israel – US$ 23,114
9th Omer “nazgul9” Meir – Israel – US$ 17,333
*Heads up deal

Ring #14: $100 MILLION$ Mini Main Event – GUILHERME “wolverine27” SCHREIBER – US$ 118,160

Taking over the top spot for the biggest field of the series was Ring #14: $100 MILLION$ Mini Main Event with a thunder of 25,625 entrants across numerous starting days. This more than exceeded the $2M guarantee for a larger US$ 2,357,500 prize pool. Out of the 3,729 players that advanced into the final day, only 2,600 scored a piece of the pot. While it was India’s Sam “Lokimon” Anand who banked the largest ICM deal payout, it was Brazil’s Guilherme “wolverine27” Schreiber who claimed the title and WSOP circuit ring. 

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Photo Credit – Natural8

Hoping to follow in the victory of fellow countryman Aniket “lockstock” Waghmare, at four handed chip leader Anand agreed on a four way deal then played for the coveted gold ring. Shortest stacked Schreiber came from behind, ousting Ireland’s “Divenire” (4th) with 9d9h over Kh2h and Greece’s Georgios Zisimopoulos (3rd) with AhJd over Ks10s to face Anand at heads up. Stacks were fairly even at the start, averaging at 21 BB. For the next half hour, it was a tug of war as the chip lead bounced back and forth. Schreiber finally nailed it shut with Ah6s pair over Ad10c on a board 2d4h6hQsJc. Just missing the final table were India’s “RishV” (10th) and Vietnam’s “Gao1368” (11th). For Australia, Malcolm “HappyWhale” Trayner ran the deepest of 25th place. 

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Photo Credit – Natural8

Final day: January 2
Buy in: US$ 100
Guarantee: US$ 2,000,000 
Entries: 25,625
Prize pool: US$ 2,357,500 
ITM: 2,600 places 

Final table payouts

1st Guilherme “wolverine27” Schreiber – Brazil – US$ 118,160*
2nd Sam “Lokimon” Anand – India – US$ 152,839*
3rd Georgios Zisimopoulos – Greece – US$ 123,142*
4th “Divenire” – Ireland – US$ 127,832*
5th Leonid “LeBroHbKA” Logunov – Russia – US$ 60,374
6th Julio “arigold888” Neto – Brazil – US$ 45,274
7th “DirtyBarry” – UK – US$ 33,951
8th “LRS2020” – China – US$ 25,459
9th Kevin Rabichow – USA – US$ 19,092
*Four way deal

Ring #15: $2,100 Bounty Hunters Championship – CHRISTIAN JEPPSSON – US$ 209,989

Nearly one year ago, Swedish poker pro Christian Jeppsson locked up his first ever circuit ring on the GG network then just last night, he came out on top again to secure his second career ring at Event #15: $2,100 Bounty Hunters Championship. Along with the token gold was a payout of US$ 209,989 which included a massive collection of bounties amounting to US$ 140,819. 

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Christian Jeppsson, Photo Credit – PokerStars

Jeppsson is no stranger to stardom. In 2015 he was one of the highest ranked online players in the world with multi-million dollars in winnings and a couple of World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) titles. Several years later, he added a WPT Online Championship win for a huge payout of US$ 923,784. Since signing up on the GG network in December 2020, he has accumulated over US$ 2.5 Million in winnings with his first big score and ring at the WSOPC Event #3: Deepstack No Limit Hold’em Championship for US$ 213,927. Other six digit scores were at the site’s famous $10,300 Super MILLION$ tournaments. In late-April he took 4th for US$ 300,363 then in November he shipped it for US$ 291,189. For his latest ring victory, Jeppsson returned on the final day as chip leader with 17 remaining out of 848 entries and defeated Russia’s Arsenii Karmatckii at heads up. 

Other notable players were two time ring holder Timothy Ulmer who finished in 9th place and Simon Mattsson in 5th place. This was Mattsson’s second final table having finished 4th at Event #3: $1,500 Deepstack Championship. Representing Asia, China’s Wenjie “Jerome001” Huang ran the deepest of  8th place while fellow countryman Yuhan “HansNevrLose” Liu missed the final table by two spots in 11th place. 

Date: January 4 to 5
Buy in: US$ 2,100
Guarantee: US$ 1,000,000
Entries: 848
Prize pool: US$ 1,696,000 
ITM: 116 places

Final table payouts

1st Christian Jeppsson – Sweden – US$ 209,989
2nd Arsenii Karmatckii – Russia – US$ 95,141
3rd Leonardo “Sandro1958” Nascimento – Brazil – US$ 66,741
4th “030786” – Canada – US$ 70,781
5th Simon Mattsson – Sweden – US$ 59,594
6th “poopido” – Israel – US$ 31,537
7th “KyCH!86@” – Russia – US$ 30,503
8th Wenjie “Jerome001” Huang – China – US$ 28,785
9th Timothy Ulmer – Canada – US$ 28,898 

Festival results

Ring #1 – #15 prize pool: US$ 25,670,922.80
Side events: US$ 84,360,422.64
Cumulative entries: 80,271 (ring events)
Biggest field: $100 MILLION$ Mini Main Event – 25,625
Biggest pot: SUPER MILLION$ High Roller NLH – US$ 4,140,000
Biggest winner: Dario Sammartino – SUPER MILLION$ High Roller NLH – US$ 740,917
Overlay: BIG 500 No Limit Hold’em – US$ 236,800

Ring Winners

Ring #1: Aniket “lockstock” Waghmare – India – BIG 50 MILLION$ – US$ 89,738
Ring #2: Adria Faura Calonge – Spain – BIG 500 NLH – US$ 251,427
Ring #3: Wei Guo “SPARK1207” Liang – China – Deepstack Championship – US$ 182,219
Ring #4: Vladimirs “justVOL” Sarigins – Latvia – SUPER SIX Bounty NLH – US$ 86,481
Ring #5: Dario Sammartino – Italy – SUPER MILLION$ High Roller NLH – US$ 740,917
Ring #6: Nenad “O O L” Djukic – Serbia – COLOSSUS – US$ 368,421
Ring #7: Tommi “wnbgambb” Lankinen – Finland – PLO Championship – US$ 129,414
Ring #8: Ole Schemion – Germany – LUCKY SEVENS Bounty NLH – US$ 89,568
Ring #9: “Futti18” – Poland – MONSTER STACK NLH – US$ 217,020
Ring #10: Andrey “Mr-Doberman” Nikonorov – Russia -PLOSSUS – US$ 136,309
Ring #11: Yulian “Ector” Bogdanov – Bulgaria – 6-Handed Championship – US$ 204,609
Ring #12: Silvio “valterzao” Costa – Portugal – CRAZY EIGHTS Bounty NLH – US$ 113,886
Ring #13: Sylvain “LaBeSSeRoyA” Cisterna – France – DOUBLE STACK NLH – US$ 154,605
Ring #14: Guilherme “wolverine27” Schreiber – Brazil – MILLION$ Mini Main Event – US$ 118,160
Ring #15: Christian Jeppsson – Sweden – Bounty Hunters Championship – US$ 209,989

2021 WSOP WC Online recap: Ring winners #1 – #6
2021 WSOP WC Online recap: Ring winners #7 – #12

Multiple final tables

Ognyan “fizoka” Dimov 
9th – Ring #3 $1,500 Deepstack Championship
5th – Ring #5: $10,300 Super MILLION$

Ravid Garbi 
2nd –  Ring #8 $777 LUCKY SEVENS Bounty No Limit Hold’em
4th – Ring #11 $1,500 6-Handed Championship No Limit Hold’em

Simon Mattsson
4th – Ring #3: $1,500 Deepstack Championship
5th – Ring #15: $2,100 Bounty Hunters Championship

Stay tuned to Somuchpoker as we bring you the final batch of 2021 WSOP Winter Circuit Online ring winners.  

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