2020 WSOP Online – Natural8: Fedor Holz wins 2nd bracelet at the $25K Heads Up NLHE; Michael Gathy “Hneves” nails THE CLOSER for his 4th bracelet; first gold for Alexander Kobbeltvedt “Kobbajun” at the $100 WSOP MILLIONS

Final day of the 2020 World Series of Poker Online [ international ] brought everyone out of the woodwork, each one hoping to snatch up the last of the signature bracelets. At the close, German superstar Fedor Holz “CrownUpGuy” scored his second ever gold at the $ 25K Heads Up NLHE [ People’s Choice Event ], Norway’s Alexander Kobbeltvedt “Kobbajun” outlasted the 4,303 Final Day players of the $ 100 WSOP MILLIONS for a first ever WSOP victory, and Belgium’s Michael Gathy “Hneves” ran away with a 4th bracelet after shipping the $ 500 The Closer. While this was officially the last day of the series, there is one more bracelet event awaiting its champion. The two-day $ 10K WSOP Super MILLION$ will resume on September 9 @ 02:00 with 9 players remaining.

Not only did the final day serve up last chances on a gold bracelet, it also hosted a lucrative lineup of side events with guarantees amounting to a whopping $ 3,425,000. It eventually paid out a combined total $ 5,175,850. Russia’s Artur Martirosian emerged as the biggest winner after he defeated heads up champion Holz at the $10K High Roller tournament.

The 2020 WSOP Online ran from July 19 to September 6 at online platform Natural8 on the GG Network. The series collected an enormous $ 147,789,221 across 54 bracelet events. Here’s a read on the final and winners and side event results.

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WSOP #79: $25,000 Heads Up NLHE – Fedor Holz – $ 1,077,025

Fedor Holz
Fedor Holz – Credit:

It took a fast 50 minutes for Natural8 Team NLG / German pro Fedor Holz to wrap up the WSOP #79: $25,000 Heads Up NLHE. At the semi finals, Holz defeated Spain’s Sergi Reixach in 37 minutes then even quicker at the finals, finishing off Brazil’s Brunno Botteon du Albuquerque in just 13 minutes. For his incredible performance, Holz captured his second ever WSOP gold bracelet, the handsome $ 1,077,025 first prize, and a $ 15,000 WSOP Europe Package.

WSOP 79 25000 Heads Up NLHE
WSOP #79 – $25,000 Heads Up NLHE

The WSOP #79: $25,000 Heads Up NLHE [ Shootout] got underway six days ago with 127 players ponying up for a $ 3,111,500 prize pool. Quarter finalists Jason McConnon, Justin Bonomo, Stuart Wallensteen, and Aaron Van Blarcum each earned $ 194,468.75. The race resumed last night. Here’s a look at how it unfolded.

Fedor Holz vs Sergi Reixach – 37 minutes

WSOP 79 25000 Heads Up NLHE Fedor Holz vs Sergi
WSOP #79 – $25,000 Heads Up NLHE – Fedor Holz vs Sergi Reixach

Reixach took the early lead, however, Holz recovered after cracking Reixach’s AhAs with 5h5s improving to a set on a board Kd5d7d4s3d. From there, Holz maintained his lead then advanced to the finals with 10c7c flush crushing AdJd top two pair on a final board 5sAc2cKcKh.

Brunno Botteon vs Oktay Kahyaoglu – 99 minutes

WSOP 79 25000 Heads Up NLHE Brunno Botteon vs Oktay Kahyaoglu
WSOP #79 – $25,000 Heads Up NLHE – Brunno Botteon vs Oktay Kahyaoglu

It was a long grind to victory for Brunno Botteon at the semis against Turkey’s Oktay Kahyaoglu. The latter came out strong causing Botteon to play catch up. Once ahead, it was a chip by chip stack up until the defining hand arrived. Botteon shoved the river on a board showing 10h5c3cAh4h, Kahyaoglu risked it all with 10d4d two pair that was behind Botteon’s Ad10s higher two pair.

Fedor Holz vs Brunno Botteon – 13 minutes

Within the first minute of the finals, Holz picked up half of Botteon’s stack from which Botteon never recovered. The hand saw a board Qh4s10c8sQc and a quarter of each player’s stack already in the pot. Holz checked, Botteon fired over half the pot, Holz shoved, Botteon folded.

WSOP 79 25000 Heads Up NLHE Fedor Holz vs Brunno Botteon
WSOP #79 – $25,000 Heads Up NLHE – Fedor Holz vs Brunno Botteon

Twelve minutes later, it was all over. On a raised pot, the flop ran 5d4h8h, Holz check-raised, Botteon 3-bet, Holz shoved, Botteon called for his tournament life. Botteon had 10h10s overpair, Holz with 5c5h set, same pocket pair he had when he railed Reixach. The turn 9s and river 4s ended the tournament with Holz further improving to a full house. After winning, Holz had this to tweet:

Buy in: $ 25,000
Entries: 127
Prize pool: $ 3,111,500
ITM: 8 places

Final Day payouts

1st Fedor Holz – Germany – $ 1,077,025 + $ 15,000 WSOP Europe Package
2nd Brunno Botteon – Brazil – $ 622,300
3rd Oktay Kahyaoglu – Turkey – $ 311,150
4th Sergi Reixach – Spain – $ 311,150

WSOP #84: $100 WSOP MILLIONS – Alexander Kobbeltvedt “Kobbajun” – $ 296,402.87

Once the gates opened for the WSOP #84: WSOP MILLION$, players rushed in amassing thousands at every entry flight. In the aftermath, 34,787 signed up to crush the $ 2M guarantee for a much richer prize pool of $ 3,200,404. The final day kicked off with 4,303 players. On the eleventh hour, Norway’s Alexander Kobbeltvedt “Kobbajun” shipped it for his first ever WSOP title. He won a career high $ 296,402.87 payout and the coveted WSOP gold bracelet. He was also awarded a $15,000 WSOP Europe Package.


Buy in: $ 100
Guarantee: $ 2,000,000
Total Entries: 34,787
Prize Pool: $ 3,200,404
Final Day qualifiers: 4,303
ITM: 3,600 places
Running time: 11 hours and 2 minutes

Not much is known of the champion Kobbeltvedt. Prior to the win, he only had two WSOP live cashes and one at the online series. Based on The Hendon Mob, his live cashes amounted to just $ 74.2K. Interestingly, his stats were fairly similar to all the players at the final table, with the exception of Alexandre Mantovani “SexyBaldGuy” who was on his 14th cash this series. Looking forward, all the players – except Mantovani – earned their largest career payout at this event.

WSOP 84 100 WSOP MILLIONS final table
WSOP #84 – $100 WSOP MILLIONS final table

Briefly recapping the final stretch, Kobbeltvedt carried in the second largest stack having railed three players during the final two tables. In the lead was Edvinas Jankaitis “gerasarklys”. Out first was Mantovani with Georgia’s Beka Mukhiguli “imperator-bm” stacking up. The next three fell to India’s Anshuman Dash “AnshuD”. From there, it was all Kobbeltvedt. He claimed a succession of pots including all the chips of Mukhiguli (5th), Anthony Cheung “8MasterBall8” (4th), and Dash (3rd) to face Kostiantyn Vovchenko “vksOsk” with a massive 4:1 advantage.

Despite the deficit, Vovchenko fought valiantly, even managing to grab the lead after scoring two double ups. The firs was all in on a flop 8s9c4h with Vovchenko ahead Qh9d to Kobbelvedt’s 9s6s. The turn came Kd and river Ad for Vovchenko’s kicker to play. The second double up was Vovchenko’s 9d9c set to Kobbelvedt’s KdQh on a running board 10hAs3c9sKh. Kobbelvedt answered back with a double up of his own pushing with 9s6d and getting lucky when the board ran 8d4dJh10dAd to defeat Vovchenko’s Ah3h.

WSOP 84 100 WSOP MILLIONS flush for winner
WSOP #84 – $100 WSOP MILLIONS – flush for winner Kobbeltvedt

From there, Kobbelvedt grinded back to chip leader then proceeded to win it. The final hand was 7c9d outdrawing 3s3d on a board 6cJd9h8cAd.

Final table payouts

1st Alexander Kobbeltvedt “Kobbajun” – Norway – $ 296,402.87
2nd Kostiantyn Vovchenko “vksOsk” – Ukraine – $ 203,081.31
3rd Anshuman Dash “AnshuD” – India – $ 139,151
4th Anthony Cheung “8MasterBall8” – Canada – $ 95,346.11
5th Beka Mukhiguli “imperator-bm” – Georgia – $ 65,330.80
6th Edvinas Jankaitis “gerasarklys” – England – $ 44,764.37
7th Renato Sakamoto “sakag4mble” – Brazil – $ 30,672.35
8th Kim Jae Hyuk “hukdosa” – Korea – $ 21,016.41
9th Alexandre Mantovani “SexyBaldGuy” – $ 14,400.21

WSOP #85: $500 The Closer [ LAST CHANCE ] – Michael Gathy “Hneves” – $ 272,504.91

Michael Gathy
Michael Gathy. Credit: World Poker Tour

The last bracelet event was aptly called The Closer with a buy in of $ 500. Seeing that it was the final chance for a gold, entries swelled to 4,012 for a very healthy prize pool worth $ 1,905,700. After seven hours and forty minutes, three time bracelet winner Michael Gathy “Hneves” had all the chips to strap on his fourth gold. This was Gathy’s first bracelet event cash at the international online series. The sizable $ 272,504.91 first prize bumped up his total WSOP career winnings to over $ 2.1 million.

WSOP 85 500 The Closer LAST CHANCE
WSOP #85 – $500 The Closer [ LAST CHANCE ]

Much can be praised about the champion Gathy. With stats dating back to 2011, his cumulative $ 2.6 million in live earnings in The Hendon Mob placed him 6th in Belgium’s All Time Money List. His first win was on home turf at the 2011 Belgian Poker Series Main Event for a first six figure pick up of $ 233,645. He trumped that at the 2012 WSOP when he won the $1K No Limit Hold’em for $ 440,829. In 2013 came the second gold bracelet at the $ 1K No Limit Hold’em Turbo for $ 278,613 after which he hit a victory drought until 2016 when he won the WSOP $ 5K No Limit Hold’em 6 Handed for $ 560,843. He nearly won another at the $ 10K 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball Championship finishing 2nd for $ 197,838.

Aside from Europe and Las Vegas, Gathy also took on the Aussie Millions from 2017-2019, running deep in several events including a victory at the 8 Game Mix. He even turned up in Macau where he shipped the 2018 APPT Bubble Rush tournament for $ 23K.

Buy in: $ 500
Entries: 4,012
Prize pool: $ 1,905,700
ITM: 476 places
Running time: 7 hours and 40 minutes

With that outstanding portfolio, Gathy entered the final table as one of the most decorated players. Also on the virtual round was American pro Shankar Pilliai boasting of two WSOP bracelets and two circuit rings. Pillai was running extremely well at the online series with 7 prior cashes that included a 3rd place finish at the $25K NLH POKER PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP. Other known pro players were Craig Mason “mrfeeny”, Paul Hockin “WizardofOdds”, and online SCOOP champion Vitor Adiron -”SPEWberg”. The race kicked off with Pillai in the lead while Gathy led the bottom half of the rung.

WSOP 85 500 The Closer LAST CHANCE final table
WSOP #85 – $500 The Closer [ LAST CHANCE ] final table

As soon as the cards were dealt, Gathy was all in with QcJc called by second chip leader Yuan Yuan Li with a dominating AcKd. Luck found Gathy when the board ran 9c6s6cJd4d. Yuan made up the lost chips by railing Adiron (9th), Ojala (8th), and Hockin (7th). Out next was short stacked Mason who was first awarded a doubled up through Pillai with AdAh turning the higher full house against Kd9c on a board Kh9dKsAc3c. Gathy earned his first knock out by railing short stacked Luis Gustavo Kamei “DJLITTLESOUL” (5th).

Gathy carried the momentum, booting Erik Von Buxhoeveden “KoiOfTheHill” (4th) to amass a commanding lead that even after Yuan emptied out Pillai (3rd), Gathy was still ahead. Heads up ran for just over ten minutes with Gathy dominating Yuan throughout. The final hand saw a desperate Yuan risk it with Qs7s that bricked against Gathy’s As3c.

Final table payouts

1st Michael Gathy “Hneves” – Belgium – $ 272,504.91
2nd Yuan Yuan Li “SunnySummer” – Canada – $ 194,248.95
3rd Shankar Pillai – USA – $ 138,467.20
4th Erik Von Buxhoeveden “KoiOfTheHill” – Austria – $ 98,704.20
5th Luis Gustavo Kamei “DJLITTLESOUL” – Brazil – $ 70,359.58
6th Craig Mason “mrfeeny” – USA – $ 50,154.59
7th Paul Hockin “WizardofOdds” – New Zealand – $ 35,751.88
8th Toni Ojala “FinBuddha” – Finland – $ 25,485.11
9th Vitor Adiron -”SPEWberg” – Brazil – $ 18,166.46

WSOP #83: $10K WSOP Super MILLION$ [ $5M GTD ]

The two-day WSOP #83: $10K WSOP Super MILLION$ [ $5M GTD ] brought in an impressive 899 field for a cumbersome $ 8,720,300 prize pool. The money flowed starting at 134th place. The biggest cuts have yet to be determined with the final table race taking place on September 9 at 02:00 HKT.

WSOP 83 10K WSOP Super MILLION 5M GTD final table
WSOP #83 – $10K WSOP Super MILLION$ [ $5M GTD ] final table

For a brief recap of the action leading up to the final table. At 16 remaining, Sylvain Loosli “couchpotato” eliminated Michel Dattani “CrossfilreX” (16th) and Pascal Hartmann (14th); Daniyar Aubakirov “AlmaAAta” knocked out bracelet winner Melika Razavi “Melirazavii” (13th) and Arkadiy Tsinis “Kamsky” (11th); Suraj Mishra “M26GreenWood” emptied out RossCola (12th), and Viktor Ustimov “juStic3” denied “ta_ma_de” in 10th place. Here’s how they stand coming final day:

Suraj Mishra “M26GreenWood” – India – 18,734,404 – 52.5 BB
Sylvain Loosli “couchpotato” – France – 13,858,427 – 39.6 BB
Viktor Ustimov “juStic3” – Russia – 12,219,728 – 34.9 BB
Christopher Kruk – Canada – 11,092,664 – 31.7 BB
Connor Drinan – USA – 9,836,965 – 28.1 BB
Daniyar Aubakirov “AlmaAAta” – Kazakhstan – 9,148,085 – 26.1 BB
Chris Oliver – USA – 8,626,407 – 24.6 BB
Kenneth Smaron “rebuyguy” – USA – 10.3 BB
Arsenii Malinov “BlindPew” – Russia – 3,129.784 – 8.9 BB

Buy in: $ 10,000
Entries: 899
Prize pool: $ 8,720,300
ITM: 134 places
Running time: 7 hours and 40 minutes

Remaining payouts

1st $ 1,423,048.71 + $ 15,000 WSOP Europe Package
2nd $ 1,041,413.97
3rd $ 755,753.51
4th $ 548,450.18
5th $ 398,010.18
6th $ 288,835.52
7th $ 209,608.97
8th $ 152,112.55
9th $ 110,388.53


WSOP Side Event: $10,000 High Roller – Artur Martirosian – $ 266,762.84

After lifting his second WSOP title, German pro Fedor Holz took a stab at the side events where he got very close to shipping his second $ 10,000 High Rollers tournament. Denying him was Russia’s Artur Martirosian who turned a second bullet into a big win. At heads up, Martirosian had the chip advantage, however, Holz just championed the $ 25K Heads Up NLHE and was fired up for another takedown. It was a hard fought battle for the Russian pro who paid a couple of double ups before finally closing it out. Martirosian claimed $ 266,762.84 making him the final day’s wealthiest side event winner. He adds this to the $ 51.7K he shipped at the previous night’s $ 2,500 Deepstack Turbo.

WSOP Side Event 10000 High Roller 3
WSOP Side Event – $10,000 High Roller

Buy in: $ 10,000
Date: September 6
Guarantee: $ 1,000,000
Entries: 125
Prize pool: $ 1,212,500
ITM: 17 places
Winner: Artur Martirosian – Russia – $ 266,762.84
2nd Fedor Holz – Germany – $ 202,162.18

WSOP Side Event: $1,500 High Rollers

Buy in: $ 1,500
Date: September 6
Guarantee: $ 750,000
Entries: 631
Prize pool: $ 899,175
ITM: 89 places
Winner: Ankush Mandavia – USA – $ 117,858.33 (three-way deal)
2nd Sitting Out – Germany – $ 121,700.25 (three-way deal)
3rd Dominik Nitsche – Germany – $ 117,402.25 (three-way deal)

WSOP Side Event: $5,000 High Roller PLO – Sean Winter – $ 83,499.69

WSOP Side Event 5000 High Roller PLO
WSOP Side Event – $5,000 High Roller PLO

American pro Sean Winter made his second bullet count at the $ 5K High Roller PLO side event. Winter defeated fellow countryman Dan Shak “oiltrader” at heads up to seize the $ 83,499.60 first prize. This was Winter’s first series side event win which he adds alongside his numerous deep runs and victories at the network’s high roller games.

Buy in: $ 5,000
Date: September 6
Guarantee: $ 100,000
Entries: 46
Prize pool: $ 218,500
ITM: 6 places
Winner: Sean Winter – USA – $ 83,499.69
2nd Dan Shak “oiltrader” – $ 51,343.13

WSOP Side Event: $2,500 Deepstack Turbo

Buy in: $ 2,500
Date: September 6
Guarantee: $ 200,000
Entries: 149
Prize pool: $ 353,875
ITM: 20 places
Winner: Rok Gostisa – Slovenia – $ 73,351.37
2nd Ricky Tang “Toilet_Water” – Canada – $ 55,902.76

WSOP Side Event: $1,260 Super Turbo Bounty Six Handed

Buy in: $ 1,260
Date: September 6
Guarantee: $ 150,000
Entries: 268
Prize pool: $ 321,600
ITM: 39 places
Winner: Idris Ambraisse “HappyDris” – Morocco – $ 67,705.30
2nd Oleg Vasylchenko “Ad Astra” – $ 39,052.74

WSOP Side Event: $3,000 High Rollers – Sosia Jiang “Aunty_Ninja” – $ 92,957.51

Screen Shot 2020 09 07 at 2.36.06 PM
Winning hand

After railing Joseph Pombriant”iamakeeper” (4th) and Dan Smith (3rd), Sosia Jiang “Aunty_Ninja” went head to head against chip leader Adrian Mateos. The uphill climb ran for twenty minutes before Jiang stole command. He pushed on a board 8d4dJh7sAh, Mateos bet-folded. Ten minutes after, Jiang shipped it with a set over set for his first side event series win and $ 92,957.51. Despite finishing 2nd, Mateos still had a superb day with a $ 70,847.44 cash here and $ 153,782.10 for 3rd place at the $ 10K High Rollers.

Buy in: $ 3,000
Date: September 6
Guarantee: $ 300,000
Entries: 162
Prize pool: $ 461,700
ITM: 23 places
Winner: Sosia Jiang “Aunty_Ninja” – New Zealand – $ 92,957.51
2nd Adrian Mateos – Spain – $ 70,847.44
3rd Dan Smith – USA – $ 53,996.41

WSOP Side Event: $800 Marathon

Buy in: $ 800
Date: September 6
Guarantee: $ 500,000
Entries: 1,490
Prize pool: $ 1,132.400
ITM: 206 places
Winner: Mark Weinhold “wejamminz” – USA – $ 146,446.24 (heads up deal)
2nd pisgapoker_1 – Israel – $ 126,114.14 (heads up deal)

WSOP Side Event: $250 Sunday Monster Stack – Gustavo Goto “Zehzinho” – $ 62,870.05

WSOP Side Event 250 Sunday Monster Stack
WSOP Side Event – $250 Sunday Monster Stack

Buy in: $ 250
Date: September 6
Guarantee: $ 200,000
Entries: 1,814
Prize pool: $ 417,220
ITM: 260 places
Winner: Gustavo Goto “Zehzinho” – Brazil – $ 62,870.05
2nd Adam Banko “static88” – Hungary – $ 48,203.28
3rd Ran Koller “Pearblossom” – Israel – $ 32,510.52

WSOP Side Event: $126 Super Turbo Bounty Six Handed

Buy in: $126
Date: September 6
Guarantee: $ 100,000
Entries: 1,324
Prize pool: $ 158,880
ITM: 188 places
Winner: Tomas Jozonis “CoronaMyAss” – Lithuania – $ 24,155.68

WSOP Side Event: $75 Six Handed – Barovios91 – $ 17,208.430

Buy in: $ 75
Date: September 6
Guarantee: $ 75,000
Entries: 1,646
Prize pool: $ 113,574
ITM: 242 places
Winner: Barovios91 – Jamaica – $ 17,208.430
2nd VoiGebaerde – Austria – $ 12,372.03

WSOP Side Event: $50 Double Stack

Buy in: $ 50
Date: September 6
Guarantee: $ 50,000
Entries: 2,038
Prize pool: $ 93,748
ITM: 296 places
Winner: Kingtale – Brazil – $ 14,000.86

Update: WSOP 2020 Online Leaderboard – Top 10

Only one bracelet event to complete before the official winner of the WSOP 2020 Online Player of the Series is declared. Currently the WSOP #77: $ 5,000 No Limit Hold’em Main Event champion, Stoyan Madanzhiev “Nirvana76”, is looking strong with a 3,000 point lead over 2nd ranked Germany’s Christian Rudolph. Whoever claims it will be awarded the Pure Golden Mouse trophy. Players that finish 2nd to 5th will each receive a Pure Gold Card.

wsop player of the years standing 2
WSOP Player of the Year leaderboard current standings

Natural8 Team Bling

Congratulations to the eight Natural8 WSOP Online champions: Luis Assuncao Garla “Xapilskinha”, Daniel Dvoress, Hun Wei Lee, Teoh Ming Juen “Paul Teoh”, Shoma Ishikawa “pp_syon”, Marcelo Jakovjlevic Pudla “Marolo”, Anson Yan Shing Tsang “Tara@0z”, and Thi Truong “HoneyandTHI”. Each one won a Natural8 Team Bling Sponsorship Package for their triumph at the series.

One more bracelet event to complete before the 2020 WSOP Online [ international ] wraps up. Stick with us as we bring you the final wrap.

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