Your Guide to Perfecting Poker with Hand Histories

Poker with Hand Histories

If you’re transitioning from being a casual poker player to taking the game seriously, there are several crucial adjustments you need to make. However, one skill stands out as the most vital of them all: the ability to effectively analyze your hand histories. This skill can determine whether you become a long-term winner or a consistently losing player.

The disparity between a successful poker pro and an amateur often boils down to their approach to post-game analysis. While weaker players complete a gaming session and promptly forget about it, top professionals continuously scrutinize their play by meticulously reviewing individual hand histories and learning from their mistakes.

In this article, we will guide you in strengthening your online poker skills by providing a comprehensive tutorial on assessing your poker hand history.

Understanding Hand History

First and foremost, let’s clarify what we mean by a hand history. Every online poker platform maintains detailed records of all gaming activities for various reasons, including preventing cheating. From a player’s perspective, these hand histories are invaluable because they document every aspect of a poker hand.

A hand history is a file containing information about your own hole cards, as well as any other players’ revealed cards, if applicable. It also records all bets, calls, raises, and folds made during the hand. Although the level of detail may vary from one poker site to another, you can always access some form of hand history. 

For instance, Natural8 not only offers a top-notch poker experience but also provides you with a powerful tool to enhance your gameplay – Pokercraft. This user-friendly and complimentary software allows you to effortlessly review your hand histories, spot trends, and make informed decisions. 

Why Reviewing Hand Histories Is Crucial:

Whether you aspire to play poker professionally or simply wish to enhance your skills, reviewing hand histories is an absolute necessity. Here’s why it’s an essential step in your journey to becoming a better poker player:

  • Spotting Mistakes and Leaks: In any field, self-awareness plays a pivotal role in the learning process. If you make a mistake and fail to learn from it, improvement becomes elusive.
  • Recognizing Player Tendencies: Online poker tables often feature familiar faces, especially if you’re multi-tabling. By examining the playstyle of regular opponents, you can exploit their weaknesses. 
  • Adjusting Strategies: Concepts like minimum defense frequency become more accessible to grasp as you learn your opponents’ tendencies, allowing you to adjust your gameplay effectively.
  • Long-Term Growth: Studying hand histories enables you to track your personal development as a player. During tough times, such as a downswing, reflecting on your progress can boost your motivation and maintain a positive mindset, which is crucial for success in poker.

How to Effectively Review Hand Histories

Now that you understand the importance of reviewing hand histories, let’s explore how to conduct this analysis effectively:

  • Keep Accurate Records: Maintain detailed records of your poker sessions.Natural8 provides the convenient Pokercraft tool for reviewing your hand histories.
  • Develop a Routine: Establish a post-session analysis routine to ensure consistency. 
  • Vary Your Hand Selection: Analyze various aspects of your game, even when you believe you played perfectly in certain situations. 
  • Use Calculator Tools:Utilize mathematical calculation tools like Power-Equilab, PokerStove, or paid options like Flopzilla for in-depth analysis of key decisions. 
  • Remain Emotionally Detached: Keep an open mind during the analysis process. Avoid preconceived notions about your strengths or weaknesses. 
  • Share with Others: Discuss your hand histories with trusted friends and seek opinions from the poker community through online forums. Diverse perspectives can offer valuable insights.


Reviewing your poker hand histories is a cornerstone of becoming a better online player. Regular analysis is essential for identifying and addressing your weaknesses and for gaining insights into your opponents’ strategies. 

By choosing Natural8, you not only join a vibrant and competitive poker community but also gain access to the tools and resources that can help you become a more formidable player. Don’t miss the opportunity to leverage Pokercraft and elevate your poker skills when you play on Natural8.

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