WPTDeepStacks Hanoi Warm Up Weekend: Lê Đình Hải bests Macaron Tran for the Micro Main Event title; Đoàn Văn Chúc & Nguyễn Văn Chiến win side events

Three weeks ago, the World Poker Tour revealed its return to Vietnam for its first live event in the country since 2019. The much awaited event is the tour’s premier mid major WPTDeepStacks festival, slated to run in mid April 2021 at the capital city of Hanoi. To give players a taste of what’s to come, the WPTDeepstacks Hanoi Warm Up Weekend was then added. The four day event took place at the Crown Poker Club from March 25 to 28 with VNđ 1.23 billion (~US$ 53,270) in prizes guaranteed. Emerging as the biggest victor was Lê Đình Hải at the highlighted Micro Main Event. defeated the more decorated Trần Hùng Mạnh aka Macaron Tran at heads up for his maiden live title. Other winners were Đoàn Văn Chúc & Nguyễn Văn Chiến, both taking down side events, and Terry Nguyen, whose table cracked the venue’s bad beat jackpot for a share of VNđ 113.9 million. Here’s a look at the results.

WPTDS Hanoi Micro Main Event – LÊ ĐINH HẢI – VNđ 212,000,000 (~US$ 9,200)

Micro Main Event
Lê Đình Hải – Photo Crown Poker

Headlining the WPTDS Hanoi Warm up Weekend was the Micro Main Event with an attached VNđ 800 million (~US$ 34,690) guarantee. After three entry heats, the event produced a combined 235 entries to build a more generous prize pool of VNđ 900,900,000 (~US$ 39,100). 29 players advanced to Day 2, all of them securing a minimum payout of VND 7,000,000 (~US$ 303). At Day 2, Trẩn Huy Hoàng (Day 1C chip leader) carried in the largest stack while well known Vietnamese players Duy Ho and Macaron Tran came from behind to earn a seat at the final table. For the latter Tran, he entered the day as one of the shortest stacks, then impressively reached heads up, facing Lê Đình Hải for the title. In the end, it was who prevailed when his dominated KcJs improved to a straight Qh10h10c2cAc to overcome Tran’s Ad7h. locked up his first ever live tournament victory, the VNđ 212,000,000 (~US$ 9,200) first prize, and the added WPTDeepStacks Hanoi Main Event ticket worth VNđ 22,000,000 (~US$ 954).

Date: March 26 to 28
Buy in: VNđ 4,400,000 (~US$ 191)
Guarantee: VNđ 800,000,000 (~US$ 34,690)
Entries: 235
Prize pool: VNđ 900,900,000 (~US$ 39,100)
ITM: 29 places

Final Table payouts

1st Lê Đình Hải – Vietnam – VNđ 212,000,000
2nd Trần Hùng Mạnh (Macaron) – Vietnam – VNđ 149,000,000
3rd Hà Mạnh Tưởng – Vietnam – VNđ 92,000,000
4th Phạm Văn Duy Bảo – Vietnam – VNđ 56,000,000
5th Liaw Kim Tsang – VNđ 43,000,000
6th Trần Thanh Hưng – Vietnam – VNđ 36,000,000
7th Nguyễn Minh Đức – Vietnam – VNđ 30,900,000
8th Nguyễn Tú Phương – Vietnam – VNđ 26,000,000
9th Trần Vương Duy – Vietnam – VNđ 21,200,000

Micro Warm Up – DOÀN VĂN CHỨC – VNđ 34,000,000 (~US$ 1,475)

Micro Warm Up
Đoàn Văn Truòng – Photo Crown Poker

Opening the festivities was the Micro Warm Up event with a guaranteed VNđ 180 million in tow, and with only 76 making their way to the felt, players were looking at an overlay of around VND 28 million (~US$ 1,200). Midway action, Terry Nguyen landed himself a mighty hand of quads over quads JcJh over 7c7d on a board JsJd7h7s5c to capture a share of the VNđ 113.9 million (~US$ 4,900) Crown bad beat jackpot.

Bad Beat Jackpot
Bad Beat!

However, when it was down to the final table, Nguyen was nowhere in sight. The final three players opted to deal that secured runner up Đoàn Văn Truòng the largest cut. Đoàn Văn Chúc went on to close it out to claim the first trophy of the series and VNđ 34,000,000 (~US$ 1,475). This was Đoàn Văn Chúc first known live victory. He also collected VNđ 6,750,000 for his 12th place finish at the Superstack event.

Date: Thursday, March 25
Buy in: VNđ 2,300,000 (~US$ 100)
Entries: 76
Prize pool: VNđ 174,600,000 (~US$ 7,570)
ITM: 10 places


1st Đoàn Văn Chúc – Vietnam – VNđ 34,000,000 (~US$ 1,475)*
2nd Đoàn Văn Truòng – Vietnam – VNđ 40,200,000 (~US$ 1,743)*
3rd Nguyễn Huy Tuân – Vietnam – VNđ 31,000,000 (~US$ 1,345)*
4th Trẩn Đức Kiên – Vietnam – VNđ 22,800,000
5th Phạm Ngọc Tú – Vietnam – VNđ 15,800,000
6th Nguyễn Tài Hải – Vietnam – VNđ 11,000,000
7th Vũ Xuân Sơn – Vietnam – VNđ 8,500,000
8th Nguyễn Mạnh Cường – Vietnam – VNđ 6,800,000
9th Phùng Qang Thịnh – Vietnam – VNđ 5,800,000
10th Phạm Văn Trung – Vietnam – VNđ 5,000,000
*three way deal

Superstack – NGUYỄN VĂN CHIẾN – VNđ 85,700,000 (~US$ 3,717)

SuperStacks Champion
Nguyễn Văn Chiến – Photo Crown Poker

The last event offered was the Superstack with VNđ 250 million (~US$ 10,840) guaranteed. 94 entered to boost the prize pool up to VNđ 280,250,000 (~US$ 12,150). Banking the top cash and trophy was Nguyễn Văn Chiến defeating Vũ Quốc Khánh at heads up. Both players have no prior live tournament stats which means this may well have been their first ever cash. For the champion Nguyễn, he pocketed the VNđ 85,700,000 (~US$ 3,717) first prize.

Date: Sunday, March 28
Guarantee: VNđ 250,000,000 (~US$ 10,840)
Buy in: VNđ 3,300,000 (~US$ 143)
Entries: 94
Prize pool: VNđ 280,250,000 (~US$ 12,150)
ITM: 12 places


1st Nguyễn Văn Chiến – Vietnam – VNđ 85,700,000
2nd Vũ Quốc Khánh – Vietnam – VNđ 51,350,000
3rd Trẩn Huy Phong – Vietnam – VNđ 32,430,000
4th Phan Thị Bích Phương – Vietnam – VNđ 20,950,000
5th Nguyễn Minh Hoảng – Vietnam – VNđ 16,200,000
6th Tạ Quân – Vietnam – VNđ 12,850,000
7th Ngô Viết Thảo – Vietnam – VNđ 10,800,000
8th Diêp Quốc Bảo – Vietnam – VNđ 9,450,000
9th Nguyễn Văn Nam – Vietnam – VNđ 8,570,000
10th Đinh Gia Long – Vietnam – VNđ 7,850,000
11th Nguyễn Địch Khánh – Vietnam – VNđ 7,300,000
12th Đoàn Văn Chúc – Vietnam – VNđ 6,750,000

Up next: WPTDeepStacks Hanoi

As mentioned above, this event was a small preview of what to expect at the upcoming WPTDeepStacks Festival in Hanoi. This will be the tour’s first visit to Hanoi. The event takes place from April 16 to 25 at the Crown Poker Club. A full lineup of games awaits with buy-ins ranging from VNđ 3.5 million (~US$ 152) to VNđ 55 million (~US$ 2,385) highlighted by the VNđ 4 billion (~US$ 173,500) guaranteed Main Event. In total, the festival boasts a VNđ 6.8 billion (~US$ 294,875) guarantee across four events.

Event #1: Warm Up Event – April 16 to 18 – VNđ 7,000,000 buy in – VNđ 1.5 billion gtd
Event #7: WPTDS Hanoi Main Event – April 21 to 24 – buy in VNđ 22,000,000 – VNđ 4 billion gtd
Event #12: High Roller 2 Day Event – April 24 to 25 – buy in VNđ 33,000,000 – VNđ 1 billion gtd
Event #13: Megastack Finale – April 25 – buy in VNđ 5,000,000 – VNđ 300 million gtd

Other events to look forward to are the Super High Roller, All Bankrolls, and Crown Poker Club Superstack Classic Freezeout to name a few. Stick with us at Somuchpoker as we provide stories and recaps of the upcoming festival.

WPTDeepStacks Hanoi – Full Schedule

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