WPTDeepStacks Hanoi: Main Event final 9 players; HR draws 61 entries, pot nears VNđ 2BN, reg still open; final day Megastack Finale VNđ 300M gtd

It was a marathon at the inaugural WPTDeepStacks Hanoi as 90 players thundered in to host venue Crown Poker Club for Day 2 of the Main Event. After ten and a half levels of intense competition, the race ended with the final 9 players determined. Vietnam’s Lý Đắc Dũng bagged 2,630,000 (65 bb) to earn the leader’s status.

Chip leader
Lý Đắc Dũng

Final 9 players by rank

Lý Đắc Dũng – Vietnam – 2,630,000
Phạm Huy Hoàng – Vietnam – 1,910,000
Nguyen Trung Ha (Hasagi) – Vietnam – 1,550,000
Nam Le – Vietnam – 1,410,000
Duy Hồ – USA – 1,245,000
Van Phinh Nguyen – Vietnam – 910,000
Nguyễn Ngọc Đại – Vietnam – 740,000
Lê Huy Thành – Vietnam – 490,000
KKS – Vietnam – 430,000

Total chips in play: 11,340,000
Average stack: 1,260,000 (31.5 bb)
Resuming blinds: 20K – 40K ante 40K (36 minutes remaining)

Final Table Main Event
Final Table Main Event

The finalists return on Sunday, April 25 with everyone guaranteed a very decent VNđ 152,800,000 (~US$ 6,628) however all eyes will be on the VNđ 1,527,000,000 (~US$ 66,235) first prize and the iconic WPTDeepStacks Main Event trophy. The eventual champion will also join Dhaval Mudgal, Vincent Chauve, and Hamish Crawshaw in the exclusive WPTDS Vietnam Main Event winners club. Cards start flying at 12pm local time.

Remaining payouts

1st VNđ 1,527,000,000
2nd VNđ 1,070,000,000
3rd VNđ 687,000,000
4th VNđ 453,000,000
5th VNđ 349,000,000
6th VNđ 289,000,000
7th VNđ 242,000,000
8th VNđ 197,000,000
9th VNđ 152,800,000

Main Event recap

Briefly recapping the featured Main Event, 378 entered across four starting days to amass a smashing prize pool of VNđ 7,333,200,000 (~US$ 318,086). 90 players advanced to Day 2 led by Nguyễn Lê Quang. During the bubble round, A Khoai delivered a double knockout when his QhQc improved to a flush on a board 5d8cAc2c5c. One player had KsKh, the shorter stacked Nguyễn Quang Minh (Mr Ngo) had 6d6s to be declared the official bubble boy.

Bubble Time

Buy in: VNđ 22,000,000 (~US$ 954)
Guarantee: VNđ 4 billion (~US$ 173,500)
Cumulative Entries: 378
Prize pool: VNđ 7,333,200,000 (~US$ 318,086)
ITM: 48 places

With money guaranteed, the remaining players battled to earn a spot at the final table. Missing the mark were William Kang (41st), Julien Tran (39th), Nguyễn Đuy Vũ “Emit” (32nd), Day 1B leader Kimotsuki Yoshihito (31st), the day’s incoming chip leader Nguyễn Lê Quang (30th), All Bankrolls winner Nguyễn Quang Huy (19th), and French player Francis Garson (10th) who fell one spot before the coveted final table.

Earning the top spot was Lý Đắc Dũng who climbed from 37th rank; having an equally impressive day was Nam Lê who entered Day 2 running third from the bottom with just 8 bb to the final table ranked fourth in chips. Another finalist needing acknowledgement is fifth ranked Duy Ho who finished 4th at the Warm Up Event.

Day 1: High Roller 2 Day Event

Two events shared the floor with the Main Event, one of them was the High Roller 2 Day Event featuring a VNđ 1,000,000,000 (~US$ 43,376) guarantee. Like the earlier Super High Roller, it was very popular drawing 61 entries (53 uniques, 8 re-entries) to obliterate the advertised guarantee. For those interested in a piece of this massively brewing pot, there’s still time to join. Late registration closes at the start of Level 13 at 2:20pm on Sunday, April 25. The prize pool is currently at VNđ 1,830,000,000. Buy in is VNđ 33,000,000 (~US$ 1,431) .

Starting stack: 100,000
Levels: 40 minutes
Opening blinds: 1500 – 3000 ante 3000

Andre Lettau

On Day 1, at the end of the scheduled ten levels of play, 36 remained with Nguyễn Văn Chiến bagging a towering 408,500 stack (136 bb). In second rank was Phạm Tiến Dũng with 327,000 (109 bb), and to round out the top three was Hoàng Đại Thiện with 325,000 (108 bb). Other players that survived were notables Huu Dung Nguyen, Andre Lettau, Đinh Xuân Đinh, Terry Nguyen, Quang Nguyen, Harry Duong, Chi Chung Ho, Đức Trung Vũ, and Nguyễn Hoàng Bách.

Day 1: Crown Poker Club SuperStack Classic Freezeout

The other event on the floor was the two day Crown Poker Club SuperStack Classic which was the only freezeout tournament scheduled. 65 players took on the challenge, each one contributing the VNđ 6,000,000 (~US$ 260) buy in for a VNđ 340,470,000 (~US$ 14,770) prize pool. By the end of regulation time, three players had already walked away shaving off a portion while 6 bagged up. They return on the final day to hunt down the VNđ 119,070,000 (~US$ 5,165) first prize.

Final 6 players by rank

Nguyễn Mạnh Hưng – Vietnam – 705,000
Aigars Plivcs – Austria – 675,000
Nguyễn Quang Hiếu – Vietnam – 550,000
Daniel Nguyen – Vietnam – 480,000
Tuấn – Vietnam – 480,000
Phạm Ngọc Quốc Bảo – Vietnam – 360,000


1st VNđ 119,070,000
2nd VNđ 68,100,000
3rd VNđ 41,700,000
4th VNđ 29,800,000
5th VNđ 23,000,000
6th VNđ 17,900,000
7th Ngô Anh Quân – Vietnam – VNđ 15,300,000
8th Nguyễn Tú Phương – Vietnam – VNđ 13,600,000
9th Adam Marsden – England – VNđ 12,000,000

Event 13: Megastack Finale VNđ 300 million guarantee

With the festival down to its final day, one guaranteed event remains, the Megastack Finale with VNđ 300,000,000 (~US$ 13,000) in tow. Buy in is VNđ 5,000,000 (~US$ 217). This is also the last event to earn points toward the Player of the Series Leaderboard.

Player of the Series

Pham Bao2

With no games completed on Day 9, the Player of the Series leaderboard remains the same, although current leader Pham Bao will add to his lead by virtue of making the final 6 of the SuperStack Classic. Listed below are the top 10 in points after 9 events.

Phạm Ngọc Quốc Bảo – Vietnam – 737.1 points
Lê Đình Hải – Vietnamn – 535.5 points
Lê Tân – Vietnam – 384.3 points
Đặng Văn Hiển – Vietnam – 298.35 points
Duy Hồ – USA – 270.9 points
Nguyễn Chiến Hữu – Vietnam – 252.45 points
Trần Đức Toàn – Vietnam – 228.15 points
Nguyễn Đức Minh – Vietnam – 216.75 points
Trần Thông Tùng – Vietnam – 189 points
Kyle Diệp Quốc Bảo – 188.625 points

Somuchpoker is on site to bring you the latest results of the ongoing WPTDS Hanoi so stick with us.

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