WPT Vietnam: Yixuan Dong rules the Survivor Bounty for second trophy, most bounties, and Prime Championship Package;  Alvin Sembrano, Nguyen Huu Vinh win trophies


China’s Yixuan Dong is experiencing the best poker run of her career at World Poker Tour (WPT) Vietnam. Returning to Crown Poker Club Hanoi after having bricked in September, she won the PLO on October 8, then this evening, she seized the Survivor Bounty 8-Max for her second festival trophy and career second victory.

“This is my second time in Vietnam. Last time I earned zero, so winning this time is special. I am very happy! And I am also very lucky. I beat two players with pocket Kings, so luck was on my side.”

For Dong’s incredible achievement, she pocketed the ₫824,700,000 top prize, redeemed an astounding 11 bounties – the most by any player – amounting to ₫330,000,000 for a combined ₫1,154,700,000 (~US$ 47,350) payday. She was also awarded the coveted WPT Prime Championship Package worth $2,850.

Date: October 9 to 11, 2023
Buy in: ₫16,500,000 (~$675)
Guarantee: ₫3,000,000,000 (~$123,000)
Total entries: 524
Prize pool: ₫4,374,700,000 (~US$ 179,400)
Bounty pool: ₫3,180,000,000 (~US$ 130,400)
Bounties: 107
ITM: 67 players

Final table payouts

1 Dong Yixuan 1,154,700,000 + $2,850 WPT Prime Package
2 Santos Dexter 760,000,000
3 Li Chao 614,000,000
4 Zheng Tianhao 510,500,000
5 Pham Duy Anh 316,000,000
6 Edwards Lawford Stephe 172,000,000
7 Nguyen Vu Lam 252,000,000
8 Yannick Leonard 133,000,000
9 To Bao Tuan 201,000,000

Full payouts in WPT Vietnam – Festival Results

Day 1 results

Day 1A: 121 entries (88 unique) / 16 advanced
Day 1B: 252 entries / 32 advanced
Day 1C: 151 entries / 19 advanced

Winner Recap

yixuandong1 1

Yixuan Dong entered the final day wedged in the middle of the pack. By the time the field was down to 18 players, she was one of the big stacks, then entered the final table in second rank after knocking out Thomas Ray Liffick in 10th place.

At the final table, Dong eliminated Yannick Leonard in 8th place to take the lead. Her stack then surged after cleaning out Nguyen Vu LamSigma” in 7th place with JhJc winning the flip against Kc10h. Pham Duy Anh (5th) was next on her list, calling with Ah8s and pairing the Ace to boot KhKs. At three-handed, her Ah7s cracked Chao Li‘s KhKc on a board 6s10h8s9c8d.


Facing Dexter Santos for the title, Dong was ahead 83 bb to 38 bb. Closing in on one hour of heads up play, Santos cut the gap to 5 bb difference when the final hand was tabled. Dong had JsJc, Santos AsKd, the board ran QcAh6dJh.

Deepak Bothra falls in 11th place

deepakbothra 2
Deepak Bothra

It was a tough end for the day’s entering chip leader, Deepak Bothra, who carried in a mighty stack and held rank until three tables where he plunged and was ultimately stopped in 11th place. Bothra’s fall happened in three consecutive showdowns. The first loss was to Lawford Edwards whose Ah9d dominated Bothra’s Ad6s. Next was a flip with 4d4s losing to Yannick Leonard‘s Ad10c Ten on the board. His third clash was his last with As10h missing the board against Zheng Tian Hao‘s 6h6s.

Another final table for Yannick Leonard

yannickleonard 3
Yannick Leonard

For Day 1A chip leader Yannick Leonard, at four tables remaining he was down to 2bb and shoved holding KsJd that found four callers. As the board ran out 8cJh3d4h5d, he quintupled up though still short.

At 15 players remaining, Leonard dropped to 6 bb and jammed with 6s6c which survived Bothra’s Ac5c. Shortly after, Leonard faced Bothra again (mentioned above) to rise to health leading to his biggest double up.

On a board that completed 7h6s5s9h6c To Bao Tuan bet the turn and jammed the river. Leonard tank-called for his tournament life and shipped it with AcKc dominating Tuan’s Qs10c bluff. Leonard entered the final table running 3rd in chips, marking his second final table of the festival.

Despite his big stack, Leonard was stopped in 8th place. He plunged below 20 bb after calling Dexter Santos four-bet shove with Ac8c, only to lose to JsJh. Dropping to 17 bb, he shoved on the button with Jh10c and bricked out in 8th place to Yixuan Dong’s 9d9h.

Alvin Jeff Sembrano wins the Freezeout


Buy in: ₫5,500,000 (~US$ 225)
Players: 42
Prize pool: ₫203,700,000 (~US$ 8,350)
ITM: 6 places

1 Sembrano Alvin Jeff Philippines 72,200,000
2 Ha Van Thien Vietnam 48,500,000
Robertson Peter Murray
4 Liu Tianyou China 22,500,000
5 Chen Dong Yue China 16,000,000
6 Seroor Othman Fadhil Iraq 12,500,000

Nguyen Huu Vinh wins the Megastack


The ₫500M guaranteed Megastack drew a 112 entry field, and with buy in at ₫8,800,000 each, the prize pool ballooned to ₫869,120,000. Clement Haro delivered the bubble pushing on the small blind with Ks7c and spiking the King on the river to eliminate big blind AcJd. Haro went on to fall in 6th place. 

At five remaining, Nguyen Huu Vinh went on a knockout spree, eliminating every player to reach heads up against Dinh Van Tien. Backed by a massive chip advantage, Nguyen finished off Dinh with AdKd dusting 2d2h on a board 4h7dAs8cJs.

Buy in: ₫8,800,000 (~US$ 360)
Guarantee: ₫500,000,000 (~US$ 20,500)
Entries: 112 (87 unique)
Prize pool: ₫869,120,000 (~US$ 33,640)
ITM: 14 places

1 Nguyen Huu Vinh 237,620,000
2 Dinh Van Tien 158,500,000
3 Sermsirimongkol Mr.Songklot 108,000,000
4 Liu Chen Chieh 76,000,000
5 Nguyen Manh Tuan 55,500,000
6 Haro Cleement Jean – Michel 42,500,000
7 Huynh Ngoc Cuong 33,500,000
8 Yun Sung Hee 27,500,000
9 Cho Miyoung 24,000,000
10 Do Anh Tai 24,000,000
11 Ahuja Ashish 21,500,000
12 Bazerli Demian 21,500,000
13 Zhukov Vladislav 19,500,000
14 Robertson Peter Murray 19,500,000

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