WPT Vietnam: Wayne Heung ships the Super High Roller; Macaron Tran, Pang Choyi, & Le Ngoc Khanh win events

The WPT Vietnam festival ongoing at Pro Poker Club rolled in today with several players earning their time under the spotlight. The Super High Roller event, intended to run for just two days, completed in three with Wayne Heung overcoming the rough terrain. The Short Deck event and Deepstack Turbo also resumed with Macaron Tran and Joey Pang Choyi rising to the top. We’ve got those results for you below along with the Bounty Event that was claimed by Le Ngoc Khanh yesterday afternoon.

Event 5: Super High Roller

ENZ 4351
Wayne Heung

A fantastic turnout at the Super High Roller event with 49 unique players and 12 re-entries for 61 total. At VND 100 Million a pop, a prize pool of VND 5,561,980,000 (US$239,670) was created. Several known pros in the mix were Marvin Rettenmaier, Danny Tang, Lim Yohwan, Kilian Loeffler, Kannapong Thanarattrakul, however despite these players advancing to Day 2, they failed to reach the money of 8 places.

The race to the title and most especially the sizable VND 2,002,310,000 (US$86,275) first prize was a grueling one. The bubble round alone took three hours. Once the money was reached, it took another two hours to cut down to 6 players. During this time, Wai Kiat Lee shipped a big double up with his Ad7c over Wayne Heung’s 8d6s, on a board that eventually completed to 5sQs7s6hJd. Natalie Teh, once the chip leader, fell in 6th place. She was followed by Sven Joakim Andersson in 5th place.

The four-handed round was halted just before midnight and players returned today for the final showdown. Heung entered with the chip lead. Vu Duc Trung attempted to bring it home for the host country, instead he fell in 4th place. The final three players, Heung, Lee, and Phachara Wongwichit discussed a deal but when it wasn’t reached, the game continued.

Wongwichit proceeded to fall in 3rd place leaving Team Eagle players (per Danny Tang) Heung and Lee to fight it out. Heung had the advantage, one he has had since the start of the day. The gap between him and Lee continued to widen from 2:1, to 3:1, to 5:1, until the final hand arrived.

Lee all in with Js8s, Heung had him dominated with KhJh, the board ran 2s4d9s3cKd, and that was it. Heung reigned and claimed the largest first prize of the festival thus far.

Prize pool: VND 5,561,980,000 – Buyin: VND 100M – Entries: 61 – ITM: 8 places

1st Wayne Heung – Hong Kong – VND 2,002,310,000
2nd Wai Kiat Lee – Malaysia – VND 1,176,360,000
3rd Phachara Wongwichit – Thailand – VND 736,960,000
4th Vu Duc Trung – Vietnam – VND 500,580,000
5th Sven Joakim Andersson – Macau – VND 389,340,000
6th Natalie Teh – Malaysia – VND 305,910,000
7th Fei Han – China – VND 250,290,000
8th Kalyan Cheekuri – India – VND 200,230,000

Event 6: Short Deck Hold’em

ENZ 4276 1
Macaron Tran

Only one Short Deck event was offered up at the festival. Although there were only 58 uniques, 36 re-entered for 94 entries total. For a buy-in of VND 7.7M, this generated a decent pot of VND 638,260,000 (US$27,500). 12 players earned a piece with Macaron Tran closing it out this afternoon. Tran defeated Andy Li Xueyan at heads up. The final hand saw both all in at the flop JdJs7d. Li with 10s8s, Tran with 8d8h, the turn Kh and river Jh completed the board for a full house to Tran. Tran won VND 202,490,000.

Prize pool: VND 638,260,000 – Buyin: VND 7.7M – Entries: 94 – ITM: 12 places

1st Macaron Tran – Vietnam – VND 202,490,000
2nd Andy Li Xueyan – Singapore – VND 121,270,000
3rd Zdravko Duvnjak – Croatia – VND 76,590,000
4th Kwon Luen Hei – Hong Kong – VND 49,470,000
5th La Anh Tuan – Vietnam – VND 38,300,000
6th Mitchell Minh – USA – VND 30,320,000
7th Michael Kim Falcon – Denmark – VND 25,530,000
8th Nguyen Tien Son – Vietnam – VND 22,340,000
9th Chave Vincent – Thailand – VND 20,250,000
10th Nguyen Duy Tung – Vietnam – VND 18,510,000
11th Matthieu Lamagnere – France – VND 17,230,000
12th Nguyen Duc Bien – Vietnam – VND 15,970,000

Event 7: Deep Stack Turbo

Pang Choyi Joey
Pang Choyi Joey

92 players powered in for last night’s Deepstack Turbo event. 11 re-entered for 103 entries total. The event concluded today with Hong Kong’s Joey Pang Choyi denying Duy Ho the spotlight. During heads up, Pang was ahead but Duy stole the lead when his Ad3d improved on the board 9sKd3h4d5h against AcJh. Pang challenged back and quickly regained the high chalr. The final hand arrived with Ho 6h6c, Pang QsJd, and the board 3hQd7c10h2h.

Prize pool: VND 599,460,000 – Buyin: VND 6.6M – Entries: 103 – ITM: 13 places

1st Pang Choyi Joey – Hong Kong – VND 155,220,000 (deal)
2nd Duy Ho – USA – VND 140,000,000 (deal)
3rd Anton Widjaya – Indonesia – VND 68,940,000
4th Hu Jin Long – China – VND 44,960,000
5th Unknown – VND 35,070,000
6th Po Cheng Yang – Taiwan – VND 28,020,000
7th Nguyen Viet Tien – Vietnam – VND 23,830,000
8th Jude Praveen Kumar – India – VND 20,680,000
9th Nguyen Hoang Anh – Vietnam – VND 18,280,000
10th Liu Shiqiao – China – VND 16,490,000
11th Chih Ying Liang – Taiwan – VND 16,490,000
12th Nguyen Thien Tam – Vietnam – VND 16,490,000
13th Thuan Thanh – Vietnam – VND 14,990,000

Event 4: Bounty Event

ENZ 4093
Le Ngoc Khanh

It was a jam packed room on Sunday afternoon with the Bounty event occupying all the empty seats as it ran side by side Kickoff Day 2. In the aftermath, 178 signed up, each one paying the VND 6,600 buy-in for a prize pool of VND 679,960,000. The money flowed on the first day starting at 23rd place however the bigger cuts were dished out on the final day. Winning it was well known Vietnamese pro Le Ngoc Khanh. He denied fellow countryman Nguyen Duc Thanh a second title and pocketed VND 176,140,000 for his victory.

Top 10 Payouts
Prize pool: VND 679,960,000 – Buyin: VND 6,600,000 – Entries: 178 – ITM: 23 places

1st Le Ngoc Khanh – Vietnam – VND 176,140,000
2nd Nguyen Duc Thanh – Vietnam – VND 118,140,000
3rd Ho Dinh Kevin – France – VND 69,700,000
4th Benjamin Gonzva – France – VND 42,400,000
5th Huynh Tan Dung – Vietnam – VND 32,740,000
6th Yuki Miyakura – Japan – VND 27,130,000
7th Masato Sawa – Japan – VND 23,120,000
8th La Anh Tuan – Vietnam – VND 20,330,000
9th Tran Thanh Vinh – Vietnam – VND 17,620,000
10th Comson Chingtanasan – Thailand – VND 14,960,000

Article Tricia David

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