WPT Vietnam: VN₫ 15 BN guaranteed Main Event surpassed; Huynh Tan Dung leads 156 players into Day 2

It is official! The World Poker Tour has delivered the richest tournament ever seen in Vietnam. The past three days witnessed players descend upon the Pro Poker Club in Ho Chi Minh City for the WPT VietnamMain Event VN₫ 15 billion guaranteed (~US$ 644,000). At the end of Day 1C, the overall count was 344 entries at VN₫ 55,000,000 buy-in each to drive the prize pool in the ballpark of VN₫ 16.5 billion. That figure will continue to bloat with registration open during the first hour of Day 2.

For now, here are all the details coming into the next stage of the race.


Main Event Day 2 info

Day 1A: 41 advanced out of 93 entries
Day 1B: 53 advanced out of 121 entries
Day 1C: 62 advanced out of 130 entries

Total: 344 entries

Day 2 qualifiers: 156 players
Total chips in play: 13,760,000
Average stack: 88,205
Opening blinds: 600-1200 (Level 10)
Bagging time: end of Level 19

Entering chip leaders: Huynh Tan Dung (272,300) and Christopher Mateo (272,000)

For entering players

Starting stack: 40,000 (~33x opening big blind)
Level intervals: 60 minutes
Registration: closes at the start of Level 11
Structure: Main Tour
Format: Ante Big Blind

Important note: If you are a new player in Day 2, you will be allowed one re-entry before registration closes. For Day 2 qualifiers that bust out early, you can buy-in your first Day 2 entry. If you bust out again, you can re-enter before registration closes.

Day 2 – Seat Draw

Day 1 ABC – Chip Counts

Main Event Day 1C recap

Main Event Day 1C had many tales to tell. For starters, it drew the largest field of 130 entrants (108 players, 22 re-entries) with 63 powering through. By Level 5, the VN₫ 15 billion guarantee was breached with only 98 needed to match it.

Another big one, Vietnam’s Huynh Tan Dung bagged the overall chip lead of 272,300. He was the only player to successfully overtake Christopher Mateo who set the bar very high at 272,000 in Day 1A. Huynh gained momentum after railing Nguyen Van Thuan midway through the day.

DSCQ 1000 50
Huynh Tan Dung

Other players bagging up heavy stacks were Huynh Duc Tai (268,000), William Kang (226,900), and Pham Thanh Tung (213,900). These players all closed in the 200k range. WSOP bracelet winners Alex Lindop (28,400) and Mike Takayama (37,600) also advanced however they need to make up plenty of ground to catch up to the leaders.

Seen for the first time at a WPT Vietnam event were France’s Jimmy Guerrero and fallen players from Day 1B, Aaron Lim and Tom Alner. Guerrero had a great start but was caught bluffing by William Kang to send him plummeting then re-entering. All three advanced to Day 2. Lim and Alner only needed one bullet today.

DSC 6740
William Kang

You can read up on the starting days action via our live updates.

Day 1C – Live Updates

Completed Events

Event #8: Pot Limit Omaha – – VN₫ 208,433,000 (~US$ 9,000)

DSC 6781
Vu Duc Trung

Buy-in: VN₫ 8,800,000 (~US$ 380)
Entries: 79 (61 uniques, 18 re-entries)
Prize pool: VN₫ 613,040,000 (~US$ 26,000)
ITM: 10 places


1st Vu Duc Trung (Vietnam) – VN₫ 208,433,000
2nd Chang Gon Lee (Korea) – VN₫ 119,543,000
3rd Chi Chung Ho (Hong Kong) – VN₫ 74,791,000
4th Ryan Revai (Canada) – VN₫ 50,576,000
5th Charalampos Lappas (Greece) – VN₫ 38,315,000
6th Vincent Chauve (France) – VN₫ 30,652,000
7th Tobias Cornelius Napel (Netherlands) – VN₫ 26,973,000
8th Kenji Kurashina (Japan) – VN₫ 24,521,000
9th Martin Stausholm (Denmark) – VN₫ 20,845,000
10th Tsun Ming Chan (Hong Kong) – VN₫ 18,391,000

Event #9: Superstack Turbo Freezeout – Andre Lettau – VN₫ 283,114,000 (~US$ 12,000)

DSCQ 1000 10

Buy-in: VN₫ 11,000,000 (~US$ 470)
Players: 92
Prize pool: VN₫ 892,400,000 (~US$ 38,300)
ITM: 12 places


1st Andre Lettau (Austria) – VN₫ 283,114,000
2nd Ong Guan Heng (Singapore) – VN₫ 169,556,000
3rd Alok Birewar (India) – VN₫ 107,088,000
4th La Anh Tuan (Vietnam) – VN₫ 69,161,000
5th Fuk On Wong (China) – VN₫ 53,544,000
6th Nguyen Khoi (Vietnam) – VN₫ 42,389,000
7th Vincent Chauve (France) – VN₫ 35,696,000
8th Neeraj Kumar (India) – VN₫ 31,235,000
9th Ronak Vyas (India) – VN₫ 28,316,000
10th Tobias Cornelius Napel (Netherlands) – VN₫ 25,879,000
11th Lok Tin Chan (China) – VN₫ 22,327,000
12 Kwun Ngai Vincent Li (Hong Kong) – VN₫ 24,095,000

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WPT Vietnam Full Coverage

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