WPT Vietnam Main Event: Phi Tien Sang bags the largest at Day 1A; 21 players advance


Day 1A of the WPT Vietnam ₫ 12 Billion guaranteed Main Event wrapped up after 14 levels with Vietnam’s Phi Tien Sang at the top of the rung. During the last level of play, Sang knocked out numerous players to close the day with 629,000 (125 bb). This was reminiscent of his performance at Survivor Bounty 8-Max Day 1B where he finished as chip leader. Read up on his rise via the live updates. Just scroll down.

phitiensang1Main Event

Date: October 12, 2023
Buy in is ₫30,000,000 (~US$ 1,230)
Guarantee: ₫12,000,000,000 (~US$ 492,100)
*Champion will also win a package to the $40 Million guaranteed WPT World Championship in December at Wynn Las Vegas

Day 1A: 130 (95 unique)
Day 2 qualifiers: 21 players

Day 2 – 21 players

Phí TiếN Sáng 629,000
Ngô TrầN Minh NhậT 526,000
Do Anh Tai (THP) 473,000
Tran Viet Hoang (Mondayest) 305,000
Haro Clement 295,000
Clay Chen 279,000
Huynh Ngoc Cuong (Winter Sea) 279,000
Đoàn Quang Trung 277,000
PhạM Hùng 273,000
Lâm Kim Long 268,000
Wooseok Kim 210000
Avneesh Munjal 207,000
Kyle Bao Diep 191,000
Meherzad Munsaf 187,000
NguyễN HữU Vinh 167,000
Alexis W. Lim 162,000
NguyễN Đăng Tú 162,000
Yan Feng Wang 137,000
Nguyen Ngoc Tung 97,000
Sriram Subramanian 80,000
Aayush Arya 4,000

Starting stack: 40,000 (200x opening blinds)
Level intervals: 40 minutes before reg closes / 60 minutes after reg closes

Chips in play: 5,200,000

23:10: Meherzad Munsaf doubles up with Aces through Aayush Arya
Level 14: 2500-5000 ante 5000

meherzadmunsaf 1On the last hand at table 4, big blind Meherzad Munsaf was asking if returning to Day 2 with 14 bb was decent. Then he looks down at AsAd and snap-calls small blind Aayush Arya’s shove with Ac9h. The board runs out 9sJd8h5hJc. Munsaf ships a double up as Arya plunges below 1 bb.

Meherzad Munsaf – 187,000
Aayush Arya – 4,000

23:05: Rockets for Clement Haro for a double up through Nguyen Dang Tu
Level 14: 2500-5000 ante 5000

Clement Haro

By the turn 9cKhJhJs the pot has grown to 75,500, cutoff Clement Haro is all in holding AcAs, Nguyen Dang Tu hopes to eliminate with AhKc. The river 3d is no help to Nguyen to pay a double up to Haro.

Clement Haro – 280,000
Nguyen Dang Tu – 173,000

23:00: Aladin Reskallah falls to Tien Sang
Level 14: 2500-5000 ante 5000

Shui WAng

Another Frenchman goes down against Tien Sang. Next on the chopping block is Aladin Reskallah who first builds a 132,000 pot with Sang by the turn 5c3s4dQd then tosses in his last 2500, Sang quickly calls and is ahead AcQc. Reskallah with 8c8s. The river Ad further ensures the win for Sang.

Tien Sang – 605,000
Aladin Reskallah – Eliminated

22:50: Tien Sang with better kicker to rail Jehanne Laurent
Level 14: 2500-5000 ante 5000

phitiensang 1

Catching the action on a turn board 7dKh7c6c and 95,500 in the pot, Jehanne Laurent is all in holding KcQc top pair flush draw. Bigger stacked Tien Sang has AsKd. The river Jd sends Laurent to the rail.

Tien Sang – 553,000
Jehanne Jeremy Laurent – Eliminated

22:40: Nguyen Dang Tu tank-calls and doubles up through Alexis Lim
Level 14: 2500-5000 ante 5000

Under the gun+2 Alexis Lim raises, big blind Nguyen Dang Tu three-bets, Lim flats, flop comes 4d7sJs. Nguyen leads out 15,000, Lim jams with a stack that well covers Nguyen who tanks. After using one time bank, Nguyen calls and opens AdKs and is ahead of Lim’s Ac10c. With the turn 9d and river Kh, Nguyen ships it.

Nguyen Dang Tu – 250,000
Alexis Lim – 270,000

22:35: Klay Chen doubles up through Doan Quang Trung
Level 14: 2500-5000 ante 5000

klaychen 3Klay Chen sends his last 20 bb out front with 7c7s to battle with, Doan Quang Trung gives him a sweat with AdKd. With the board running 3h10s6sQc3c, Chen’s pocket pair survives the flip for a double up.

Klay Chen – 210,000
Doan Quang Trung – 150,000

22:30: Avneesh Munjal doubles up through Nguyen Ngoc Tung
Level 14: 2500-5000 ante 5000

Down to 12 bb, Avneesh Munjal all in with 4c4d, the board runs 6cKc8c3cQd for a flush to win the flip and double up through Nguyen Ngoc Tung’s AdKs.

Avneesh Munjal – 140,000
Nguyen Ngoc Tung – 92,000

22:28: Tran Viet Hoang rails Dhanesh Chainani
Level 14: 2500-5000 ante 5000

tranviethoang 2
Tran Viet Hoang

Down to 14 bb, Dhanesh Chainani shoves on the button holding Ah9s, small blind Tran Viet Hoang calls with AsQs. Board runs JhKh3s4h3d.

Tran Viet Hoang – 280,000
Dhanesh Chainani – Eliminated

22:15: Blinds up, 24 players remaining, last level of play
Level 14: 2500-5000 ante 5000

Last break of Day 1A is over. Blinds are up. 24 players remaining. This is the last level of play for today.

Kevin Ngo – 526,000
Do Anh Tai – 412,000
Tien Seng – 410,000

21:45: Alexis Lim drags in another pot
Level 13: 2000-4000 ante 4000

Hijack opens, cutoff Nguyen Ngoc Tung three-bets 23,000, button Alexis Lim calls, hijack folds. At the flop QsQhKc, Nguyen c-bets 16,000, Lim calls. On the turn 8d, Nguyen fires 33,000, Lim calls. On the 4c river, both players check. Nguyen has 6d5d air, Lim claims the pot with AcKs two pair.

Alexis Lim – 356,000
Nguyen Ngoc Tung – 223,000

21:30: Alexis Lim sends Deepak Bothra packing
Level 13: 2000-4000 ante 4000

Alexis Lim Main Event Day 1A 152

Utg+1 Avneesh Munjal min-raises, utg+2 calls, button players Deepak Bothra shoves, big blind Alexis Lim shoves, Munjal and utg+2 fold. At the reveal, Bothra is way behind with 9d9h to Lim’s AdAs. The board runs 2h6h3cKs5c. Lim ships it.

Alexis Lim – 280,000
Deepak Bothra – Eliminated

21:20: Kyle Bao Diep doubles up on a cooler against Klay Chen
Level 13: 2000-4000 ante 4000

kylebaodiep 2

From hijack, Kyle Bao Diep opens 8500, small blind Klay Chen three-bets 26,500, Diep flats, flop comes 6h8h9d. Chen wastes no time counting and just shoves, Diep snap-calls and turns over AxAx. Chen has KxKx. Aces stay ahead throughout the board for a double up to Diep.

Kyle Bao Diep – 278,000
Klay Chen – 170,000

21:10: Clement Haro puts the pressure on
Level 13: 2000-4000 ante 4000

Mid position Clement Haro raises 6000 and is called by the player to his immediate left. Both players check the flop 10c3cJh. On the turn 8h, Haro bets 13,000 and is called. On the river Kh, Haro fires 35,000 and takes it with no challenge.

21:00: Blinds up, 28 players remaining
Level 13: 2000-4000 ante 4000

Blinds are up, 28 players remaining. Day 1A bags up at the end of Level 14.

Chip leaders:

Kevin Ngo – 545,000
Nguyen Long Lam – 400,000
Do Anh Tai – 370,000

20:45: Short stacked Anthony Cierco doubles up through Do Anh Tai
Level 12: 1500-3000 ante 3000

anthony cierco main event day 1A 125

Anthony Cierco is strapped by his short stack (23,500) just waiting for a decent hand. He lands one Ad3s and is all in, Do Anh Tai calls with 8h8c. An ace finds the board 5d9cAsQdQh for a double up.

Anthony Cierco – 50,000
Do Anh Tai – 370,000

20:30: Big blind special for Kevin Ngo 
Level 12: 1500-3000 ante 3000

Cutoff Tien Sang raises 6500, big blind Kevin Ngo defends, flop comes 8h9d5h. Both players check. The turn lands Ks, Sang bets 6000, Ngo check-calls. On the river 6s, Ngo leads out 12,000, Sang calls, Ngo wins it with 10d7d straight.

Kevin Ngo – 545,000
Tien Sang – 330,000

20:20: Nguyen Ngoc Tung chunks then eliminated Pham Duy Anh
Level 12: 1500-3000 ante 3000

Hijack Nguyen Ngoc Tung opens, small blind Pham Duy Anh calls flop comes Qd8cKc. Pham shoves, Nguyen calls, Pham opens Ac

Pham Duy Anh

2c flush draw, Nguyen has Qc9c top pair. The turn5d and river 8s keep Nguyen ahead for a double up.

Down to 8 bb, Pham pushes holding Kc3s, Nguyen is behind QhJs but live. The board runs Qc2h10sQs10d.

Nguyen Ngoc Tung – 250,000
Pham Duy Anh – eliminated

20:10: Shui Wang falls to Nguyen Long Lam
Level 12: 1500-3000 ante 3000

End of the road for Shui Wang who despite a couple of double ups, his stack stayed short. His last hand was AdQh missing the board to fall to Nguyen Long Lam’s QsQc.

Nguyen Long Lam – 310,000

20:00: Blinds up, 32 players remaining
Level 12: 1500-3000 ante 3000

Players have returned from a break. Blinds are up, 32 players remaining. Day 1A bags up at the end of Level 14.

Chip leaders:

Kevin Ngo – 545,000
Nguyen Long Lam – 400,000
Do Anh Tai – 370,000

19:40: Jehanne Laurent sends Avneesh Munjal to the tank
Level 11: 1500-2500 ante 2500

With a pot of 67,000 in the middle and a board Ah7hQd8dJs, big blind Avneesh Munjal checks, Jehanne Laurent shoves (93,500), Munjal tanks then folds after using up three time-extensions.

Jehanne Laurent – 160,500
Avneesh Munjal – 72,000

19:35: Big blind special for Clement Haro earns a double from Huynh Ngoc Cuong
Level 11: 1500-2500 ante 2500

Clement Haro

Cutoff Huynh Ngoc Cuong min-raises, big blind Clement Haro defends, flop comes 2s10h2d. Huynh c-bets 4000, Haro check-raises 12,000, Huynh calls. On the turn 9s, Haro leads out 15,000, Huynh calls. On the river Ad, Haro shoves 27,000, Huynh tanks using up two time banks then calls. Haro shows 5h2h trips, Huynh mucks his KcKs.

Clement Haro – 110,000
Huynh Ngoc Cuong – 246,500

19:25: Kevin Ngo rails Hua Wei Lin
Level 11: 1500-2500 ante 2500


With a 5,500 raise before her, Hua Wei Lin shoves (59,500), three spots over big stacked Kevin Ngo calls, initial raiser opts to fold. Lin has AhJd, Ngo has her dominated with AsQd, window is a jack but as it runs out Jc8dQs7h10c, Ngo lands a higher pair to end Lin’s day. Initial raiser said he had pocket Nines.

Kevin Ngo – 540,000
Hua Wei Lin – eliminated

19:15: Vladimir Mikheev loses flip and falls to Nguyen Ngoc Tung
Level 11: 1500-2500 ante 2500

Vladimir Mikheev risked his last 25,500 stack with 4c4s and fell to Nguyen Ngoc Tung’s AsQd with the board running QhKd10s8c7c.

Nguyen Ngoc Tung – 155,000

19:10: Klay Chen shows Kevin Ngo the bluff
Level 11: 1500-2500 ante 2500

klaychen 3

Action folds to the button Kyle Bao Diep who opens for 5500, small blind Kevin Ngo and big blind Klay Chen call, flop comes Ad10c3h. Diep c-bets 5500, blinds check-call, then all three check the turn 6c. On the river Js, Chen bets 14,000, Diep folds, Ngo tanks using up one time-extension, then folds. Chen quickly shows his 2d4s bluff.

Klay Chen – 240,000
Kevin Ngo – 460,000
Kyle Bao Diep – 138,000

19:00: Short stacks battle: Anthony Cierco cleans out Huy Pham
Level 11: 1500-2500 ante 2500

anthonycierco 3

Huy Pham is all in with around 14 bb and 8s8h to battle with, Anthony Cierco with 16 bb is ahead with QdQs, no help comes for Pham to land on the rail.

Anthony Cierco – 83,000
Huy Pham – Eliminated

18:50: Huynh Ngoc Cuong exposes Pham Duy Anh’s bluff
Level 11: 1500-2500 ante 2500

Huynh Ngoc Cuong

Cutoff Huynh Ngoc Cuong min-raises, small blind Pham Duy Anh calls, flop comes 9s6h7h, Huynh c-bets 4000 and is called. Both players proceed to check the turn 7c to bring the free river card Jh. Pham leads out 25,000, Huynh tank-calls. Pham laughs as he shows Qs10d, Huynh wins the pot with Kh10h flush.

Huynh Ngoc Cuong – 310,000
Pham Duy Anh – 150,000

18:45: Blinds up, 44 players remaining
Level 11: 1500-2500 ante 2500

Blinds are up and the field is down to 44 players. Day 1A bags up at the end of Level 14.

18:40: Three-way: Do Anh Tai triples, Shui Wang side pot, Thomas Liffick eliminated
Level 10: 1000-2000 ante 2000

shuiwang doanhtai
Shui Wang and Do Anh Tai

Utg Thomas Liffick raises 4500 and finds five callers to the flop 9hJc3c. Big blind Huy Pham checks, Liffick bets 8000, utg+2 Jacques Ramsden calls, hijack Anthony Cierco folds, cutoff Shui Wang calls, button Do Anh Tai shoves, back to Pham who folds, Liffick joins the all in, Ramsden folds, Wang goes all in for a three-way.

Do Anh Tai Ac10c
Shui Wang 10d8d
Thomas Liffick AdAh

The turn Qs gives Wang the straight and as he celebrates, the river Kd trumps it for a higher straight to Do. Do triples up, Wang wins the side pot, Liffick busts.

Do Anh Tai – 152,000
Shui Wang – 70,000
Thomas Liffick – Eliminated

18:30: Kyle Bao Diep takes it on a three-bet
Level 10: 1000-2000 ante 2000


Utg raises 4500, big blind Kyle Bao Diep defends, flop comes Ah9d6h. Utg c-bets 2500, Diep check-calls. On the turn 10h, Diep leads out 6500, utg raises 19,500, Diep answers with a three-bet 34,500, utg folds.

Kyle Bao Diep – 130,000

18:20: Hua Wei Lin on the rise
Level 10: 1000-2000 ante 2000

huaweilin 1

Utg+1 Hua Wei Lin raises 4000, cutoff Nguyen Long Lam and big blind Sriram Subramanian call. All three check the flop and turn Ah10dQh. On the river 6d, Subramanian bets 5000, Lin calls, Nguyen folds. Subramanian has 10h9d, Lin wins the pot with Ac8c top pair.

Hua Wei Lin – 150,000
Sriram Subramanian – 70,000

17:45: Registration closes at 130 entries 
Level 10: 1000-2000 ante 2000

Day 1A registration closed at 130 entries (95 unique). The blinds now increase every 60 minutes. They bag up at the end of Level 14.

Chip leader: Nguyen Huu Vinh – 234,500

17:40: Aladin Reskallah ends short stacked Manoj Pentakota
Level 9: 800-1600 ante 1600

Shui WAng

Aladin Reskallah raises, big blind Manoj Pentakota goes all in for  12,500, Reskallah calls and is ahead 9c9h against Ah5d. The board runs 3dJhJd9d3c.

Aladin Reskallah – 87,000
Manoj Pentakota – eliminated

17:35: Hua Wei Lin doubles up through Kyle Quoc Bao
Level 9: 800-1600 ante 1600

Hua Wei Lin doesn’t need to re-enter having doubled up through Kyle Quoc Bao with Ah8c pairing the ace on the board 6hKsKhAdQd against 10s10d.

17:30: Sergei Iablokov triple barrels
Level 9: 800-1600 ante 1600

sergeiiablokov 1

On a raised pot preflop, Sergei Iablokob bets 5500 on the flop 2d9cJc, big blind check-calls. On the turn 2h, big blind checks again, Iablokov fires 17,000, big blind tank-calls using up one time bank. On the river 2s, big blind checks, Iablokov shoves (28,900), big blind tanks using up one time bank, then reluctantly folds.

Sergei Iablokov – 84,500

17:20: Sriram Subramanian Earns Against Nguyen Dang Tu
Level 9: 800-1600 ante 1600


Under the gun Sriram Subramanian raises 3200, cutoff Nguyen Dang Tu calls, flop comes 8d7s6c. Subramanian c-bets 2000, Nguyen calls. Both players check the turn 4s. On the river Js, Subramanian bets 12,000, Nguyen calls, Subramanian wins it with Ks10s flush. Nguyen shows his 7d7h set.

Sriram Subramanian – 84,500
Nguyen Dang Tu – 50,000

17:15: Nguyen Dang Tu doubles up through Quang Tuan Anh
Level 9: 800-1600 ante 1600

nguyendangtu 2

Immediately after doubling up, Quang Tuan Anh loses a chunk against Nguyen Dang Tu. Hand opens with Nguyen raising 3200 from the button, big blind Anh calls, flop runs 10h2c6c. Anh leads out 4200, Nguyen shoves, Anh calls and has a pair 3d6d, Nguyen has a draw Qc5c. The turn Ac grants the flush , Anh is drawing dead.

Nguyen Dang Tu – 69,200
Quang Tuan Anh – 25,000

17:10: Quang Tuan Anh doubles up
Level 9: 800-1600 ante 1600


Three way to the flop 8s5hQh, Nguyen Long Lam checks, utg+1 bets 4,000, cutoff Nguyen Dang Tu calls, Lam calls. On the turn 3s, Lam checks, Anh shoves 18,500, Lam tank-calls and shows Jh8h. Anh is ahead with AhQh. The river As secures the win for a double up to Anh.

Quang Tuan Anh – 56,000
Nguyen Long Lam – 102,000

16:55: Blinds up, 124 entries – last chance to register to Day 1A
Level 9: 800-1600 ante 1600

Blinds are up, 124 entries (91 unique). This is the last level to enter the Day 1A flight. There will be a 15-minute break after this then registration closes at the start of Level 10.

16:40: Somashekar Nahadeva rails Tran Duc Kien
Level 8: 600-1200 ante 1200


Tran Duc Kien shoves 13,800 and is called by Somashekar Nahadeva. Tran has Ac8c, Somashekar with 10s9s. The board runs 6dJhKs6s9d. Tran goes bust.

Somashekar Nahadeva – 184,000
Tran Duc Kien – eliminated

16:30: Hua Wei Lin vs Klay Chen
Level 8: 600-1200 ante 1200

From hijack, Hua Wei Lin raises 2400, cutoff Klay Chen and big blind Romain Bier call. At the flop KsAh10s, Lin c-bets 4,000, Chen calls, Bier folds. Both players check the turn Qh and river 2s. Lin has Ad6d, Chen wins is with Kd10h two pair.

Klay Chen – 174,200
Hua Wei Lin = 22,100

16:22: Blinds up, 114 entries
Level 8: 600-1200 ante 1200

Blinds are up, 114 entries (87 unique). Registration is open until the start of Level 10 which is approximately 5:30pm. Nguyen Huu Vinh and Pham Duy Ang maintain top rank.

16:10: Back to back pots for Jereld Sam
Level 7: 500-1000 ante 1000


Jereld Sam drops to 7 bb then survives an all in against Jacques Ramsden with Jh8h flush beating the straight on a board 9c10h8s{3h|}7h}. Next hand, Sam doubles up again. He raises preflop and finds two-callers to the flop 10s9d7d. Sam c-bets 3,000, small blind folds, big blind raises to 7,000, Sam shoves a total of 15,400, gets the call, and is ahead Kd10d against Kh9s. By the turn 10h, it’s a full house for Sam to ship it.

Jereld Sam – 44,300

15:50: Seen in action
Level 7: 500-1000 ante 1000

Among the new arrivals were Zarvan Tumboli, Dhanesh Chainani, Hua Wei Lin, Anatolii Konechniya, and Jereld Sam.

15:40: Nguyen Nang Quang falls to Thomas Liffick’s Quads
Level 7: 500-1000 ante 1000

Thomas Liffick

From hijack, Thomas Liffick raises 2200, cutoff Nguyen Nang Quang calls, then both players check the flop 2hAs6s. On the 6h turn, Nguyen bets 2,000, Liffick check-calls. On the river Kh, check again from Liffick, Nguyen bets 11,000, Liffick shoves, Nguyen tank-calls for his tournament life. Liffick turns over 6c6d quads, Nguyen dusted with Ace-10.

Thomas Liffick – 125,000
Nguyen Nang Quang – eliminated

15:32:: Blinds up, 102 entries
Level 7: 500-1000 ante 1000

Second break of the day is done. Blinds are up, 102 entries (80 unique). Registration is open until the start of Level 10 which is approximately 5:30pm.

Current leaders:

Pham Duy Anh – 230,000
Nguyen Huu Vinh – 225,500
Jehanne Jeremy Laurent – 167,800

15:17: Nguyen Huu Vinh strikes again! Eliminates Dong Van Tan
Level 6: 400-800 ante 800

On a board that completed 9d6s9c2d4d with 52,000 in the pot, Nguyen Huu Vinh bets 40,000 putting Dong Van Tan all in. Dong tanks, using four time banks, then calls. Nguyen opens Jh9h trips, Dong tosses KdKs.

Nguyen Huu Vinh – 225,500
Dong Van Tan – eliminated

15:10: Meherzad Munsaf doubles through Jehanne Laurent
Level 6: 400-800 ante 800


In an earlier clash, Meherzad Munsaf drops to 8 bb on a flush over flush against Jehanne Laurent. The two met again, Munsaf QsQh, Laurent AdKh. Munsaf doubles up on a board running 7cQc5s3s4h.

Meherzad Munsaf – 76,000
Jehanne Jeremy Laurent – 167,800

[Update: High Roller 2 Day Warm Up]

15:00: Romain Morvan eliminated on the bubble
Blinds: 15,000-25,000 ante 25,000

romainmorvan 1

It only took two bubble round hands for the High Roller 2 Day Warm Up to reach ITM. Romain Morvan all in on a turn board 5hJd8d6d holding AdAs and is behind Chen Mingcong’s 6h6c set. The river 7s is no help to Morvan to bust on the bubble. 17 players remaining. Overnight chip leader Hung Tran maintains top rank.

hungtran 2

14:50: Nguyen Huu Vinh rails Nguyen Manh Tuan
Level 6: 400-800 ante 800

Mid-position Pham Duy Anh limps, button raises 4000, small blind Nguyen Manh Tuan calls, big blind Nguyen Huu Vinh four-bets 16,000, Pham and button fold, Tuan shoves, Vinh calls.

Nguyen Manh Tuan Ah10h
Nguyen Huu Vinh QdQh

With the board running 5sJs2h2cJc, Vinh ships it, Tuan packs up to go.

Nguyen Huu Vinh – 185,000
Nguyen Manh Tuan – eliminated

14:35: Blinds up, 92 entries
Level 6: 400-800 ante 800

Blinds are up, 92 entries (75 unique). Registration is open until the start of Level 10 which is approximately 5:30pm.

Chip leader: Jehanne Jeremy Laurent – 190,000

14:25: Jehanne Laurent claims a big pot
Level 5: 300-600 ante 600

jehanne laurent

Under the gun opens 1200, hijack Jehanne Laurent three-bets 4000, utg calls, flop comes Jh5d10h. Laurent c-bets 3500, utg check-calls. Both players check the turn 9s. On the river 8s, utg leads out 3500, Laurent raises 20,000, utg calls then mucks to Laurent’s QcQd.

Jehanne Laurent – 109,000

14:10: Vladimir Mikheev wins back to back pots
Level 5: 300-600 ante 600


Vladimir Mikheev opens from utg+1 and finds two callers to the flop Jd6h3c. He c-bets 3,300 and wins the pot.

Next hand, he raises 1600 from utg, two spots over utg+2 three-bets 4200, Mikheev four-bets 18,600, utg+2 shoves, Mikheev with less chips risk it and opens QhQd and is flipping against AdKh. The board runs 10c9c4sJh5h for a double up to Mikheev.

Vladimir Mikheev – 79,500

13:47: Blinds up, 81 entries
Level 5: 300-600 ante 600

Blinds are up, 81 entries(69 unique). Registration is open until the start of Level 10 which is approximately 5:30pm.

Chip leader: Nguyen Huu Vinh – 135,000

13:40: Tran Vu Quang versus Pham Duy Anh
Level 4: 300-500 ante 500

tranvanquang 2

Utg+1 Pham Duy Anh limps, button Nuyen Huu Vinh opens, small blind Tran Vu Quang three-bets 4200, called by Pham and Nguyen. At the flop 8c6h2d, Tran c-bets 5,000, Pham calls, Nguyen folds. On the turn 9d, Tran triple barrels 13,000 and again Pham calls. The river As, Tran shoves (18,000), Pham folds.

Tran Van Quang – 67,600
Pham Duy Anh – 68,000
Nguyen Huu Vinh – 125,000

13:30: Ta Son Tung doubles up his short stack
Level 4: 300-500 ante 500

Short stacked Ta Song Tung all in for 9,300 and doubles up with 10h10d holding against a caller’s Ah10s.

Ta Son Tung – 19,800

13:20: Newcomers in action
Level 4: 300-500 ante 500

New players in the field: Avneesh Munjal, Aladin Reskallah, Jacques Ramsden, Pham Duy Anh, Amit Kaushik, and Pradeep Sharma.

13:15: Blinds up, 65 entries
Level 4: 300-500 ante 500

First 15-minute break of the day is over. Blinds are up, 65 entries (56 unique). Registration is open until the start of Level 10 which is approximately 5:30pm.

Chip leader: Nguyen Huu Vinh – 135,000

12:50: Nguyen Huu Vinh head to head against Nguyen Thi Bao Am
Level 3: 200-400 ante 400

nguyenhuuvinh 2

Hand opens with hijack Nguyen Manh Tuan raising 900, cutoff Nguyen Huu Vinh three-bets 2600, big blind Nguyen Thi Bao An four-bets 8,000, Tuan folds, Vinh calls. At the flop 2h4d6s, An c-bets 6500, Vinh calls. On the turn Ac, An checks- Vinh bets 6500, An calls. Same action on the Ad river with Vinh betting 36,000, An check-calls. Vinh has AsKh trips, An mucks.

Nguyen Huu Vinh – 135,000
Nguyen Thi Bao An – 6,400

12:20: Nguyen Tuan Hoang rails Yasuhiro Waki
Level 3: 200-400 ante 400


Preflop raise war ends with Yasuhiro Waki all in again, this time holding a stronger hand KxKx, he is up against Nguyen Tuan Hoang with AxJx. An ace lands on the board, out goes Waki.

Nguyen Tuan Hoang – 80,000

12:15: Thomas Liffick takes it on a three-bet
Level 3: 200-400 ante 400

From lojack, Thomas Liffick limps in, hijack raises to 1300, button calls, Liffick three-bet raises to 3800, no callers.

Thoma Liffick – 40,000

12:13: Blinds up, 53 entries
Level 3: 200-400 ante 400

Blinds are up, 53 entries (47 unique). Registration is open until the start of Level 10 which is approximately 5:30pm.

12:10: Yasuhiro Waki double up through Huynh Ngoc Cuong
Level 2: 200-300 ante 300


Utg Nguyen Tuan Hoang raises 800, utg+1 calls, button Yasuhiro Waki shoves (13,300), big blind Huynh Ngoc Cuong calls, Nguyen and utg+1 fold. Waki sheepishly opens 9h4d, Huynh AdQd, board favors the inferior cards as it runs out Kc4h5d8d9c for two pair to Waki.

Yasuhiro Waki – 28,700
Huynh Ngoc Cuong – 11,100

12:05: Seen in action
Level 2: 200-300 ante 300


Among the players in the field are hot running players Yannick Leonard who has already reached two final tables, Dexter Santos (Survivor Bounty 8-Max 2nd place), and recent Poker Dream Main Event champion Nguyen Thi Bao An

12:00: Joosung Kim double barrels
Level 2: 200-300 ante 300

From utg+1, Joosung Kim raises 800 and finds five callers to the flop Ad2d10s. Blinds check, Kim c-ebts 2,000, three folds follow, small blind calls, big big blind folds. On the 9h turn,  Kim bangs out 5,000 and wins the pot.

Joosung Kim – 44,200

11:42: Blinds up, 44 entries 
Level 2: 200-300 ante 300

Blinds are up, 44 entries (40 unique). Four players have already busted. Luckily, registration is open with unlimited re-entries.

11:05: Cards flying at Day 1A
Level 1: 100-200 ante 200


Players that sign up to Level 1 received exclusive WPT hoodies available in three colors: blue, white, and black. This will be given away at every Level 1 of the Main Event while supplies last.

Welcome to Day 1A of the WPT Vietnam flagship Main Event featuring a ₫12 Billion (~US$  492,100) guarantee! The winner of this event will be awarded a package to the WPT World Championship $40 Million guaranteed taking place this December at Wynn Las Vegas. The seat is worth $10,400 + hotel, Crown Poker Club value-adds $1,000 (subject to wearing the CPC logo at the target event). 


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