WPT Vietnam Main Event Day 1B: Ha Van Thien, Khoa Anh, Nguyen Manh Hung bag up 500K stacks; 309 entries, 47 advance to Day 2

Main Event D1B 39

Big day at World Poker Tour (WPT) with 309 Day 1B entries seen at the flagship MAIN EVENT. At one point, host venue Crown Poker Club Hanoi had over 20 tables up and running. The event has now drawn a combined 439 entries and is very close to breaching its ₫12 Billion guarantee.

After the scheduled 14 levels of play, 47 remained, Three players bagged up stacks worthy of the chip leader status. Ha Van Thien was the largest at 102 bb, Khoa Anh with 101 bb, and Nguyen Manh Hung with 100 bb. Read up on the action via the live updates down below.

Khoa Anh

Date: October 13, 2023
Buy in is ₫30,000,000 (~US$ 1,230)
Guarantee: ₫12,000,000,000 (~US$ 492,100)
*Champion will also win a package to the $40 Million guaranteed WPT World Championship in December at Wynn Las Vegas

Day 1B: 309 entries (207 unique) / 47 advanced

End of Day 1B

Ha Van Thien Viet Nam 510,000
Khoa Anh Viet Nam 506,000
Nguyen Manh Hung Viet Nam 500,000
Daniel Tighe Ireland 466,000
Lin Yusheng Taiwan 428,000
Ivanenko Sernii Ukraine 428,000
Nguyen Quang Huy Viet Nam 413,000
Aladin Reskallah France 396,000
Sandeep Chatlani India 395,000
Nguyen Phuong Ngoc Viet Nam 388,000
Manish Lakhotia India 387,000
Nguyen Van Duong ( Heineken ) Viet Nam 380,000
Anatolii Gorbushi Russia 378,000
Dinh Van Tien Viet Nam 377,000
Le Huy Thanh Viet Nam 344,000
Sriharsha Doddapaneni India 338,000
Nguyen Duc Thanh Viet Nam 331,000
Deepankur Gupta India 305,000
Tran Hanh Australia 289,000
Daesun Samuel Yu Usa 258,000
Aditya Agarwal India 253,000
Harry Tran Viet Nam 244,000
Zhi Wen Deng China 230,000
Ly Dac Dung Viet Nam 227,000
Pratibh Saluja India 212,000
Nguyen Duy Thuc Viet Nam 211,000
Nguyen Thanh Tung Viet Nam 199,000
Vu Ta Nhat ( Minh Nhat ) Viet Nam 196,000
Lee Wooyoung Korea 193,000
Jeerapong Sakulkit Thailand 193,000
Chai Li China 192,000
Nguyen Hong Quan Viet Nam 188,000
Ngo Minh Tien Viet Nam 184,000
Tu Le Australia 184,000
Quan Qiu China 183,000
Nguyen Tuan Hoang Viet Nam 173,000
Nguyen Viet Hai Viet Nam 165,000
Nguyen Duc Nhat ( Mr Sumo ) Viet Nam 161,000
Hwang Sung Young Korea 157,000
Nguyen Van Phinh Viet Nam 144,000
Pradeep . N India 143,000
Tsang Dicky Siu Hang Hongkong 135,000
Renato Villanueva Philippines 105,000
Nguyen Manh Tuan Viet Nam 87,000
Bu Hui Zhi China 83,000
Laury Vanlerberghe France 65,000
You Kan Li China 60,000

The 47 Day 1B survivors combine with the 21 Day 1A survivors for 68 players into Day 2. They await the results of Day 1C (last starting day) before returning on Sunday, October 15 for Day 2. For those that have yet to qualify, this is the last chance to join. As for the ₫12 Billion guarantee, it will be breached within minutes of Day 1C’s first level.

*You can view the WPT Vietnam – Day 2 Chip Counts in the Main Event Day 2 – Live Updates tab.

Starting stack: 40,000
Level intervals: 40 minutes (before reg closes) / 60 minutes (after reg closes)

Chips in play: 12,360,000

22:45: Big call by Ivanenko Sernii against Aladin Reskallah 
Level 13: 2500-5000 ante 5000

Ivanenkov Sernii

Lojack Aladin Reskallah raises and Ivanenko Sernii defends the big blind. At the flop 9sJh4s, it’s check-bet-call. Both players check the turn Jd. On the river 9d, check again by Ivanenko, Reskallah bets 28,500, Ivanenko tanks using up two time banks then calls. Reskallah opens 10d8d bluff, Ivanenko ships it with AsQh.

22:40: Ngo Minh Tien outdraws Minh A Nguyen out
Level 13: 2500-5000 ante 5000

Button Sandeep Chatlani raises 10,000 small blind Ngo Minh Tien three-bets all in (88,500), big blind Minh A Nguyen shoves with slightly less, Chatlani gets out of the way. Ngo is behind As5c to Nguyen’s Ac10s. However, with the board running Kc3c7c5sKs, Nguyen is eliminated.

Ngo Minh Tien – 171,000
Minh A Nguyen – Eliminated

22:35: Deepankur Gupta wins the flip against Nguyen Quang Huy
Level 13: 2500-5000 ante 5000

Deepankur Gupta

All in preflop, Deepankur Gupta QcQd, big stacked Nguyen Quang Huy AhKc, the board runs Jh2s2d5h10s. Gupta doubles up.

Deepankur Gupta – 290,000
Nguyen Quang Huy – 290,000

22:30: Jeerapong Sakulkit doubles up through John Jay Magadan
Level 13: 2500-5000 ante 5000

John Jay Magadan

Jeerapong Sakulkit shoves for 78,000, John Jay Magadan shoves for 93,000, with no other takers, Sakulkit opens KcJh, Magadan has AhQc. The board runs 3d4c10s4hKs for a pair on the river to Sakulkit to avoid elimination.

Jeerapong Sakulkit – 168,500
John Jay Magadan – 15,000

22:25: Nguyen Van Duong doubles through Woo Young Lee
Level 13: 2500-5000 ante 5000

Cutoff Woo Young Lee opens 15,000, button Nguyen Van Duong calls, flop runs 8d6s9d. Lee c-bets 12,000, Nguyen raises 35,000, Lee shoves (254,000), Nguyen (136,500) tanks for 15 seconds then asks for a count. Nguyen is well covered and opts to risk it. He opens Jh9h top pair, Lee has 2c2d. The turn 8h and river 4h is a double up for Nguyen.

Nguyen Van Duong – 310,500
Woo Young Lee – 117,500

22:20: Romain Morvan busts to Ha Van Thien
Level 13: 2500-5000 ante 5000

romainmorvan 3
Romain Morvan

Three-bet pot preflop leads to a board 9h2d2c and 64,500 in the middle. Romain Morvan shoves, Ha Van Thien calls, Morvan opens 7h7s and is way behind Ha’s AdQh. The turn Js and river Jc Morvan busts as Ha ships it.

Ha Van Thien – 470,000
Romain Morvan – Eliminated

22:15: Blinds up, 55 players remaining – last level of Day 1B
Level 13: 2500-5000 ante 5000

Blinds are up, 65 players remaining. Bagging time is at the end of Level 14. Nguyen Quang Huy dropped in chips but still leads with a very healthy 560,000 stack.

21:55: Nguyen Thuc Duy doubles up through Minh A Nguyen
Level 13: 2000-4000 ante 4000

From lojack, Nguyen Duy Thuc opens, button Minh A Nguyen three-bets 24,500, Thuc calls, flop comes Js4sQs. Thuc bets, Minh shoves, Thuc calls and shows 10s9s flush, Minh has KdQd top pair. With the turn 9h, Minh is drawing dead.

Nguyen Duy Thuc – 395,000
Minh A Nguyen – 12,000

Nguyen Thuc Duy

21:45: Lin Jian Wei rails Zheng Tian Hao on a three-way
Level 13: 2000-4000 ante 4000

Utg+1 Lin Jian Wei raises 14,000, hijack Hanh Tran calls, button Thanh Nguyen three-bet 45,000, big blind Zheng Tian Hao four-bet shoves, Lin joins the shove, Tran folds, Nguyen makes it a three-way showdown.

Thanh Nguyen 10h10c
Zheng Tian Hao AcQs
Lin Jian Wei Ad9c

With the board running 5h6c3s8s7c, Lin improves to a straight to ship a triple up. Nguyen takes the side pot and eliminates Zheng.

Lin Jian Wei – 103,000
Thanh Nguyen – 150,000
Zheng Tian Hao – Eliminated

21:40: Manish Lakhotia sends Renato Villanueva deep in the tank
Level 13: 2000-4000 ante 4000

manishlakhotia Utg Renato Villanueva Jr opens, lojack calls, hijack Manish Lakhotia three-bets 27,500, both players call. At the flop 10h4h5s, Lakhotia c-bets 35,000, Villanueva check-calls, lojack folds. On the turn Qd, Villanueva with another check, Lakhotia sends out 55,000, Villanueva tanks using up two time banks then folds.

Manish Lakhotia – 360,000
Renato Villanueva Jr – 120,000

21:35: Thanh Nguyen doubles up through Lin Jian Wei
Level 13: 2000-4000 ante 4000

Main Event D1B 5 Cutoff opens 8000, button Lin Jian Wei three-bets 23,000, big blind Thanh Nguyen four-bet shoves 87,000, cutoff folds, Lin calls and shows As10c. It’s a flip with Nguyen holding 9c9s. The board runs 8dJc4cQd6c for a double up to Nguyen.

Thanh Nguyen – 188,000
Lin Jian Wei – 23,000

21:30: Sandeep Chatlani wins the flip
Level 13: 2000-4000 ante 4000

Sandeep Chatlani

All in preflop, Sandeep Chatlani JcJs is at risk and is flipping against Nguyen Duy Thuc’s AhQs. The board runs 2c5d4dKc7d, Chatlani’s pair holds for a double up.

Sandeep Chatlani – 240,000

21:25: Le Huy Thanh takes it on a four-bet shove
Level 13: 2000-4000 ante 4000


From cutoff, Le Huy Thanh raises 8000, button Michael De Leon calls, small blind three-bets 42,000, Le four-bets all in, no callers.

21:05: Nguyen Duy Thuc doubles up with Aces
Level 13: 2000-4000 ante 4000

Hijack Harry Tran opens 10,000, cutoff Nguyen Hong Quan three-bets 30,000, button Nguyen Duy Thuc calls, back to Tran who calls for a three-way to the flop JcJd5c. Quan c-bets 40,000, Thuc calls, Tran check-folds. On the turn 10s, Quan shoves, Thuc snap-calls. Quan has QsQh, Thuc dominates with AdAs, river comes Kh. Thuc doubles up.

Nguyen Duy Thuc – 280,000
Nguyen Hong Quan – 60,000
Harry Tran – 273,000

21:00: Blinds up, 65 players remaining
Level 13: 2000-4000 ante 4000

Blinds are up, 65 players remaining. Bagging time is at the end of Level 14. Nguyen Quang Huy maintains his lead with a massive 640,000 stack.

20:50: Sameer Agarwal tanks to Nguyen Quang Huy’s turn bet
Level 12: 1500-3000 ante 3000

sameeragarwal 2
Sameer Agarwal

Sameer Agarwal opens from utg+1, chip leader Nguyen Quang Huy three-bets 17,000 from lojack, Agarwal flats. On the flop 5h3c8h, Agarwal checks, Nguyen c-bets 30,000, Agarwal tank-calls. On the turn 4s, Nguyen sends out 60,000, Agarwal uses one time-bank then folds.

Nguyen Quang Huy – 640,000
Sameer Agarwal – 160,000

20:40: Woo Young Lee spikes a sick one-outer to double up
Level 12: 1500-3000 ante 3000

Main Event D1B 20

From mid-position, Woo Young Lee raises 6500, big blind calls, flop comes 5d7d8c. A betting war follows leading to both players all in. Woo Young behind 5h5c set against bigger stacked player’s 8s8h set. No change on the turn 4d but with the river 5s, Lee lands the one-outer and ships a sick double up.

Woo Young Lee – 506,500

20:30: Nhat Nguyen shows Aditya Agarwal pocket Kings
Level 12: 1500-3000 ante 3000


Utg+1 Aditya Agarwal raises 6000, utg+2 Nhat Nguyen three-bets 15,500, Agarwal calls. At the flop 6sJs4d, Nguyen c-bets 25,000, Agarwal check-folds.

Nhat Nguyen – 200,000
Aditya Agarwal – 128,000

20:20: WPT champions go head to head! 
Level 12: 1500-3000 ante 3000

WPT Prime Vietnam champion  Nguyen Duy Thuc opens 6500, big blind WPTDeepStacks champion Nguyen Van Phinh defends. At the flop 4dQcAc, betting war leads to both all in. Phinh is ahead 4h4c set, Duy AhQd top two pair. Thuc misses the turn 3c and river 2c, Phinh improves to a flush to ship a double up.

Nguyen Van Phinh – 310,000
Nguyen Duy Thuc – 185,000

20:00: Blinds up, 75 players remaining
Level 12: 1500-3000 ante 3000

nguyenquanghuy 2
Nguyen Quang Huy

Blinds are up, 75 players remaining. Bagging time is at the end of Level 14. Nguyen Quang Huy leads with a massive 610,000 stack. Running a far second rank is Nguyen Phuong Ngoc with 415,000.

19:40: Hanh Tran bets every street, Zheng Tian Hao tanks 
Level 11: 1500-2500 ante 2500

PLO champion Hanh Tran opens 6000, cutoff Zheng Tian Hao calls, flop comes 4s2dKh. Tran c-bets 8000, Zheng calls. On the turn 3s, Tran double barrels 20,500, Zheng calls again. Then on the river 7d, Tran shoves 76,000, Zheng tanks using up five time-banks then folds and shows Ks.

Hanh Tran – 154,000
Zheng Tian Hao – 130,000

19:35: Nguyen Van Duong rails one
Level 11: 1500-2500 ante 2500

Nguyen Van Duong

Utg+1 raises 10,000, utg+2 Nguyen Van Duong (Duong Heineken) calls, flop runs 4cJd9h. Aggressor c-bets 23,500 (leaving 500 chip) behind, Nguyen calls. On the turn Jc, utg+1 puts the last chip in and Nguyen calls. All in player has AsKs, Nguyen ahead with 10c10d, the river 5s is a scoop for Nguyen.

Nguyen Van Duong – 200,000

19:30: Vishal Ojha calls and busts to Nguyen Quang Huy’s flush
Level 11: 1500-2500 ante 2500

Lojack Vishal Ojha opens, hijack Nguyen Quang Huy three-bets, Ojha calls, flop comes Qc6dAc. Nguyen c-bets and Ojha check-calls. Both players check the turn As, then with the pot at 63,500, Nguyen jams the river 3c. Ojaha tanks using one time bank then calls. Nguyen has Jc10c flush. Ojha busts and doesn’t show.

Nguyen Quang Huy – 476,000

19:20: River flush for Jeerapong Sakulkit wins some off Xiaosheng Zheng
Level 11: 1500-2500 ante 2500

peerapong 1
Jeerapong Sakulkit

Utg Xiaosheng Zheng opens and hijack Jeerapong Sakulkit calls. At the flop and turn 7h3cAh7c. Zheng c-bets both streets and is called by Sakulkit. On the river Jh, Zheng checks, Sakulkit bets 45,000, Zheng tank-calls. Sakulkit wins the pot with 10h8h flush.

Jeerapong Sakulkit – 210,000
Xiaosheng Zheng – 70,000

19:10: Amit Kaushik caught bluffing by Ha Van Thien
Level 11: 1500-2500 ante 2500

Amit Kaushik

Ha Van Thien opens from utg+1 and is called by button Amit Kaushik. When the board runs out 3d6sKs5h6c, Kaushik bets the entire way, Ha check-calls each way then tanks on the river bet of 40,000. After using two time-banks, Ha calls, Kaushik opens Jd10d bluff, Ha wins it with Kh7h.

Ha Van Thien – 225,000
Amit Kaushik – 31,000

19:00: Hieu Ngo triple barrels Sameer Agarwal
Level 11: 1500-2500 ante 2500

hieungo 2
Hieu Ngo

On a flop {jh{}4h}8s and 16,000 in the pot, hijack Hieu Ngo bets 5,000 and button Sameer Agarwal calls. On the turn 3h, Ngo fires 15,000 and gets the call again. The river Ks, Ngo triple barrels 45,000, Agarwal folds.

Hieu Ngo – 115,000
Sameer Agarwal – 160,000

18:45: Blinds up, 98 players remaining
Level 11: 1500-2500 ante 2500

Anatolii Gorbushin

Blinds are up, the forty-nine players fell on the first freezeout level. 98 players remaining with Russia’s Anatolii Gorbushin leading with 350,000 in chips. Bagging time is at the end of Level 14.

18:40: Jeerapong Sakulkit triples up
Level 10: 1000-2000 ante 2000

peerapong 1
Jeerapong Sakulkit

All in at the flop QdJh7h, largest stacked Jean Mathieu Malouch with KsKd, second stack 10d9d open ended, and shortest Jeerapong Sakulkit Ah3h flush draw. The turn 9h grants the flush, and with the river Jc, Sakulkit triples up, Malouch takes a small side pot, and one player is eliminated.

Jeerapong Sakulkit – 153,000
Jean Mathieu Malouch – 51,000

18:30: Minh A Nguyen doubles up through Jean Mathieu Malouch
Level 10: 1000-2000 ante 2000

Minh A Nguyen

Utg+1 Jean Mathieu Malouch raises 5000, three players call to the flop Qh4hAd. Malouch c-bets 11,000, only utg+2 Minh A Nguyen calls. On the turn 6s, Malouch double barrels 20,000, Nguyen calls. On the river Ah, Malouch shoves, Nguyen has less and risks it. Malouch is caught bluffing with 9s8s and pays the double up to Nguyen’s KhQs.

Minh A Nguyen – 186,000
Jean Mathieu Malouch – 73,500

18:20: Short stacked Ho Koon Leong triples
Level 10: 1000-2000 ante 2000

Ho Koon Leong

Mid-position raises 4000, Noel Llamedo calls, beside him Ho Koon Leong all in for his short 10,500, mp and Llamedo call. Both callers proceed to check down the board 3hJs5s3dJc. Leong’s Ah{10} is good against 10h9h and Llamedo’s 7h6d.

Ho Koon Leong – 36,500

18:10: Zhi Wen Deng ends Marc Rivera’s run
Level 10: 1000-2000 ante 2000

Zhi Wen Deng

Button player raises 5000, small blind Marc Rivera shoves (31,500), big blind Zhi Wen Deng calls, button joins for a three-way. At the flop 3dJs8h, Zhi shoves for a side pot but button folds. Rivera opens Kh10c, Zhi ahead AsJc, the board completes turn 5s and river 5h.

Zhi Wen Deng – 143,000
Marc Rivera – Eliminated

17:55: Harry Tran Gives Victor Chong the boot
Level 10: 1000-2000 ante 2000

Having just won the Super High Roller event, Victor Chong enters the Main Event and didn’t last long. Action folds to Chong on cutoff, he shoves hi 30,000 stack small blind Harry Tran calls. Chong has Ah8h, Tran JsJd, board runs 6c6h10c5c10s.

Harry Tran – 210,000
Victor Chong – Eliminated

17:45: Registration for Day 1B closes at 309 entries
Level 10: 1000-2000 ante 2000

Ngo Minh Tien

Third break is over and the new level has begun. That means registration has closed for Day 1B. The heat drew 309 entries (207 unique) with 147 players remaining. The day plays to the end of Level 14. Blinds now increase every 60 minutes.

Here are the chip leaders:

Ngo Minh Tien – 279,000
Nguyen Phuong Ngoc – 270,000
Kim Min Chan – 256,000
Qiu Quan – 234,000
Phan Hung Cuong – 200,000
Hamali Thuy – 200,000|
Nguyen Manh Hung – 200,000
Dong Kyu Kim – 189,000

17:20: Alok Birewar’s Aces Knocks Out a player
Level 9: 800-1600 ante 1600

All in preflop, Alok Birewar with the nuts hole card AhAs against a player’s 10c10d. The board runs 4s3c8s6c6d. After the count, Birewar is ahead to ship it and knock out one.

Alok Birewar – 110,000

17:00: Nguyen Ngoc Dai wins some against Jean-Mathieu Malouch
Level 9: 800-1600 ante 1600

Nguyen Ngoc Dai picks up a decent pot against Jean-Mathieu Malouch with Js10d straight on a board KdQd7h9c8c ahead of KcQh two pair. According to the talk at the table, by the turn, the pot was 23,000. Both checked then Nguyen bet 16,300 on the river and was called.

Nguyen Ngoc Dai – 105,300
Jean Mathieu Malouch – 168,000

16:55: Blinds up, 289 entries – Last level to enter Day 1B
Level 9: 800-1600 ante 1600

Blinds are up. 272 entries (202 unique). 202 tables running. Registration stays open until the start of Level 10, approximately 5:30pm.

16:45: Yannick Leonard eliminates Hua Wei Lin
Level 8: 600-1200 ante 1200

Yannick Leonard

On a turn board 10s2d9dQc and 14,400 in the pot, Yannick Leonard limps, Hua Wei Lin bets 15,000, Leonard shoves, Lin with less chips goes into the tank. Lin eventually calls and opens KhQd top pair. Leonard is ahead KhJh and ships it on the river 3h. Lin speeds off and heads to the cashier to re-enter.

Yannick Leonard – 80,000
Hua Wei Lin – Eliminated

16:40: Nevan Chang hard-bets against Nguyen Quang Huy
Level 8: 600-1200 ante 1200

From utg+2, Nevan Chang opens, cutoff Nguyen Quang Huy three-bets 10,000, Chang four-bets 31,000, Nguyen calls. At the flop 2sQc6s, Chang c-bets 25,000 and wins the pot.

Nevan Chang – 160,000
Nguyen Quang Huy – 103,000

16:30: Xiaosheng Zheng has the same hand
Level 8: 600-1200 ante 1200

Utg+1 raises and button Xiasheng Zheng calls flop comes Jd5h7c. Utg+1 c-bets 4000, Zheng raises to 8,000 and is called. On the turn 2c, option is checked to Zheng who bets 20,000 (putting utg+1 all in). Utg+1 tanks then folds showing KsJs. Zheng returns the gesture and shows KhJh while dragging in the pot.

Xiaosheng Zheng – 75,000

16:20: Romain Morvan and Manoj Pentakota split it
Level 8: 600-1200 ante 1200

romainmorvan 2 Three way kicks off with utg+1 raising 5000, utg+2 Romain Morvan three-bets 32,000, cutoff, Manoj Pentakota four-bet shoves, back to utg+1 who risks it and Morvan joins in to make it a three-way.

Utg+1 9c9s
Romain Morvan KhKd
Manoj Pentakota KcKs

manojpentakota When the flop runs 5cAcQc, Pentakota adds outs but with the 4h turn and 10h river, the flush doesn’t materialize for a split pot and a bust out.

Romain Morvan – 115,000
Manoj Pentakota – 112,000

16:15: Blinds up, 272 entries
Level 8: 600-1200 ante 1200

Hamali Thuy

Blinds are up. 272 entries (202 unique). 202 tables running. Registration stays open until the start of Level 10, approximately 5:30pm.

Chip leaders:

Hamali Thuy – 260,000
Dong Kyu Kim – 200,000
Nguyen Quang Huy – 185,000

16:00: Dao Minh Phu no-look all in from UTG
Level 7: 500-1000 ante 1000

Dao Minh Phu

Dao Minh Phu called us over to witness his all in on utg without cards having yet been dealt. Phu had a very playable 36,300 stack. After the cards were dealt, big stacked Nguyen Quang Huy called and opened Ah10h, Phu had Jd4h. When the flop ran AhKh8s, Phu got up to leave but then the turn 10c and river Qs gave him the straight for a double up.

Dao Minh Phu – 75,100
Nguyen Quang Huy – 185,000

15:40: WPT champions in the house
Level 7: 500-1000 ante 1000



15:30: Blinds up, 244 entries
Level 7: 500-1000 ante 1000

noellamedo Second 15-minute break of the day is over, blinds are up. 244 entries (192 unique). 19 tables running. Registration stays open until the start of Level 10, approximately 5:30pm.

Chip leaders:

Noel Llamedo – 170,000
Ha Mau Thuy – 130,000
Nguyen Manh Hung – 130,000
Qiu Quan – 130,000

15:00: Vo Dinh Thanh’s Aces nearly cracked
Level 6: 400-800 ante 800


Vo Dinh Thanh raises with AhAc and is called by a short stack with KdQc who meant to raise all in. At the flop QhKs9c, short stack is all in with two pair, however with the turn Ad, Thanh improves to a set. With the river 10s, Thanh ships it and boots out a player.

Vo Dinh Thanh – 130,000

14:45: Pham Duy Anh calls to his doom against Nguyen Dinh Anh Cuong 
Level 6: 400-800 ante 800

nguyendinhanhcuong 1

A rare sight, Pham Duy Anh was under pressure on a flop Js2d4h and a massive 42,600 in the pot. Nguyen pushed, Pham tanked using up four time-banks then finding the guts to call. Pham opens 5s5d and was behind Nguyen’s QcQs. The turn { 3c} and river Qd were no help for Pham.

Nguyen Dinh Anh Cuong – 120,000
Pham Duy Anh – Eliminated

14:35: Blinds up, 204 entries
Level 6: 400-800 ante 800

Blinds are up, 204 entries (172 unique). 18 tables running. Registration stays open until the start of Level 10, approximately 5:30pm. Registration stays open until the start of Level 10, approximately 5:30pm.

14:20: Pros in action
Level 5: 300-600 ante 600

More stars have pulled up seats during the past two levels. Among them were Nevan Chung, Jereld Sam, Hyun Sup Kim, Ha Van Thien, Romain Morvan Sparrow Cheung, Yannick Leonard, Nguyen Nang Quang, Hua Wei Lin, Nguyen Quang Huy, and Vietnam Triton champion Dao Minh Phu.

13:55: Blinds up, 186 entries
Level 5: 300-600 ante 600

Main Event D1B 39

Blinds are up, 186 entries (161 unique). 17 tables running. Registration stays open until the start of Level 10, approximately 5:30pm.

13:40: Nishant Sharma rails Minh A Nguyen
Level 4: 300-500 ante 500

Down to 4400, Minh A Nguyen all in on a flop 10s5h7h, as the board completes Ad and 8d, he busts holding 6c5c against Nishant Sharma’s Ah9h.

Nishant Sharma – 38,000
Minh A Nguyen – Eliminated

13:30: Jerome Sgorrano rails Vu Van Lich
Level 4: 300-500 ante 500

jeromesgorrano 1
Jerome Sgorrano

Festival side event winner Vu Van Lich was seen down to 1900 in chips and pushed with 6c4c. Jerome Sgorrano sent him to the rail with As9h on a board JsQc10cAhQh.

Jerome Sgorrano – 45,000
Vu Van Lich – Eliminated

13:15: Blinds up, 144 entries
Level 4: 300-500 ante 500

Blinds are up, 144 entries (134 unique). 15 tables running. Registration stays open until the start of Level 10, approximately 5:30pm.

12:45: Noel Llamedo eliminates a player
Level 3: 200-400 ante 400

Noel Llamedo

Utg short stacked player all in for 2,400, utg+2 Noel Llamedo, cutoff Terry Gonzaga, and hijac Dinh Xuan Dinh call. At the flop AsKhKs, Llamedo bets 1,000, Gonzaga calls, Dinh folds. On the turn Ah, Llamedo continues with a 3,000 bet, Gonzaga quickly folds. Noel Llamedo has Ad10s full house, all in player with Kc9d. The river 6d is not the one-outer for utg to get up and go.

Noel Llamedo – 85,000

[Update: Super High Roller]

12:35: Bubble bursts at the Super High Roller
Level 20,000-40,000 ante 40,000

Super HR 3

Bubble bursts at the Super High Roller with Yuhang Chen eliminating Yeh Hung Wei. The hand opens with a min-raise by Chen, small blind Yeh shoves, Chen calls. It’s a flip with Yeh AhKc and Chen JcJh. The board runs 5dJd4cAs3d. Yeh is eliminated.

Yuhang Chen – 1,375,000
Yeh Hung Wei – Eliminated on the bubble

The final 9 players are now in the money and are each guarantee ₫199,500,000 (~$8,150). Up top is a whopping ₫1,993,000,000 (~$81,420). Watch the race via the livestream on CPC YouTube channel.

Super HR 6

Seat 1: Jaesung Lee – South Korea – 1,570,000
Seat 2: Justin Chu – Taiwan – 1,070,000
Seat 3: Hyun Sup Kim – South Korea – 1,115,000
Seat 4: Chen Mingcong – China – 2,520,000
Seat 5: Dong Kyu Kim – South Korea – 1,255,000
Seat 6: Victor Chong – Malaysia – 550,000
Seat 7: Chen Peng – China – 5,080,000 (chip leader)*
Seat 8: Ho Koon Leong – Singapore – 1,535,000
Seat 9: Yuhang Chen – China – 1,375,000

Chips in play: 16,250,000

12:20: Blinds up, 102 entries
Level 3: 200-400 ante 400

Blinds are up, 102 entries (101 unique). Registration stays open until the start of Level 10, approximately 5:30pm.

12:10: Yao Yadi Eliminates Michael De Leon
Level 2: 200-300 ante 300


On a turn board KcQd9h6d and a pot of 22,400, Michael De Leon and Yao Yadi are all in. De Leon has AsAd, Yadi Jc10c straight. De Leon is drawing dead.

Yao Yadi – 89,000
Michael De Leon – Eliminated

12:00: Local pros seen in action
Level 2: 200-300 ante 300

nguyenvanphuong hieungo hoanhainam bienmai

11:40: Blinds up, 74 entries
Level 2: 200-300 ante 300

First level has quickly gone by with 74 entries (73 unique). That means, no more hoodies for today. Next chance to snatch up one those exclusive cool merchandise is at Level 1 of Day 1C on Saturday, October 14. 2023.

 11:20: Lee Woo Young doubles through Pham Duy Anh
Level 1: 100-200 ante 200

Main Event D1B 20

Lee Woo Young had already dropped to half stack by the time we caught him all in holding AdQh on a board 2h9h10c. He was up against Pham Duy Anh who was ahead with Jc2c. Both improved on the turn Jd with Pham now at two pair. When the river came down Kc, Lee celebrated his straight for a double up.

Lee Woo Young – 40,000
Pham Duy Anh – 35,000

11:00: Cards in the air for Main Event Day 1B
Level 1: 100-200 ante 200

trophy wpt

Welcome to Day 1B of the World Poker Tour (WPT) Vietnam Main Event! The flagship tournament is highlighted by its juicy ₫12 Billion (~US$ 492,100) guarantee and the package to the $40 Million WPT World Championship. 21 players have already secured their spot into Day 2 with Phi Tien Sang bagging up a massive 124 bb stack at Day 1A. 

Main Event Day 1A 

Today’s heat kicked off at 11am at the Crown Poker Club with registration open until the start of Level 10, closing at approximately 5:30pm. Buy in is ₫30,000,000 (~US$ 1,230). 

Starting stack: 40,000
Level intervals: 40 minutes (before reg closes) / 60 minutes (after reg closes)

Live updates will be running throughout right here. 

Date: October 13, 2023
Buy in is ₫30,000,000 (~US$ 1,230)
Guarantee: ₫12,000,000,000 (~US$ 492,100)
*Champion will also win a package to the $40 Million guaranteed WPT World Championship in December at Wynn Las Vegas

Day 1A: 130 (95 unique)
Day 2 qualifiers: 21 players

Phí TiếN Sáng Viet Nam 629,000
Ngô TrầN Minh NhậT Viet Nam 526,000
Do Anh Tai (THP) Viet Nam 473,000
Tran Viet Hoang (Mondayest) Viet Nam 305,000
Haro Clement France 295,000
Clay Chen China 279,000
Huynh Ngoc Cuong (Winter Sea) Viet Nam 279,000
Đoàn Quang Trung Viet Nam 277,000
PhạM Hùng Viet Nam 273,000
Lâm Kim Long Viet Nam 268,000
Wooseok Kim South Korea 210000
Avneesh Munjal India 207,000
Kyle Bao Diep Viet Nam 191,000
Meherzad Munsaf India 187,000
NguyễN HữU Vinh Viet Nam 167,000
Alexis W. Lim Philippines 162,000
NguyễN Đăng Tú Viet Nam 162,000
Yan Feng Wang China 137,000
Nguyen Ngoc Tung Viet Nam 97,000
Sriram Subramanian India 80,000
Aayush Arya India 4,000
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