WPT Vietnam: Christopher Mateo leads Main Event Day 1A; Nguyen Thanh Binh wins High Rollers 1

World Poker Tour launched its biggest event of Season XVIII Asia-Pacific with Day 1A of WPT Vietnam Main Event VN₫ 15 Billion (~US$ 644,000) guaranteed taking center stage at Pro Poker Club. This is the most ambitious prize pool put forward by the brand in the country.

After nine rounds of play, 93 was the count (80 uniques, 13 re-entries) at VN₫ 55,000,000 (~US$ 2,400) each with only 41 surviving. Amassing the largest stack was Christopher Mateo who closed the heat with 272,000.

DSC 6219
Christopher Mateo

Mateo is one of the Philippines hottest running players this year. Included in his list of achievements was a title at the APT Philippines 2019 Main Event back in April. His strong finish today may well bring him another in the days ahead.

From our live reports, one of Mateo’s biggest pots was the elimination of Xiao Yu Cheng. Cheng called Mateo’s five-bet shove. Mateo had As4h, Cheng QhQd, Mateo completed a straight on a board Jd7d8h6c5s.  Just before bagging up, Mateo claimed another weighty pot to secure the chip lead.

Another player in the same range as Mateo was Austria’s Martin Stausholm who bagged up 234,400. Stausholm’s rise began on a set over set that sent Benjamin Gonzva to the exit. Gonzva held 5d5s, Stausholm AdAh and a board Ac5h10d7d2d. Later, he claimed another large one off Nguyen Duc Hop who folded the second nuts.

Among the day’s qualifiers were Vincent Chauve (114,400) – Season XVII WPT APAC Player of the Year and WPT Vietnam champion -, Yuwen Pan (167,300) who sat on the throne for a large part of the day, Jeonggyu Cho (93,500), Minh Le (77,800), Vincent Li (65,900), Vincent Huang (58,100), Vu Duc Trung (43,700), Kunal Patni (34m700), Iori Yogo (28,000), and Lim Yohwan (21,700).

 Day 1A Chip counts

You can read up on the Day 1A action via our live updates.

Day 1A Live Updates

Up next: Main Event Day 1B

With Main Event Day 1A tucked away, two more starting days remain. Day 1B kicks off at 1pm local time on Saturday, September 7th. Once again, the event guarantees an enormous VN₫ 15 Billion (~US$ 644,000). This is the largest guarantee ever offered by the WPT in Vietnam. Buy-in is VN₫ 55,000,000 (~US$ 2,400).

Additiionally, for the first time, players will experience a structure reserved only for the main tour. Blinds go up every sixty (60) minutes. One re-entry allowed per day. Each starting day bags up at the end of Level 9. Players can register up until the start of Level 11 on Day 2.

Event #4: High Roller 1 – Nguyen Thanh Binh

DSC 6056
Nguyen Thanh Binh

The largest buy-in tournament of the festival was the two-day High Roller 1 with 47 entries (37 uniques, 10 re-entries) coughing up the VN₫ 107,000,000 (~US$ 4,600) for a prize pool worth VN₫ 4,559,000,000 (~US$ 196,000). Returning to the race today were the final 11 players, six of them guaranteed to profit. At the top of the pack was EPT Barcelona 2014 Main Event champion Andre Lettau on his first WPT Vietnam appearance. Lettau had a solid lead against his opponents. His closest challenger was WSOP bracelet winner Mike Takayama.

DSC 5803
Andre Lettau

As the day wore on and three players already out of the running, Takayama’s AsKs was outdrawn by Nguyen Thanh Binh’s AhQc when a queen fell on the turn to send him out without any pay. This led to the bubble round with seven (7) remaining.

Early bubble action witnessed the rise of short stacked Ly Tran Tien. He picked up multiple pots including a double up with 2s2d set against Vincent Huang’s top pair. However it was Binh who had an even bigger jump, straight into the leader’s chair after winning a pot on a board that spread 2h2c9d2d7d. His river bet wasn’t called yet he still showed his 2s quads. The bubble was delivered at the fall of the lone Korean player whose AdAh was cracked by Tien’s Qc9c straight on a board of 10h8d7hJd5h. The shoves were at the flop.

ENZ 5170
Ly Tien Tran

Once the money flowed, it was still a grind to the finish. Shortest stacked Nguyen Quang Minh (6th) cashed first followed by WSOP decorated pro Alex Lindop (5th). Lettau couldn’t gain any traction with his stack and had to settle for 4th. Huang (3rd) met his end at the hands of Binh to bring about the heads up round.

Heads up action began with Binh ahead more than 4:1 against Tien. The players battled in turbo speed with every hand seeing raised pots. Tien commandeered the lead after winning two big pots plus a double up with JsJd on a board of 7h8c8d8s5h with the shoves seen at the flop. Binh held 7c4d.

Several hands later, the lead switched again. Binh played his 2s3d aggressively betting on every street on a board of 7c4hQc5sAc. He completed a straight on the river to defeat Tien’s 9c9h. The final hand soon arrived with Binh holding Ac4d, Tien with Jc10d, both missed the board.

A well deserved victory for Binh who pocketed his largest live score of VN₫ 1,778,010,000 (~US$ 76,500) and his first live title.

1st Nguyen Thanh Binh (Vietnam) – VN₫ 1,778,010,000
2nd Ly Tran Tien (Vietnam) – VN₫ 1,048,570,000
3rd Vincent Huang (New Zealand) – VN₫ 638,260,000
4th Andre Lettau (Germany) – VN₫ 455,900,000
5th Alex Lindop (UK) – VN₫ 364,720,000
6th Nguyen Quang Minh (Vietnam) – VN₫ 273,540,000

Completed Event

Event #3: Bounty Event – Neil Raine – VN₫ 179,321,000 (~US$ 7,500)

DSC 5994
Neil Raine

Buy-in: VN₫ 8,800,000 (~US$ 380)
Entries: 169 (137 uniques, 32 re-entries)
Prize pool: VN₫ 888,940,000 (~US$ 38,300)
ITM: 22 places

Final 9 payouts
1st Neil Raine (UK) – VN₫ 179,321,000 (deal made)
2nd Magnus Karlsson (Sweden) – VN₫ 170,344,000 (deal made)
3rd Ronak Vyas (India) – VN₫ 129,728,000 (deal made)
4th Shin Sekine (Japan) – VN₫ 52,650,000
5th Vaibhav Sharma (India) – VN₫42,802,000
6th Kjell Ove Dyb (Norway) – VN₫ 35,469,000
7th Aigars Plivcs (Latvia) – VN₫ 30,668,000
8th Nguyen Duc Hop (Vietnam) – VN₫ 26,837,000
9th Jin Yong Bae (Korea) – VN₫ 23,361,000

Ongoing Events

Event #6: Short Deck
Buy-in: VN₫ 8,800,000 (~US$ 380)
Entries: 23 (18 uniques, 5 re-entries)
Prize pool: VN₫ 178,480,000 (~US$ 7,700)
ITM: 4 places
Remaining: 3 players
1st prize: VN₫ 86,240,000 (~US$ 3,700)

Event #7: Deepstack Turbo
Buy-in: VN₫ 7,700,000 (~US$ 330)
Entries: 103 (85 uniques, 18 re-entries)
Prize pool: VN₫ 699,370,000 (~US$ 30,000)
ITM: 13 places
Remaining: 3 players
1st prize: VN₫ 213,307,000 (~US$ 9,000)

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