WPT Prime Taiwan: Main Event Warm Up – Chip Counts

Main Event Warm Up – Chip Counts – Day 2

Date: August 8 to 11, 2023
Buy in: TWD 10,000 (~USD 315)
Guarantee: TWD 3,000,000 (~USD 94,300)
Total entries: 635
Prize pool: TWD 5,389,600 ~(USD 169,400)
ITM: 81 places

Day 1A: 162 entries / 21 ITM
Day 1B: 206 entries / 26 ITM
Day 1C: 267 entries / 34 ITM

Chips in play: 19,050,000
Average stack: 235,185

Player Flag Stack
Shingo Horikoshi Japan 696,000
Hsi-An Chen Taiwan 599,000
Alan Cho Fung Wong Hong Kong 574,000
Kuang Hung Lee Taiwan 554,000
Min Ho Cho Korea 514,000
Herry Lian Germany 509,000
Yun Yang Hsiao Taiwan 502,000
David Erquiaga Philippines 485,000
Cheng Yi Hing Hong Kong 460,000
Hua Wei Lin Taiwan 451,000
Seung Yeol Yoon Korea 448,000
Yan Chen Jiang Taiwan 431,000
Chia Wei Chang Taiwan 429,000
Yih Chia Shaw Taiwan 399,000
Chia Yu Shr Taiwan 399,000
Tsun Fai Lai Hong Kong 391,000
Yu Xuan Pan Taiwan 344,000
Jun-Zhong Wang Taiwan 320,000
Li-Chun Wang Taiwan 309,000
Bella Liu Taiwan 305,000
Shih-Chuan Feng Taiwan 299,000
Steven Chou Taiwan 296,000
Chia Yun Wu Taiwan 289,000
Ming Song Huang Taiwan 271,000
Erwin Ng Singapore 271,000
Ka Shun Tsang Hong Kong 270,000
Yu Sheng Chien Taiwan 265,000
Jules Blondel France 264,000
Wen Yi Tseng Taiwan 261,000
Chang Hau Huang Taiwan 258,000
Seung Yong Yi Korea 254,000
Xian-Ming Chang Taiwan 250,000
Kim Yongkyun Korea 241,000
Tak Yan Hong Kong 239,500
Jing-Jie Chen Taiwan 233,000
Yu Fan Tsai Taiwan 230,000
Jackie Wu China 228,000
Chia Hsiang Ko Taiwan 226,000
Alan Pham Australia 229,000
Yu Sheng Lin Taiwan 208,000
Chien Chih Weng Taiwan 207,000
Taiga Sato Japan 197,000
Lim Sangbeom Korea 191,000
Yu You Ci Tsai Taiwan 191,000
Tao Chu Taiwan 187,000
Mark Kline USA 183,000
Ming Chang Hsiao Taiwan 183,000
Chih Hsuan Chiang Taiwan 179,000
Yu Chen Huang Taiwan 175,000
You Da Tsai Taiwan 161,000
Chen Wei Tseng Taiwan 160,000
Yan Chen Qiu Taiwan 157,000
Patrick Liang Taiwan 152,000
Chen Yun Chien Taiwan 148,000
Kai Yang USA 147,000
Meng-Ling Lin Taiwan 138,000
Yu Chung Chang Taiwan 133,000
Peter Ng Hong Kong 122,000
Ci Di Chen Taiwan 121,000
Li Lun Lai Taiwan 120,000
Che-Wei Chao China 116,000
Wai Kin Lam Hong Kong 115,000
Kyle Bao Diep Vietnam 110,000
Helios Tingyu Hung Portugal 109,000
Yu Sheng Cheng Taiwan 106,000
Shao Hong Yu Taiwan 103,000
Hung Kai Hsu Taiwan 102,000
Edwin Dela Cruz Philippines 95,000
Chang Le Lin Taiwan 92,000
Yao Yu Ho China 82,000
Yun Tsao Yang Taiwan 79,000
Yen Lin Chen Taiwan 78,000
Lo Chang Ming Taiwan 60,000
Jack Wei China 57,000
Lun-Chang Hsu Taiwan 56,000
Yu-Jung Lo Taiwan 54,000
Yu Chi Liu Taiwan 52,000
Yu You Ci Tsai Taiwan 52,000
Kun Tai Lu Taiwan 25,000
Ching Wei Lo Taiwan 25,000
Yan-Zhe Wang Taiwan 12,000
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