WPT Prime Taiwan MAIN EVENT shatters records! 629 entries for $1.23M prize pool; Chih Wei Fan leads the 171 survivors into Day 2

The World Poker Tour brought together the largest gathering of players to Taiwan for its richest Prime series this season. Over the course of three starting days, the Asia Poker Arena was booming with action as 1,359 blazed in to set new heights for the brand in Asia.

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The WPT Prime Taiwan festival kicked off on August 8, 2023 with the star attraction, MAIN EVENT, lighting up the room on August 17, 2023. Day 1A was certainly a sign of what was ahead with the line snaking up the steps and out onto the street. By the close of registration, 337 entries (266 uniques) was the tally with 43 reaching ITM.

The following day – Day 1B – saw an even larger turnout of 393 entries with 49 players advancing to Day 2. However, it was the third and final entry flight that was the clincher. Day 1C jam-packed the floor with over 50 tables in use to accommodate the roaring 629 entries (477 uniques). Combined, this was the largest Prime series turnout to-date of 1,359 entries, easily surpassing the previous record of 1,224 entries set at Gold Coast, Australia last February.

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More good news, that wasn’t the only figure that was breached, the prize pool was also exceeded. With a buy in of TWD 33,000 (~USD 1,055) each, the pot ballooned to TWD 39,546,900 equivalent to roughly USD 1,236,845.

Coming Day 2 on Sunday, August 20, the 171 returning players will shave off portions. The minimum payout is TWD 52,500 (~USD 1,640). While Day 2 won’t see a champion crowned just yet, it won’t stop the players from coveting the top prize of TWD 6,652,200 which includes a USD 10,400 ticket to WPT World Championship Season XXI.

Several players are in great position to take it deep starting with Taiwan’s Chih Wei Fan who bagged up a towering 819,000 (137 big blinds) stack at Day 1C. He is trailed by Jack Ung by just 4 big blinds. To round out the top three is Day 1A heat leader Kenji Harada with 130 big blinds.

You can track the action via the WPT Live Updates. 

chih wei fan
Chih Wei Fan – Photo by WPT

Date: August 17 to 21, 2023
Buy in: TWD 33,000 (~USD 1,055)
Guarantee: USD 1,000,000
Total entries: 1,359
Prize pool: TWD 39,546,900 (~USD 1,236,845)
ITM: 171 players

Main Event – Day 2 – 171 players / ITM

Player 姓名 Flag Stack
Chih Wei Fan 范植威 Taiwan 819,000
Jack Ung Singapore 799,000
Harada Kenji 原田憲児 Japan 733,000
Chun Kit Lee 李俊傑 Hong Kong 710,000
David Soin Singapore 687,000
Shun Ping Wang 王舜平 Taiwan 666,000
Seung Hun Ko Korea 578,000
Wen Kai Chen 陳文凱 Taiwan 563,000
Feng Wen Chen 陳豐文 Taiwan 552,000
Hsiao Wei Wu 吳孝維 Taiwan 540,000
Henrieto Acain Usa 525,000
Teng Kuei Hsu 許登貴 Taiwan 520,000
Richard Marquez Philippines 510,000
Jie Lo 羅傑 Taiwan 502,000
Sparrow Park Yu Cheung Hong Kong 484,000
Jereld Sam En Zhi Singapore 478,000
Su Yeol Lee South Korea 474,000
Sumit Sapra India 466,000
Hazel Chui 徐烷珊 Hong Kong 435,000
Yong Sheng Ho Singapore 432,000
Charles Ying Wai Wong 王英偉 Hong Kong 430,000
Chih Hsien Lin 林志憲 Taiwan 423,000
Lee Heungbum Korea 414,000
Hung Te Lee 李泓德 Taiwan 413,000
Guillem Segarra Spain 411,000
Chia Yu Shr 施佳祐 Taiwan 410,000
Mai Bien Viet Nam 407,000
Seung Yong Yi Korea 405,000
Yi Syun Chen 陳逸勳 Taiwan 403,000
Kun Kan Lee 李昆翰 Taiwan 403,000
Tsung Wen Huang 黃琮文 Taiwan 392,000
Chi Chun Cheung 張志進 Hong Kong 392,000
Haro Clement France 385,000
Woo Jong Ha South Korea 378,000
Jacky Wang Singapore 370,000
Tao Wei Chang 張道為 Taiwan 368,000
Kai Yu He 何剴喻 Taiwan 367,000
Kim Dong Kyu South Korea 366,000
Michael Enouqvez Philippines 358,000
Phillip Nguyen Australia 353,000
Paul Vas Nunes United Kingdom 350,000
Yeh Po Chen 陳彥博 Taiwan 348,000
Philippines 348,000
Ho Shing Wong 黃可成 Hong Kong 344,000
Kyle Bao Diep Vietnam 343,000
Leonard Yannick France 341,000
Wei Hsiang Huang 黃韋翔 Taiwan 323,000
Jun Yi Ho Singapore 322,000
Eli Chang Usa 320,000
Edwin Dela Oruz Philippines 316,000
Seonguk Huh South Korea 313,000
Tsun Hin Barry Wong 黃浚軒 Hong Kong 305,000
Florencio Campomanes Philippines 301,000
Ka Shun Tsang 曾家信 Hong Kong 300,000
Yong Kyun Kim 金勇均 Korea 287,000
Takashi Taniguchi Japan 285,000
Hideki Nakamura 中村秀樹 Japan 282,000
Dester Chua 蔡俊杰 Singapore 282,000
Peng Sen Wu 吳鵬森 Taiwan 278,000
Shu Leung Yau 邱書良 Hong Kong 276,000
Chao Ting Cheng 鄭兆廷 Taiwan 274,000
Jia Hao Yang 揚家豪 Taiwan 274,000
Kuen Wai Tang 鄧權威 Hong Kong 270,000
Bishmer Sekaran Singapore 269,000
Alex Tung Nguyen Vietnam 268,000
Tokuya Shuto Japan 264,000
Shiou Min Lin 林修民 Taiwan 262,000
Bryan Santos Philippines 260,000
Chia Yun Wu 吳家運 Taiwan 256,000
Wai Shing Au-Yeung 歐陽偉誠 Hong Kong 249,000
Yu Yung Lin 林煜湧 Taiwan 243,000
Yin Sau Ho 何彥修 Hong Kong 237,000
Cheng Han Lin 林政漢 Taiwan 232,000
Kai Cheng Hsu 徐楷程 Taiwan 230,000
I Lin Chiu 邱奕霖 Taiwan 229,000
Dhanesh Chainani Singapore 229,000
Nebojsa Blanusa Australia 226,000
Chia Hsuan Hsu 許佳煊 Taiwan 221,000
Shih Kun Chou 周世坤 Taiwan 219,000
Alan Pham Australia 215,000
Anson Tsang 曾恩盛 Hong Kong 212,000
Vincent Salaun France 211,000
Kai Yang United States 208,000
Chun Yen Ho 何俊彥 Taiwan 207,000
Ming Song Huang 黃明嵩 Taiwan 198,000
Ker Paw Lin 林克寶 Taiwan 198,000
Jass Chew 周煒竣 Singapore 195,000
Renato Jr Villanueva Philippines 195,000
Kolja Luecking Germany 193,000
Chi Wang 王璣 Taiwan 191,000
Bier Romain France 189,000
Sriram Maniam India 188,000
Yu Jung Lo 羅宇榮 Taiwan 183,000
Kai Fung Ngai 魏介鋒 Hong Kong 180,000
Amir Abbas Australia 174,000
Jung Sup Yun South Korea 170,000
Shou Dien Chen 陳守鈿 Taiwan 168,000
Jaruplavath Raju India 163,000
Tomaya Kuratani Japan 161,000
Pradeep Nudurumati India 158,000
Victor Chen 陳治言 Taiwan 158,000
Chi Hao Chu 朱麒豪 Taiwan 157,000
Raymond Ho Singapore 154,000
Kaxuo Yamamoto 山本和生 Japan 151,000
Man Hin Yeung 楊玟軒 Hong Kong 150,000
Ling Wei Wu 吳陵瑋 Taiwan 148,000
Tin Long Cheng 鄭天朗 Hong Kong 147,000
Chien Chih Weng 翁芊智 Taiwan 145,000
Yu Chun Chen 陳昱均 Taiwan 142,000
Jung Won Wook South Korea 140,000
Ta Wei Tou 竇大衛 Taiwan 135,000
David Chen Usa 134,000
Jack Wei 魏錫原 Taiwan 132,000
Yong Ha Kim Korea 129,000
Jackie Wu 吳振宏 Taiwan 127,000
Hsu Sheng Wang 王敘昇 Taiwan 126,000
Tung Wing Wong Hong Kong 125,000
Blondel Jules France 119,000
Warren Villa Philippines 118,000
Yi Cheng Lee 李祐承 Taiwan 117,000
Yi Cheng Lu 盧奕承 Taiwan 117,000
Chien Yu Su 蘇建宇 Taiwan 113,000
Chung Heng Hsueh 薛仲恒 Taiwan 112,000
Justin Yang 楊曉亦 Taiwan 111,000
Yu Sheng Lin 林祐聖 Taiwan 109,000
Shingo Sarkar Japan 106,000
Chun Kit Lee 李進傑 Hong Kong 104,000
Matthew Chan Singapore 104,000
Ka Him Chan 陳嘉謙 Singapore 104,000
Sui Ming Huang 黃穗明 Hong Kong 103,000
Yen Han Chen 陳彥翰 Taiwan 103,000
Kwang Chung Tan Singapore 101,000
Tsang Chak Lam Hong Kong 101,000
Shu In Li 李書吟 Taiwan 99,000
Hsin Fu Chen 陳信甫 Taiwan 99,000
Tao Chu 曲濤 Taiwan 98,000
Burton Lam Hong Kong 98,000
Chun Han Lin 林君翰 Taiwan 98,000
Thibaut Blondel France 94,000
Jun Young Park South Korea 92,000
Guan Zhong Lai 賴冠中 Taiwan 90,000
Wei Hao Lin 林唯皓 Taiwan 88,000
Ka Hei Fung 馮家熹 Hong Kong 88,000
Chih Feng Li 李志峯 Taiwan 84,000
Chi Ying Tsai 蔡季瑛 Taiwan 79,000
Kwok Yim Wong 黃國寅 Hong Kong 79,000
Jung Chou Chen 陳榮州 Taiwan 74,000
Le Ngoc Khanh Vietnam 73,000
Steve Arnold United States 73,000
Ignatius Ee Singapore 62,000
Benny Chung 鍾志豪 Taiwan 60,000
Shing Kai Lam 林藍楷 Hong Kong 60,000
Cheng Yi Hing Hong Kong 57,000
David Erquiaga Philippines 56,000
Man Hang Tse 謝文亨 Hong Kong 54,000
Anil Adiani India 53,000
Pin Lun Li 李品綸 Taiwan 52,000
Chia Lin Huang 黃珈霖 Taiwan 48,000
Herry Lian Germany 47,000
Liew Bernice Singapore 43,000
Yi Ching Lin 林苡晴 Taiwan 42,000
Philemon Ip Hong Kong 40,000
Hsiang Chuan Kung 孔祥川 Taiwan 40,000
Xiang Jun Thomas Po Singapore 38,000
Dou Houng Chien 簡道桓 Taiwan 37,000
William Noble Bolton Australia 35,000
Yiu Yeung Leung 梁耀揚 Hong Kong 35,000
Yu Ming Hsu 許祐銘 Taiwan 28,000
Edward Jay Cabanlet Philippines 23,000
Yang Lin 林陽 Taiwan 21,000
Toshihiko Akizuki Japan 20,000

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