WPT Korea: Tao Yin catapults to bag Main Event final 8 chip lead; Liu Yin, Lin Wei win side events; WPT High Roller up next

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The World Poker Tour (WPT) Korea Main Event has reached its climax with the Final 8 players determined. The event initially attracted an impressive 758 entries over the course of three starting days. This was followed by an intense Day 2 as the 283 advancing players battled for a spot in both the money round and in the next heat. 44 made the cut into Day 3 which was further trimmed to the final 8.

wpt korea main event
WPT Korea Main Event Final 8

Among the contenders are hot running Russian player Valeriy Pak who recently won the Big Bounty NLH and cashed at the WPT Opener in 22nd place. He is wedged in the middle with 37 bb.

chao ting cheng 2
Chao-Ting Cheng

A few spots higher in the rung is 2023 APPT Cambodia Main Event champion Chao-Ting Cheng with a strong 66 bb stack. Cheng denied Pengfei Song (9th) a final 8 seat with KcJh straight on the turn beating Song’s QdJc flopped nuts straight. Cheng pushed on the river 8s9c10dQhQc, Song called for his tournament life.

tao yin
Tao Yin

Only one player bested Cheng and that was China’s Tao Yin who closed Day 3 with the biggest stack of 77 bb. Tao catapulted to the top of the counts in three hands starting with the elimination of Goto Takeshi in 12th place with AhQd turning the Ace to bust KhKs. Shortly after, Tao cracked cowboys again, with JdJc flopping the two-outer Jack to eliminate Wang Yanfeng’s KsKd. For the hat trick, Tao eliminated Yuzhou Yin in 10th place.

wpt korea main event trophy

When the final 8 players return on Saturday, July 21, they are each guaranteed KR₩ 50,300,000 (~USD 39,100) but of course the top prize will be most coveted, the KR₩ 405,188,000 (~USD 315,000) champion’s purse and the first WPT Korea Main Event title since 2019.

You can watch some of the daily action via the livestream by Sharehand broadcasted in the WPT YouTube page with Tony Dunst, Matt Savage, Scott Baumstein, Bryan Paris, Henry Kilbane, Chris Soto, Jamie Kerstetter, and AJ Rudolph alternating on the commentary. You can also read up on the action via the Live Updates.

WPT Korea – Livestream 
WPT Korea Main Event – Live Updates

Buy in: KR₩ 3,400,000 (~USD 2,680)
Guarantee: KR₩ 2,000,000,000 (~USD 1,575,600)
Entries: 758
Prize pool: KR₩ 2,246,947,400 (~USD 1,770,200)
Day 2: 283 players
ITM: 95 places

Final 8 players

Rank Seat Player Flag Stack BB
1 6 Tao Yin China 9,625,000 77
2 7 Chao Ting Cheng Taiwan 8,300,000 66
3 4 Li Jiang Liu China 5,450,000 44
4 5 Chun Hao Zhang China 5,425,000 43
5 2 Valeriy Pak Uzbekistan 4,675,000 37
6 8 Shu Jianguo China 2,175,000 17
7 3 Zhu Hong China 1,875,000 15
8 1 Toshihide Sawada Japan 800,000 6

Remaining payouts

Place Payout in KR₩
1 405,188,000
2 266,500,000
3 192,500,000
4 146,500,000
5 110,300,000
6 82,000,000
7 64,930,000
8 50,300,000

Main Event Day 3 recap

Day 3 of the Main Event kicked off with 44 players back on the hunt. Among the first to go was Japanese high roller Fabio Oka in 42nd place. On a three-bet pot preflop, Oka jammed with 10h4h mid pair flush draw on a flop Jh4d2h that failed to improve on the turn and river 5dAd against JsJd set.

aaron lim
Aaron Lim

WSOP bracelet winner David Yan also bounced out in Day 3, falling in 27th place. Australian pro Aaron Lim followed out when he tank-called all in on the river with Ks7s two pair, only to drop to crumbs on a player’s Ah6h flush on a board 4s3hKd7h8h. Lim was eliminated in 23rd place.

jun mondalo
Jun Mondalo

Main Event satellite winner Jun Mondalo took his ticket all the way to 19th place, busting with 6c6s to Zhu Hong’s 8d8c. The day’s entering chip leader Yuwen Pan was also one of the day’s casualties, denied in brutal fashion with AsAh cracked by KsJh on a board Js6s2c6cJc.

*Full list of payouts in WPT Korea – Festival Results

Side Event results

Liu Yin wins the NLH Survivor Bounty

Liu Yin
Liu Yin

Buy in: KR₩ 850,000 (~USD 660)
Entries: 153
Prize pool: KR₩ 61,514,000 (~USD 47,830)
Bounty pool: KR₩ 26,010,000 (~USD 20,220)
ITM: 20 places

Final table payouts

Place Player Flag Payout in KR₩
1 Liu Yin China 14,984,000
2 Zhang Chenxu China 10,000,000
3 Ding Yu Jia China 7,130,000
4 Tamalayan Joseph Jimenez United States 5,190,000
5 Taniguchi Itsuki Japan 3,860,000
6 Jae Moo Young United States 2,930,000
7 Wong Ka Fai Hong Kong 2,270,000
8 Okada Takeya Japan 1,810,000
9 Jie Dai China 1,470,000

Lin Wei wins the 8-Max NLH

lin wei
Lin Wei

Buy in: KR₩ 510,000 (~USD 400)
Entries: 64
Prize pool: KR₩ 28,495,000 (~USD 22,155)
ITM: 8 places

Place Player Flag Payout in KR₩
1 Lin Wei China 9,315,000
2 Fan Chunsan China 6,210,000
3 Khodov Vladimir Russia 4,140,000
4 Yu Wenguang China 2,880,000
5 Nakata Daigo Japan 2,080,000
6 Hu Jin Long China 1,580,000
7 Kataoka Toshio Japan 1,250,000
8 Yu Daesun Samuel United States 1,040,000

*Full list of payouts in WPT Korea – Festival Results

WPT Korea High Roller

Upcoming in a day’s time is the final key event of the festival, the WPT Korea High Roller which features a buy in of KRW 17,000,000 (~USD 13,400). Elite players have already been seen since the opener. You can expect more to make their way for this final key event. Event runs July 23 to 24, 2023.

Getting to Jeju Shinhwa Landing Resort

jeju shinhwa1
Jeju Shinhwa World

For arriving players, getting to the venue couldn’t be any easier. Just look for the WPT Korea banner with the bus schedule and hop in once it arrives. It takes approximately one hour to get to the venue. The bus runs daily on a two hour schedule starting at 6am. The last bus to the venue is at 10pm.

WPT Global

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