Final Wrap: WPT Korea 2024 pays out over KR₩ 8 Billion (~US$ 6.2M) in prizes, Hungary’s Mate Hanusi stands as biggest earner


WPT Korea wraps up 2024 season
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The WPT Korea 2024 games at Landing Casino, Jeju Shinhwa World, South Korea played through another round of thrilling festivities, surpassing records from that of its previous offering. The premium festival ran from March 25 to April 3, 2024 and welcomed its share of international players across 33 various nations, including a large contingent from China once more. Having hosted a ten-day lineup, 27 trophy events ran its course and generated a combined prize pool of KR₩ 8,436,794,400, equivalent to over US$ 6.2 Million. Check out these highlights below.

WPT Korea 2024 – Festival Results
WPT Korea 2024 – Player Guide

Festival Review

Date/s: March 25 to April 3, 2024
Venue: Landing Casino, Jeju Shinhwa World, South Korea
Trophy Events: 27
Festival prize pool: KR 8,436,794,400 (~US$ 6,275,140)
Entries: 3,926
Countries: 33
Record WPT Korea prize pool: WPT Championship Event – KR 2,603,286,000 (~US$ 1,936,270)
WPT Championship winner: Mate Hanusi – KR 434,936,000 (~US$ 323,500)
Biggest earner: Mate Hanusi – KR 441,736,000 (~US$ 328,550)
Most final table cashes: Chuning Tan (4)
Multiple wins: Lei Yu (2)
Trophy wins: China (18), Japan (3), Belgium (1), Canada (1), Hungary (1), Taiwan (1), United States (1), Uzbekistan (1)

WPT Korea Championship Event

WPT Korea 2024 Main Event draws massive turnout
Photo Credit – Chris Librojo

The WPT Korea 2024 Main Event ran from March 28 to April 2, and featured a KR₩ 2,000,000,000 (~US$ 1,500,000) for a buy-in of KR₩ 2,800,000 (~US$ 2,100). Three starting flights completed the schedule with players hailing from Mainland China dominating the 1,065 entry field turnout. Several runners found themselves firing re-entries for a piece of the KR₩ 2,603,286,000 (~US$ 1,936,270) boosted prize pool with only 587 unique players having joined the Championship festivities. 134 players locked in a share of the pot with Hungary’s Mate Hanusi coming out on top to claim the KR₩ 2,603,286,000 (~US$ 1,936,270) top payout.

Date/s: March 28 – April 2, 2024
Buy-in: KR₩ 2,800,000 (~US$ 2,100)
Guarantee: KR₩ 2,000,000,000 (~US$ 1,500,000)
Prize pool: KR₩ 2,603,286,000 (~US$ 1,936,270)
Entries: 1,065 (587 unique)
ITM: 134 players

Day 1A: 319 entries, 84 qualified
Day 1B: 361 entries, 108 qualified
Day 1C: 385 entries, 129 qualified

WPT Korea 2024 Championship Event Final Table Results

Rank Player Flag Prize (KR₩) Prize (~US$)
1 Hanusi Mate Hungary 434,936,000 $323,500
2 Ma Li China 290,150,000 $215,800
3 Zhang Chi China 214,400,000 $159,460
4 Dai Linghui China 160,100,000 $119,080
5 Fang Po Wen China 120,750,000 $89,810
6 Aghayev Farhad Azerbaigian 92,050,000 $68,460
7 Ding Yayun China 70,950,000 $52,770
8 Fokin Valeriy Russia 55,250,000 $41,090
9 Nguyen Pham Duy Khanh Vietnam 43,500,000 $32,350

Biggest Earner

Hanusi Mate emerges as WPT Korea 2024 biggest winner
Mate Hanusi

The festival concluded with Hungary’s Mate Hanusi banking the biggest share of the KR₩ 8,436,794,400 (~US$ 6,275,140) festival prize pool, having cashed in three events listed below. His victory at the esteemed Championship Event games catapulted him to the top, towing KR₩ 434,936,000 (~US$ 323,500) in total winnings to end his season run.

Festival Cashes

1st – Event #6: WPT Main Event – KR₩ 434,936,000
5th – Event #8: NLH Deepstack – KR₩ 6,050,000
51st – Event #1: WPT Opener – KR₩ 750,000

Multi-Event Winner

Yu Lei wins Single Day High Roller
Yu Lei

China’s Yu Lei stands as the festival’s sole multi-event winner with two victories in the bag at Event #4: Single Day High Roller and Event #20: MegaStack Closer. Yu binked his second win in the series’ concluding day, adding another KR₩ 8,634,000 (~US$ 6,420) in winnings to bring his total festival cashes up to KR₩ 195,984,000 (~US$ 145,770).

Most Final Tables

Tan Chuning takes down WPT Korea 2024 Pot Limit Omaha 8 Hi/Lo
Tan Chuning

Numerous players locked in deep runs at this season’s WPT Korea yet saw only one runner bag four final table appearances across the games with China’s Chuning Tan topping the list.

Final Table Cashes

1st – Event #28: Pot Limit Omaha 8 Hi/Lo – KR 7,864,000
2nd – Event #25: Pot Limit Omaha – KR₩ 5,500,000
4th – Event #19: Hyper Turbo Bounty NLH – KR₩ 2,115,000
4th – Event #24: Limit Triple Draw – KR 1,630,000

Country Wins

China tops the list of WPT Korea 2024 country wins

Having attracted a large attendance of Chinese runners, 18 out of the 27 trophy events recorded players hailing from China emerging victorious across the ten day lineup. Amongst the champions, Jiali Ouyang claimed the biggest payout of KR₩ 405,260,000 (~US$ 301,425) after taking down the WPT Super High Roller event.

Event Last Name First Name Prize (KR₩)
#1: WPT Opener ZHANG LIRUI 57,624,000
#2: WPT Super High Roller OUYANG JIALI 405,260,000
#3: Big Bounty NLH HUANG PENG 12,819,000
#4: Single Day High Roller YU LEI 181,250,000
#5: Jeju Dragon Quest JIN BOXIN 47,770,000
#10: NLH Survivor Bounty FAN ZHE 19,966,000
#11: Hyper Turbo NLH SHI QIZHENG 11,103,000
#12: Mini Main Event SUN ZEYU 105,655,000
#14: Mystery Bounty MOMO YIN 30,959,000
#19: Hyper Turbo Bounty NLH FENG YUQI 6,661,000
#20: MegaStack Closer YU LEI 8,634,000
#21: WPT SuperStack Closer XU JIEMING 5,184,000
#22: Hyper Turbo NLH LI JIDONG 3,266,000
#23: Pot Limit Omaha XU JIE 11,423,000
#24: Limit 2-7 Triple Draw WENG JUN 4,510,000
#26: No Limit 2-7 Single Draw ZHOU QUAN 4,851,000
#27: Limit 2-7 Triple Draw ZHANG XIAOCHUAN 6,533,000
#28: Pot Limit Omaha 8 Hi/Lo TAN CHUNING 7,864,000

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