WPT India: Ashish Munot wins the Main Event; Yasheel Doddanavar wins High Roller

Poker fans in India have been treated to the best of WPT India in the last few days as the Main Event and High Roller have been busy concluding. With the crest of that wave having now broken and the WPT title hopes of almost all those involved having gone the same way, we can now bring you news of the fortunate few who saw their dreams realised.

WPT India Main Event – Winner: Ashish Munot

1Ashish Munot wins WPT India Main Event cover
Main Event winner Ashish Munot – Photo credit: WPT

As exciting as the side events are at a WPT festival, the Main Event is always the centrepiece. At WPT India this particular star attraction commanded a buy in of ₹55,000 (US$776) and gathered a field of 630 players together to compete for supremacy. This generated a total prize pool of 3.28 Crores (US$462,164).

After an intense three days of play, the tournament had come down to just three challengers remaining. Jai Saha, Yuvraj Chaudhary and Ashish Munot began their battle with a big pot, as Munot flopped a king high straight and got paid off by Saha. The pot damaged Saha significantly, and he could not recover, eventually falling in 3rd.

Munot began heads-up play with an edge in the chip counts, and while the lead was traded a few times during the match – Munot always looked hard to beat. He slowly wore Chaudhary down before a Qx Qx against 10x 10x confrontation looked set to level the chip counts up once more. Munot spiked the two-outer on the river however, to end the match and claim the title, the prize money and a WPT $3,500 Passport.

Here are the final payouts:
1st – Ashish Munot – ₹63,48, 641 (US$)
2nd – Yuvraj Chaudhary – ₹42,77,605
3rd – Jai Saha -₹27,53,290
4th – Rajeev Kanjani – ₹19, 87,220
5th – Samuli Sipila – ₹15,24,970
6th – Sahil Nair – ₹12,28,645
7th – Nishant Sharma – ₹10,20,340
8th – Yash Punjawat – ₹8,13,010
9th – Shardul Parthasarathi – ₹6,09,920

₹100,000 High Roller – Winner: Yasheel Doddanavar

1aYasheel Doddanavar Wins WPT India 100K High Roller
High Roller champion Yasheel Doddanavar – Photo credit: WPT

The ₹100,000 (US$1,411) High Roller would certainly have held the accolade of most exciting tournament at WPT India had it not been for the Main Event stealing the spotlight.

But still, the High Roller holds a certain prestige of its own and 97 players stepped up with intentions of stamping their name on the event, which ran over a two-day period.

As the tournament rolled on through the tail end of its second day, the final table started to find itself littered with empty chairs. Abhishek Rathod’s elimination in 4th place brought the action down to three, and before long, Kuang Hung Lee hit the rail to get the action heads-up. Aditya G did everything he could to leave his mark on the match, but Yasheel Doddanavar would not be denied his first live title, overpowering is opponent to emerge as the victor.

The final payouts are as follows:

1st – Yasheel Doddanavar – ₹34,64,965 (US$48,883.21)
2nd – Aditya G. – ₹21,50,670
3rd – Kuang Hung Lee – ₹12,84,425
4th – Abhishek Rathod – ₹8,06,500
5th – Raman Gujral – ₹5,97,410
6th – Abhay Bokadia – ₹5,13,770
7th – Akash Malik – ₹4,45,070
8th – Manish Gandhi – ₹3,94,290
9th – Roshan Rodrigues – ₹3,46,495

Other events 

₹20K (US$282) Kickoff
Entries: 161
Prize Pool: N/A
Winner: Gurukumar G – ₹8.05 Lakhs ( US$11,357.62)

₹35K (US$494) SuperStack
Entries: 168
Prize Pool: ₹58.8 Lakhs (US$82,962.98)
Winner: Asif Anis – ₹14.70 Lakhs (US$20,745.)

₹25K (US$353) Big Bounty
Entries: 225
Prize Pool: N/A
Winner: Sriharsha Doddapaneni – ₹6.63 Lakhs ( 9,356 USD)

₹7K (US$99) Ship IT
Entries: 90
Prize Pool: N/A
Winner: Pratik Mehta – ₹2.07 Lakhs (US$2,922)

₹20K (US$282) MegaStack
Entries: 88
Prize Pool: N/A
Winner: Madhav Gupta – ₹5.33 Lakhs ( US$7,522)

Upcoming WPT Cambodia

WPT India has been the latest stepping-stone of Asia Swing. The tour now heads over to Cambodia in a few weeks time. WPT Cambodia will begin on November 16th, with day 1a of the Main Event getting underway on November 21st. The $1,100 event will be followed by two High Roller events in the following few days along with plenty of other side event action through the course of the series.

WPT Cambodia Schedule

Article by Craig Bradshaw