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The booming popularity of Spin games has taken over the online poker scene since it launched, growing its fan base to a healthy size today. With thousands of players logging on various platforms for some quick hyper-turbo action, major poker sites have since introduced exciting promotions and special twists to keep players in on the thrill. The renowned online home of World Poker TourWPT Global for one, recently launched Global Spins which serves as the brand’s own take on the lottery type Sit and Go.

Here’s all you need to know on the latest feature [Global Spins]:

  • What are Global Spins?

Global Spins are three-handed Sit and Go tournaments that play through a hyper-turbo structure (3 hands per blind level). At the start of each game, a random multiplier will be spun which allows players to find themselves playing for anything up to 10,000x of their buy-in. In addition to this, WPT Global has spiked things up with the addition of a progressive jackpot per stake level with no cap on the bonus prizes to be won.

Blind Level Blinds Hands per Level
Blind Level 1 10/20 6
Blind Level 2 15/30 6
Blind Level 3 20/40 6
Blind Level 4 30/60 6
Blind Level 5 40/80 6
Blind Level 6 50/100 6
Blind Level 7 75/150 6
Blind Level 8 100/200 6
Blind Level 9  150/300 6
Blind Level 10 200/400 Unlimited

Starting stacks also differ depending on the prize multiplier drawn with bigger pots offering more room for post-flop play. 

Multiplier 2x 3x 5x 10x 25x 100x+
Starting Stack 400 500 600 700 800 1,000
  • How do I join Global Spins?

After logging in to your WPT Global account, all you would have to do is click the Global Spins tab found under Poker to see the games available. Select the buy-in you prefer and input the number of games you wish to join, and simply click “PLAY NOW”. The tables will then pop-up, and immediately start once three players per game are registered.

global spins

  • What buy-in levels are available?

WPT Global plans to introduce buy-ins ranging from $1 to a $250 high in the near future. Available today however, are four buy-in tiers: $1, $5, $10, and $25. 1% of the buy-in is collected and added to the progressive jackpots for each stake level.

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  • How do I win the Jackpot?

Different from the multiplier prize, the Progressive Jackpot can only be claimed once the wheel rolls the maximum 6000x multiplier. All funds collected across that stake level will then be added to the prize pool with no limit on how much anybody can win. Jackpot amounts are listed in the lobby in real-time and will continue to increase until the amount is claimed.

  • What are the winning chances in Global Spins?

Global Spins Probabilities

Multiplier 1st 2nd 3rd Probability in 1M
6,000x 5,000x 500x 500x 2
240x 200x 20x 20x 30
120x 100x 10x 10x 75
25x 25x 1,000
10x 10x 5,000
5x 5x 85,000
3x 3x 414,014
2x 2x 494,879

While chances of banking the massive jackpot in Global Spins remain slim, the fast-paced nature of the games encourages players to join several games per session, increasing their chances of winning bigger prizes!

  • How much fees do Global Spin games collect?

All games run at 7% combined effective rake aside from the 1% Progressive Jackpot contribution. 

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