WPT Cambodia closes with winners Michael Egan, Hamish Crawshaw, and Kai Paulsen

After ten days of games running from November 16 to 25, WPT Cambodia came to an end. All the trophies were claimed and 18 players walked away as champions. The most celebrated was USA’s Brian Tougias who rose above the record-breaking 750 entry field of the Main Event. He also earned 1500 points towards the Player of the Year leaderboard.

This was the first WPT event held at the luxurious NagaWorld Phnom Penh complex bringing in players from all over the world. The poker floor was filled everyday, including the final day wherein several side events ran simultaneous with the Main Event. At the close, a grand prize pool of over US$ 2,087,000 was paid out. Final winners listed below including the ones we missed on the previous days.

High Roller: MICHAEL EGAN – US$ 68,470

ENZ 2036 1
Michael Egan

It seemed like deja vu when Piet Pape, Michael Egan, and Victor Chong were all seated at the High Roller final table. Days ago, Pape won the Super High Roller, Egan 3rd, and Chong finished 2nd at the High Stakes Challenge. Once again, the trio were back and looking to ship the last big payout of the festival of US$ 68,470.

Chong only went as far as 5th place with his short stack shipped by NagaWorld Cup winner Yinfei Xiao. In turn, Xiao fell to Egan in 3rd place leaving Pape and Egan at heads up. Egan had a 2.5:1 advantage. In less than an hour, Egan emerged as champion. He three-bet shoved with AdAs on the river and Pape called with 2s4h low pair on a board 3hAh4d10d9d.

The US$ 2,750 buy-in High Roller event drew 89 entries (66 uniques, 23 re-entries) over two days for a solid prize pool worth US$ 215,825. 12 players were paid. Final results below.


1st Michael Egan – Australia – US$ 64,870
2nd Piet Pape – Germany – US$ 41,007
3rd Yinfei Xiao – China – US$ 25,899
4th Erik Billgren – US$ 16,726
5th Victor Chong – Malaysia – US$ 12,950
6th Vincent Chauve – France – US$ 10,252
7th Nicolas Ragot – France – US$ 8,633
8th Clement Guilleminot – France – US$ 7,554
9th Guiyang Wang – China – US$ 6,848
10th Kevin Philip Ayow – Canada – US$ 6,259
11th Didrik Mantor – Norway – US$ 5,827
12th Nadav Cohen – Singapore – US$ 5,400

High Roller Single Day: HAMISH CRAWSHAW – US$ 24,445

ENZ 2006 1
Hamish Crawshaw

The last event to enter was the High Roller Single Day at US$ 2,150 buy-in. 28 signed up for a pot of US$ 54,320 to be divvied by just four players. Earning his first win of the festival was New Zealand’s Hamish Crawshaw for a payday of US$ 24,445. Crawshaw defeated WPT Cambodia Kickoff winner Jianfeng Sun at heads up to deny Sun another trophy. The final hand was 3d3s holding against Ac3h on a board of 8dQs7s9d7h.

Megastack Freezeout: LEO WORTHINGTON-LEESE – US$ 23,699

ENZ 1675
Leo Worthington

150 players paid US$ 650 for a seat to the Megastack Freezeout to build a nice pot of US$ 85,845. Up top was a juicy US$ 23,699. Payouts began at 19th place. Among the finalists was WPT Cambodia Kickoff champion Yunsheng Sun gunning for his second title. He brought his skills all the way to heads up but Falkland Islands player Leo Worthington-Leese denied him the double-win. This was Leo‘s first live tournament victory in Asian soil.


1st Leo Worthington-Leese – Falkland Islands – US$ 23,699
2nd Yunsheng Sun – China – US$ 15,023
3rd Guiyang Wang – China – US$ 8,842
4th Saeid Ebrahimi – Iran – US$ 5,368
5th Paawan Bansal – India – US$ 4,163
6th Gokul Raj Dharmarajan – India – US$ 3,348
7th Madhav Gupta – India – US$ 3,005
8th Deding Xu – China – US$ 2,683
9th Kai Paulsen – Norway -US$ 2,370
10th Kien Tat Heng – Singapore – US$ 2,060
11th Ting Huay Chin – Malaysia – US$ 2,060
12th Wipat Udomkanjanananan – Thailand – US$ 2,060
13th Ravi Metlapalli – India – US$ 1,760
14th Chi Chung Ho – Hong Kong – US$ 1,760
15th Michael Doverklint – Sweden – US$ 1,760
16th Jia Tang – China – US$ 1,502
17th Chung Fai Ngeow – Malaysia – US$ 1,502
18th Frederic Faucherau – France – US$ 1,502
19th Daji Chen – China – US$ 1,288

NLH Turbo Freezeout – AVRAHAM COHEN – US$ 3,921

ENZ 1437 1
Avraham Cohen

On saturday, the US$ 250 buy-in NLH Turbo Freezeout drew a hungry field of 97 runners for a pot amounting US$ 21,170. Well past the midnight hour, it wrapped up with a very exuberant Avraham Cohen lifting his first-ever WPT trophy. At three-handed, Cohen crippled Maureen Blochlinger with a flush then took the rest of her chips when his 8s5s formed quads on a board 9c5h5c5d3c. At heads up his 6d6h held against Marcio Dos Santos‘s overcards Ad7s.


1st Avraham Cohen – Israel – US$ 3,921 (deal made)
2nd Marcio Dos Santos Braganca Marti- Portugal – US$ 4,880 (deal made)
3rd Maureen Blochlinger – Switzerland – US$ 4,060 (deal made)
4th Geraldine Tan – Singapore – US$ 1,588
5th Kittipat Poochaneeyangkoon – Thailand – US$ 1,238
6th Rungrot Nuannoi – Thailand – US$ 990
7th Hua Tai Loon – Singapore – US$ 842
8th Takao Shimizu – Japan – US$ 730
9th Mengyin Zhang – China – US$ 646
10th Natalie Siew Po Teh – Malaysia – US$ 582
11th Kok Wei Tang – Singapore – US$ 582
12th Yong Qing Ho – Singapore – US$ 582
13th Kuen Kiet Wong – Malaysia – US$ 529

NagaWorld Superstack Freezeout Classic – KAI PAULSEN – US$ 7,800

ENZ 2027 1
Kai Paulsen

Asian circuit regular Kai Paulsen claimed one of the final trophies of the festival by overcoming the 154 entry field of the NagaWorld Superstack Freezeout. Buy-in was US$ 300 for a cash pot of US$ 40,333. The top 17 players profited with Norway’s Kai Paulsen pocketing the largest of US$ 7,800 for his victory.

Prior to Paulsen’s victory, the final four players reached a deal then battled for the title and a bit more cash. At heads up Paulsen had the advantage but doubled Suchart Angunsri to lose the lead. Paulsen regained it when his Kx5x spiked a five on the turn to defeat Angunsri‘s Kx6x. The final hand arrived, Paulsen Qc10c, Angunsri 2d[2h}, a queen flopped and held.


1st Kai Paulsen – Norway – US$ 7,800
2nd Suchart Angunsri – Thailand – US$ 6,150
3rd Frederic Fauchereau – France – US$ 4,045
4th Anthony Abram – Australia – US$ 6,540
5th Wei Liang Tan -Singapore – US$ 1,946
6th Rindra N. – US$ 1,613
7th Natalie Siew Po Teh – Malaysia – US$ 1,402
8th Kshitij Kucheria – India – US$ 1,258
9th Le Ngoc Khanh – Vietnam – US$1,084
10th Ivo Hermans – Belgium US$ 948
11th Paawan Bansal – India – US$ 948
12th Kittipat Poochaneeyangkoon. Thailand – US$ 948
13th John Patrick Tiekken -Netherlands – US$ 817
14th Tien Chung Long – Malaysia – US$ 817
15th Mark Leon Kline – USA – US$ 817
16th Christopher James Morrison – UK – US$ 690
17th Richard Marquez – Philippines – US$ 690
18th Jerome Bradpiece – Uk – US$ 690
19th Chong Way Lim – Singapore – US$ 565
20th Ravi Metlapalli – India – US$ 565

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