WPT Cambodia: Big payday for Piet Pape and Choon Tong Siow; Douglas Whitehead overcomes the Freezeout

While WPT Cambodia was livening up NagaWorld with Main Event action, also highly thrilling were the completion of a few side events. We’ve got those stories below.

Super High Roller: PIET PAPE – US$ 83,006

Piet Pape
Piet Pape

The Super High Roller attracted an exception list of 54 players (44 uniques, 10 re-entries) putting up the US$ 5,300 buy-in. It ran for two days with 14 returning on the final day. Out of the US$ 261,900 prize pool only 7 stood to gain. After a grueling bubble round, with four short stacks on push or fold action, Ping Liu’s 8d8s held to deny Kok Wai Sim’s Ad10h.

First to the money was Kickoff winner Yunsheng Sun followed by Ying Lin Chua who fell on a three-way clash that in turn gave rise to Gabriel Carter from the danger zone. Carter’s AxAx stayed mighty against Ping Liu’s QxQx and Chua’s 7x7x for a triple up. Arrested with a short stack, Jun Wah Yap laddered up to 4th place leaving Carter, Piet Pape, and chip leader Michael Egan to fight it out.

Three-handed was a long one with Egan in control until his JxJx were cracked by Pape’s 10x10x when a ten landed on the river. This was the first time Egan lost command. He exited in 3rd place with AdJh pairing the ace on the board only to fall to Pape’s runner-runner flush holding Kc8c.

Entering heads up, Pape was ahead 2.5:1. After one round, the players reached an ICM deal to end the match. Pape pocketed US$ 83,006 and the trophy, Carter earned US$ 71,513 for 2nd place.


1st Piet Pape – Denmark – US$ 83,006
2nd Gabriel Carter – UK – US$ 71,513
3rd Michael Egan – Australia – US$ 35,357
4th Jun Wah Yap – Malaysia – US$ 24,881
5th Ping Liu – USA – US$ 19,643
6th Ying Lin Chua – Malaysia – US$ 15,714
7th Yunsheng Sun – China – US$ 11,786

US$10K High Stakes Challenge: CHOON TONG SIOW – US$ 74,052

Choon Tong Siow
Choon Tong Siow

The US$10K High Stakes Challenge was a late addition to the schedule. 15 players ponied up to build up a very juicy pot worth US$ 141,862. Only two players stood to profit. At four-handed, Victor Chong doubled up with AxQx over Ax7x then proceeded to bust a player. At the fall of Phachara Wongwichit on the bubble, it was a guaranteed Malaysian victory. Chong and Choon Tong Siow struck an ICM deal then went on to play for the trophy. The final hand quickly arrived. On a flop 3c4s8c, Chong had 6d8d top pair, Siow Jc4c draw. The turn 6c immediately granted the flush however Chong also improved to two pair for outs to a full house. The river was Qc to crown Siow champion.

Choon Tong Siow
Choon Tong Siow


1st Choon Tong Siow- Malaysia – US$ 74,052
2nd Victor Chong – Malaysia – US$ 67,810


Douglas Edward Whitehead
Douglas Edward Whitehead

The evening US$ 400 buy-in No Limit Hold’em Freezeout event dragged in 98 to the scene for a worthy pot of US$ 34,222. 13 players earned a piece. Past 1am, the last three players showed fatigue however a deal was not discussed.

Clement Guilleminot lost his lead and eventually busted in 3rd place with Duncan Vivianzen crackiing AcAs with 10c9c on a board 10hQc3c2c2h. The final two players immediately discussed a deal that gave each US$ 8,000 and the remaining US$ 853 plus the trophy in play. After two hands, it was over, Whitehead won it with Kh7c voer Ac2h on a board 9dKdJd10s7s.


1st Douglas Edward Whitehead – Thailand – US$ 8,853
2nd Duncan Vivianzen – Australia – US$ 8,000
3rd Clement Guilleminot – France – US$ 3,936
4th Derek Wei Yee Wang – USA – US$ 2,567
5th Volnei De Zorzi – Brazil – US$ 2,002
6th Shinichiro Teraoka – Japan – US$ 1,600
7th Chin Yong Lee- Malaysia – US$ 1,360
8th Keun Saeng Park – Korea – US$ 1,181
9th Edward Pastoll – Irealand – US$ 1,044
10th Harold Fred Makana Silva – USA – US$ 941
11th Oliver Helm – New Zealand – US$ 941
12th Kittipat Poochaneeyangkoon – Thailand – US$ 941
13th Chi Hung Ho – Taiwan SAR – US$ 856

More events lined up at the inaugural WPT Cambodia. The festival runs from November 16 to 25. The US$ 1,100 buy-in Main Event continues with Day 1B up on the plate. Day 1A drew 188 entries. By early today, there is every confidence that the US$ 250K guarantee will be breached.

Somuchpoker is onsite to bring you all the results including live updates on the Main Event. So stick with us for all the latest news.

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