WPT Asia Swing coming in September

When it comes to poker tours, few can match the might of WPT. Top quality events attracting the best players in the world to some of the most beautiful locations on earth is what WPT has always provided and the tour shows no signs of slowing up. If anything, WPT is becoming even more diverse and interesting with 9 events announced in Asia for season 18.

WPT Season 18: 9 events announced

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Just two months ago, WPT confirmed that there would be eight events taking place across Asia during season 18. That number has since risen, with another Asian stop being announced a few weeks ago.

The events initially scheduled were as follows:

  • WPT Vietnam – September 3rd-11th 2019
  • WPT Japan – September 14th-16th 2019
  • WPT Korea – September 17th-23rd 2019
  • WPT Australia – September 27th-October 7th 2019
  • WPT India – October 15th – 21st 2019
  • WPT Philippines February 6th – 17th 2020
  • WPT Vietnam – March 13th – 22nd 2020
  • WPT Taiwan – March 27th – April 6th 2020

The new addition has been confirmed as WPT Cambodia and will take place between November 16th and 25th 2019, as we reported here. WPT Cambodia was already an exciting new development, but we can now further your appetite with interesting new details about some of the Asian stops on this tour.

Asia Swing leaderboard announced

Next month, the WPT’s Asia Swing will begin with WPT Vietnam. This will be the first of nine events through three Asian stops, with each contributing points towards the Asia Swing leaderboard standings based on players’ finishing positions. The three stops which award points are Vietnam, Japan and Korea.

The player who finishes with the highest tally will be awarded a WPT High-Roller package which includes entry into the INR 100,000 ($1,400) tournament, with airport and boat transfers covered, in addition to complimentary accommodation. The players ranking in the top three places will each receive a $500 prize to be redeemed at the WPT India festival.

The list of events which award points is as follows:

WPT Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City

  • WPT Vietnam Kickoff event on September 3rd
  • WPT Vietnam Main Event on September 6th
  • WPT Pro Poker Club SuperStack Classic on September 10th

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WPT Japan, Tokyo

  • WPT Japan Main Event (final day 1 on September 14th)
  • WPT300 on September 15th
  • WPT Japan Megastack on September 16th

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 WPT Korea, Incheon

  • WPT Warm Up on September 18th
  • WPT Korea Main Event on September 20th
  • WPT 500K Finale on September 23rd

WPT Asia-Pacific Player of the Year race

All the stops which are listed in Asia or the Pacific will provide points towards the Asia-Pacific Player of the Year leaderboard for Season XVIII. The winner of this race, which is entirely separate from the Asia swing leaderboard, will win a $10,000 WPT Passport which can be used in any $10,000 event during WPT’s Season XIX schedule. The runner up and third place finisher will receive a $3,500 Passport and a $1,500 Passport respectively.

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Who will wear the WPT Asia-Pacific Player of the Year crown?

These two leaderboards will undoubtedly add extra spice to what is already shaping up to be a fascinating series of events moving through beautiful Asian cities in the coming months. Asia Swing will also provide aspiring pros across Asia with the chance of a career launching score in the most globally recognisable poker tour in the world.

Commenting on the upcoming Asia Swing, Cathy Zhao, Director of WPT DeepStacks said,

“The WPT Asia Swing proved to be a huge success in Season XVII and the WPT and its casino partners look forward to having strong participation from players across the globe during the Season XVIII edition.”

Article by Craig Bradshaw