WPC-SEAPT final six side events come to a close; Yu Je Nam, Cao Ngoc Anh, Kim Jinyoung, Leonard Yannick, Tzai Wei Phua, and Norbert Koh claim titles


The biggest tournament series in Vietnam poker history has officially wrapped up its final six side events to finish off its 10-day lineup. Claiming the last few trophies are Korea’s Yu Je Nam and Kim Jinyoung, Vietnam’s Cao Ngoc Anh, France’s Leonard Yannick, and Singapore’s Tzai Wei Phua and Norbert Koh

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The concluded World Poker Championship in partnership with South East Asian Poker Tour (SEAPT) awarded over VN₫ 54.6B (~US$ 2.3M) throughout its 20 scheduled tournaments including its most valuable Main Event to go way above the initially advertised VN₫ 20B festival guarantee.

Stay tuned to Somuchpoker for the full festival review of the concluded World Poker Championship at Grand Loyal.

Event #14: Super High Roller: YU JE NAM –  VN₫ 1,828,600,000 (~US$ 77,123)

DAC 3468
Yu Je Nam

The Super High Roller tournament drew in another astounding 108 entries to once again surpass its listed VN₫ 4 Billion guarantee. Well-known pros such as WPT champion David Erquiaga and APT champion Shardul Parthasarathi were in the mix in hunting down the trophy. In the end, Yu Je Nam claimed the top payout after a three-way deal was arranged with the Korean garnering the biggest ICM payout after sending several final table opponents to the rails.

Buy in: VN₫ 66,000,000 (~US$ 2,783)
Guarantee: VN₫ 4,000,000,000 (~US$ 168,705)
Prize Pool: VN₫ 6,285,600,000 (~US$ 265,103)
Total Entries: 108
ITM: 14 players

Event #14: Super High Roller Full Payouts

Rank Player Prize (VN₫)
1st YU JE NAM 1,828,600,000
2nd DAVID ERQUIAGA 1,131,000,000
3rd LEE CHANG HWAN 707,000,000
4th RENATO VILLANUEVA JR 471,000,000
5th FLORENT RÉMI 367,000,000
6th ĐẶNG THỊ HUẾ 294,000,000
7th ONG JINGXIANG 250,000,000
8th NGUYỄN VĂN TRUNG  216,000,000
10th TỐNG XUÂN HIỀN 172,000,000
11th LÊ NGỌC MINH 172,000,000
12th FRANCIS GARSON 172,000,000
13th LEE XIANG WEI 157,000,000
14th SOOD GAURAV 157,000,000

Event #15: Megastack: CAO NGOC ANH –  VN₫ 555,000,000 (~US$ 23,407)

DAC 3495
Cao Ngoc Anh

One of the festival’s last guaranteed tournaments, Vietnam’s Cao Ngoc Anh crushed the field and claimed the top prize of VN₫ 555,000,000 (~US$ 23,407) after over 14 hrs of battle. The local entered the final table with the lead and maintained it all throughout. By 6-handed play, Cao had accumulated nearly 50% of the chips in play and carried on to capture the victory after defeating Singapore’s Benjamin Sai in the heads up duel.

Buy in: VN₫ 8,800,000 (~US$ 371)
Guarantee: VN₫ 1,000,000,000 (~US$ 42,176)
Prize Pool: VN₫ 2,553,040,000 (~US$ 107,677)
Total Entries: 329
ITM: 41 players

Event #15: Megastack Full Payouts

Rank Player Prize (VN₫)
1 CAO NGỌC ANH 555,000,000
2 BENJAMIN SAI 393,000,000
3 ĐINH QUANG HUY 232,000,000
4 ĐẶNG HOÀNG VIỆT 158,000,000
5 FOO YONG KIANG 122,000,000
6 KIM HO GEUN 102,000,000
7 PHẠM QUANG VĂN 85,000,000
8 NGUYỄN MINH QUYỀN 69,000,000
9 TRỊNH CÔNG DUY 57,540,000
10 NGUYỄN MẠNH TUẤN 47,000,000
11 ĐỒNG ANH DŨNG 47,000,000
12 LEE DEOK – YEONG 47,000,000
13 TRẦN DUY HẢI 40,000,000
14 TRENT FECHTER 40,000,000
15 BOCCALETTI PAOLO 40,000,000
16 KIM HAN YUL 33,000,000
17 NGUYỄN TUẤN HÙNG 33,000,000
18 CHOI SUNG DONG 33,000,000
19 VŨ TÁ NHẤT 27,000,000
20 KIM JU WON 27,000,000
21 LÊ VIỆT HƯNG 27,000,000
22 VŨ THÁI BẢO 22,500,000
23 DEEPAK BOTHRA 22,500,000
24 SEO CHANG KWON 22,500,000
25 KIM DONG-IL 19,000,000
26 NGUYỄN PHƯƠNG NGỌC 19,000,000
27 LEE JUNAM 19,000,000
28 WI DAE HAN 16,000,000
29 AN EJUN 16,000,000
30 ĐẶNG QUYỀN ANH 16,000,000
31 SAPRA SUMIT 16,000,000
32 PARK JEONGMIN 16,000,000
33 PHUA SI YANG 16,000,000
34 KIM KYOUNG MOON 16,000,000
35 NGUYỄN HẢI TRIỀU 16,000,000
36 KANG MINYONG 16,000,000
37 LEE IL HOON 14,000,000
38 HWANG MI RAN 14,000,000
39 LEE GA RIM 14,000,000
40 JASVEN SAIGAL 14,000,000
41 PARK SUN YOUNG 14,000,000

Event #13: Bounty Hunter: KIM JINYOUNG –  VN₫ 337,280,000 (~US$ 14,225)

DAC 3441
Kim Jinyoung

Buy in: VN₫ 6,600,000 (~US$ 278)
Prize Pool: VN₫ 760,180,000 (~US$ 32,061)
Total Entries: 199
ITM: 25 players

Event #13: Bounty Hunter Full Payouts

Rank Player Prize (VN₫) Bounties (VN₫)
1st KIM JINYOUNG 190,080,000 147,200,000
2nd MAGDALINSKI JONAS 127,800,000 125,500,000
3rd BÙI QUỐC DIỆN 78,000,000 123,000,000
4th ĐỖ QUANG THẮNG 47,500,000
5th KANG HYOMO 36,700,000
6th DUONG VAN QUANG 30,500,000
7th PARK JI BOK 26,000,000
8th CHO SUN IL 22,500,000
9th DARAPU 19,000,000
10th LEE SUNGWON 16,500,000
11th SEO CHANG KWWON 16,500,000
12th KAUSHIK 16,500,000
14th PARK SA MIN 14,100,000
15th JACK REACHER 14,100,000
16th JANG CHEOL EON 11,700,000
17th VU MINH DUC 11,700,000
18th PHAM THI TUYET 11,700,000
19th LEE JUNAM 9,400,000
20th KIM SANG OK 9,400,000
21st TRAN VIET NHAT 9,400,000
22nd VU THAI BAO 7,000,000
23rd KIM SANG BUM 7,000,000
24th NGUYEN KHAC LUAT 7,000,000
25th SIDDARTH SINGHVI 6,000,000

Event #16: Megastack Closer: LEONARD YANNICK –  VN₫ 204,000,000 (~US$ 8,604)

DSC 3225
Leonard Yannick

Buy in: VN₫ 6,600,000 (~US$ 278)
Guarantee: VN₫ 500,000,000 (~US$ 21,088)
Prize Pool: VN₫ 710,040,000 (~US$ 29,946)
Total Entries: 122
ITM: 15 players

Event #16: Megastack Closer Full Payouts

Rank Player Prize (VN₫)
1st LEONARD YANNICK 204,000,000
2nd NGUYEN ANH MINH 130,000,000
3rd NGUYEN THAI 75,500,000
4th NGUYEN TRAN NGOC 53,000,000
5th NGUYEN TUAN HUNG 41,000,000
7th NGUYEN KHAC QUANG 27,500,000
8th DOAN MINH TUAN 23,500,000
9th CHU QUANG BIEN 20,540,000
10th LEE DEOK YEONG 18,000,000
11th JUN SU WAN 18,000,000
12th NGUYEN KHAC NGO 18,000,000
13th HAN SUNGHYUN 16,000,000
14th TRAN THANH HUNG 16,000,000
15th DANG QUYEN ANH 16,000,000

Event #17: High Roller Single Day: TZAI WEI PHUA –  VN₫ 1,018,000,000 (~US$ 42,935)

DSC 3232
Tzai Wei Phua

Buy in: VN₫ 33,000,000 (~US$ 1,391)
Prize Pool: VN₫ 3,579,300,000 (~US$ 150,961)
Total Entries: 123
ITM: 15 players

Event #17: High Roller Single Day Full Payouts

Rank Player Prize (VN₫)
1st TZAI WEI PHUA 1,018,000,000
2nd NGUYEN THI THUY DUONG 659,000,000
3rd TEDDY PHAM 389,000,000
4th GARDNER GRANT 271,000,000
5th ANKIT KUMAR JAJODIA 205,000,000
6th NG THIEN MINH 168,000,000
7th DINH TIEN THANH 140,000,000
9th SOOD GAURAV 102,300,000
10th TRAN JULIEN 90,000,000
11th DINH GIA LONG 90,000,000
12th MAGDALINSKI JONAS 90,000,000
13th PENTAKOTA MANOJ 80,000,000
14th PHAM QUANG HUY 80,000,000
15th MUNDADA SIDDHARTH 80,000,000

Event #18: Megastack Closer Turbo: NORBERT KOH –  VN₫ 52,760,000 (~US$ 2,225)

DSC 3208
Norbert Koh

Buy in: VN₫ 4,400,000 (~US$ 185)
Prize Pool: VN₫ 104,760,000 (~US$ 4,418)
Total Entries: 27
ITM: 4 players

Event #18: Megastack Closer Turbo Full Payouts

Rank Player Prize (VN₫)
1st NORBERT KOH SHI-FU 52,760,000
2nd NGUYEN THI MINH THANH 26,000,000
3rd NGUYEN LONG 16,000,000
4th TRENT FECHTER 10,000,000

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