What’s next for poker legend Phil Ivey?

Aside from frequenting poker news in the past years due to his highly publicized edge sorting saga, Ivey has most recently joined the DAT Poker Podcast as a special guest for its 100th episode for some exciting content. The feature as hosted by Adam Schwartz, Terrence Chan, and Daniel Negreanu lasted for nearly an hour with the interview covering topics dating back to when Ivey started out playing cards, his golfing adventures, what he’s generally been up to these days and of course, his thoughts on the upcoming World Series of Poker events.

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Phil Ivey. Credit: King’s Casino Rozvadov

Plans to play the WSOP

With a total of 10 bracelets under his name, Ivey currently ranks second to 15-time top ranking bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth. It has been almost seven years since the icon had snagged his latest coveted WSOP prize back in June 2014, and while poker fans eagerly tuned in to the pro’s journey in adding more bracelets to his list of achievements, his participation on the following circuits was less than expected. Rising back from a short slumber, hints of Ivey joining this year’s competition remains highly likely.

“I still love the World Series of Poker, it’s definitely my favorite group of events. I just had some personal things that I needed to deal with the last couple of years so that I was not really able to give my attention and energy towards it but I look forward to playing those events in the future and stuff when they come back.”, said Ivey on the episode.

This followed with host Negreanu asking Ivey if he had any plans on making the live WSOP events this fall, in which he replied, “100 percent if I’m in town”.

Aside from his attendance to the upcoming live festival, the major brand’s schedule is fully lined up for the year with three online circuits happening on both GGNET – Natural8 and While Ivey’s online results remain close to his record of $31 million in total live earnings, the road to further online success stands clear with the pro’s naturally unparalleled skillset.

“..I just play, but I’m gonna start studying and putting some time and energy into it”, he noted in the interview and when questioned by Schwartz if he had gotten into modern poker strategy such as the use of solvers, he replied “No, I have not, but apparently I should.”

With multiple bracelets up for grabs this 2021, it’s certainly possible for Ivey to collect more of the prestigious awards on the line. Considering he’s five away from being number one, he likewise revealed his thoughts on passing Hellmuth for the overall title.

“Yeah, I think I could contend for it if I played all of the events, sure. It would be nice to pass him. Am I going to prioritize it? No, I’m not.”, Ivey highlighted.

Shift in priorities

Given poker was undeniably a monumental part of Ivey’s life, things have generally transitioned throughout the years with the game taking the passenger seat as the top pro eventually progressed in age. Ivey noted that his priorities in life have shifted away from the game and devotes more time now to his mental and physical health. The 44-year old icon revealed how he spends his time these days with the tune of quality time, yoga, meditation and golf.

“I put things ahead of poker now. Poker is not number one in my life anymore. My mental health and physical health, my family, things like that, I prioritize those things”, stated Ivey.

He referred to his day-to-day life at the moment to be “pretty boring” poker-wise with travel restrictions in place preventing him from traveling back to Asia for some high roller action. Ivey more importantly, mentioned how he ultimately feels more content now at this point in time as compared to back when he was chasing “feeling good”.

While poker may not be his top priority nowadays, poker fans are nonetheless, simply glad to hear that the pro is overall, doing great and at the same time, hopeful to see him once again dominate the field we all know.

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