WePoker’s Coup: Poker Icons Unite to Elevate the Game

When it comes to poker achievement, Tom Dwan is far less than Phil Ivey.

Phil Ivey, boasts 10 golden bracelets, had been widely recognized as a top-tier player in both tournaments and cash games. From the playing in underground rooms until reaching the pinnacle of the poker world during the golden era when poker gathered. He is unparalleled and unbeatable, with tournament winnings approaching $300 million. Not only aggressive, also possesses incredible judgment intuition.  Let’s imagine, you’re facing a player like this on a table, would you have the courage to challenge yourself?

Wepoker Coup - Phil Ivey

However, in the eyes of poker fans, Tom Dwan still holds a position that equal to Phil Ivey, he has gained fame in the community of Texas Hold’em Poker, and this is not only because of his success but also for his unique way of approaching his success.

Everyone reveres him as the pioneer of the “loose-aggressive” style. He started his poker journey with online poker with the screen name “durrr” at the age of 17, he openly admitted that when he came up with this interesting username “Durrr” while he was playing poker on the poker websites on trend during those times, and that is because he believed that this username would naturally enrage his opponents.

What’s more, his penchant of unexpected moves that shocking opponents  had led Chinese players get surprised: “So poker can be played like this?!”He believed that his screen name “Durrrr” would undoubtedly make his opponents feel uneasy while he’s taking down his opponents, and this brought him highly advantageous on the table.

tom dwan wepoker

Recently, two of these top-tier had announced that they are having a collaboration as the ambassador of WePoker, and of course, not surprisingly, this has brought up some shockwaves to the Poker community!

During an interview, they emphasized that this is a well-considered decision, and declared that they witnessed the diverse development of the industry over the years and the various issues plaguing numerous poker platforms, especially collusion behavior’s harm to the player experience and the industry, this is the reason they pledged to use their professional expertise to enhance the user experience on WePoker and create a fair, open-up, and secure competitive environment.

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