[Watch] Top six poker hands from Triton London

Triton London has served up many exciting stories this month, with fascinating battles, interesting characters and huge prizes on display. Amid all this, we have been treated to some real poker gems in terms of hands which showcase the talents of the players involved.

Here is our list of the six greatest moments from Triton London.

1 – An exciting Finnish


This hand takes place in the £25,000 NLH 6-Handed Turbo and involves famous Finn Patrik Antonius and Charlie Carrel. Just 28 of the 117 starters are still involved and the money bubble is not far away when Carrel decides to go to war with 8,4 off-suit against one of the best players in the world in a blind vs blind confrontation. The hand suddenly gets interesting on the river, leaving Antonius with a massive decision to make against an unusual line.

2 – Trickett trouble?


One of the most talked about hands in the Triton £1,000,000 tournament comes in the early levels, with Sam Trickett having already dropped to around half the starting stack. He finds himself three-handed on the flop against Stephen Chidwick and Bryn Kenney after opening with the best of it. Chidwick flops perfect before Trickett spikes the turn to get himself into a potentially fatal variety of trouble. Kenney then spices up the river, paving the way for an incredible twist.

3 – Ten-sion on the turn


This one starts innocuously enough with two players waking up with pocket tens in the £1,000,000 tournament. Al DeCarolis calls the three-bet shove of short-stacked Stanley Choi and we are all set for a chop. The flop brings two hearts and a 5% freeroll for DeCarolis but Choi seems relaxed. It’s all good fun when the sweat hits the flop, after all, running suits are a hard thing to hit. Things always get a bit scarier when they catch that first runner though…

4 – Big by name, big by nature


Just 8 players are left standing in the £1,000,000 event when this hand comes around. Professional player Timothy Adams opens, and quickly finds himself tangling with “Big” Al DeCarolis. The flop doesn’t exactly hit Adams hard and he tries to keep the bets small. In a perfect example of positional power however, Big Al decides to formulate a big plan.

5 – Vicious Vivek and Chidwick’s choice


With just 7 remaining in the £1,000,000 event, Vivek Rajkumar has been busy putting his big stack to work. In this hand, he once again decides to apply some pressure, this time to Stephen Chidwick in the big blind. With a dangerous looking runout and some seriously ramped up pressure on the river, Chidwick is faced with a life or death decision for all his chips. Will Rajkumar’s pressure be enough to decide the hand?

6 – Welcome to the jungle


Triton London’s £100,000 Main Event brought some truly fantastic poker to those watching, and no player was more responsible for that fact than Daniel Cates. In this hand, Paul Phua opts to see a flop after Cates opens for a raise. An ice-cold flop then sets the stage for some individual brilliance as the action intensifies by the river. There are several candidates for hand of the series at Triton London and this one is certainly among the leading contenders.

Article by Craig Bradshaw