USOP Taiwan Day 2 highlights: Justin Geronimo bags big at Mystery Bounty; William Jia, Vincent Chauve, Shao Me Yang, Wanyu Lo win events


Action packed Day 2 at U Series of Poker (USOP) Taiwan with an influx of new players arriving at the Asia Poker Arena in Taipei City. By night’s end, pots bloated and another batch of first time USOP winners were minted. Here are the highlights.

Mystery Bounty draws 388 for NTD 5.6M prize pool; Justin Geronimo bags big

The Mystery Bounty was the hottest item of the day to see the NTD 3M guarantee breached well before the start of the last flight. The last two flights brought in a combined 293 entries for 388 total and a prize pool of NTD 5,645,400 (~USD 181,510). Filipino player Justin Geronimo crushed the felt, bagging a huge 717,000, to earn the overall chip lead entering Day 2.

Justin Geronimo – file photo

Coming Day 2 on Sunday, January 7 starting at 12:15pm, 49 players will return, each one guaranteed a piece of the pot and a chance at drawing for mystery bounty prizes. The most hunted will be the NTD 450,000 (~USD 14,470) biggest bounty followed by second largest of NTD 250,000 (~USD 8,040) with one reserved for the final table. In addition to bounties, NTD 768,600 (~USD 24,700) awaits the eventual champion.

Date: January 5 to 7, 2024
Buy in: NTD 16,500 (~USD 528)
Guarantee: NTD 3,000,000 (~USD 96,450)
Total entries: 388
Total prize pool: NTD 5,645,400 (~USD 181,510)
Day 2 / ITM; 49 players

Flight results

Flight A: 95 entries / 12 ITM
Flight B: 151 entries / 19 ITM
Flight C: 142 entries / 18 ITM

Chips in play: 9,700,000
Average stack: 197,959
Day 2 opening blinds: 3000-6000 ante 6000

Day 2 qualifiers – 49 players

Player Flag Stack BB
Justin Geronimo Philippines 717,000 120
John Perry Australia 521,000 87
Cha Hua Tsai Taiwan 481,000 80
Jae Won Choi South Korea 435,000 73
Yong Jie Syu Taiwan 408,000 68
Kean Wei Tan Malaysia 385,000 64
Zhe Ming Lee Taiwan 369,000 62
Jian Yu Chen Taiwan 362,000 60
Wai Huen Lee Hong Kong 296,000 49
Hsien Lee Chiu Taiwan 273,000 46
Chien Yu Wang Taiwan 261,000 44
Kar Wee Chee Malaysia 237,000 40
Yu Hsiu Juan Taiwan 220,000 37
Shau Hong You Taiwan 219,000 37
Chien Fa Chou Taiwan 217,000 36
Nien Heng Li Taiwan 216,000 36
Tsu Lin Tsao Taiwan 212,000 35
Yu Kai Wang Taiwan 209,000 35
Chang Hau Huang Taiwan 201,000 34
Kyle Bao Diep Vietnam 191,000 32
Li Han Huang Taiwan 187,000 31
Jun Li UK 179,000 30
Jia Yu Liu Taiwan 175,000 29
Patrick Liang Taiwan 157,000 26
Yu Hua Chang Taiwan 151,000 25
Jamel Sarray Italy 150,000 25
Edwin Dela Cruz Philippines 141,000 24
Kai Yi Sun China 140,000 23
Huan Bin Chang Malaysia 129,000 22
Ryuji Ito Japan 127,000 21
Justin Tsui Australia 125,000 21
Po Yuan Huang Taiwan 124,000 21
Nguyen Dieu Phuong Linh Vietnam 122,000 20
Kuan Yu LIn Taiwan 119,000 20
Fan Yu Tseng Taiwan 116,000 19
Chieh Chi Liu Taiwan 115,000 19
Clement Haro France 115,000 19
Zong Chi He Taiwan 110,000 18
Chih Wei Chen Taiwan 101,000 17
Masato Nagamine Japan 100,000 17
Tse An Lee Taiwan 91,000 15
Yiu Cheong Ho Hong Kong 80,000 13
Yi Hsiang Lu Taiwan 77,000 13
Le Ngoc Minh Vietnam 75,000 13
Aladin Reskallah France 63,000 11
Ging Yu Huang Taiwan 60,000 10
Hong Yu Hsieh Taiwan 60,000 10
Chi Jen Chen Taiwan 40,000 7
Tao Chu Taiwan 36,000 6

WILLIAM JIA wins maiden USOP title at High Roller Warm Up

williamjia 3

The High Roller Warm Up brought some of the region’s most decorated to the tables which included two-time USOP super high roller winner Hoang Hai Nam on his first Taiwan venture. The event drew 61 entries to more than double the guarantee. The lone Australian at the final table, William Jia, topped the tough competition, denying local favorite Nevan Yu Chung Chang a back to back, to clinch his first ever USOP title. Included in the win was the first High Roller Series trophy and a cool payout of NTD 915,400 (~USD 29,430).

Jia resumed from his strong 2023 run where he reached an impressive 14 final tables on his first Asian circuit experience. This earned him over $360,000 in winnings. Today’s win marks Jia’s second cash of the series having finished 3rd at opening day’s Mini High Roller.

usoptaiwanhrwarmupft 2

Date: January 6, 2024
Buy in: NTD 50,000 (~USD 1,600)
Guarantee: NTD 1,000,000 (~USD 32,150)
Entries: 61
Prize pool: NTD 2,692,235 (~USD 86,560)
ITM: 10 places

Rank Player Flag
Payout in NTD
1 William Jia Australia 915,400
2 Nevan Yu Chung Chang Taiwan 525,000
3 Sean Ooi Malaysia 328,500
4 Tao Chu Taiwan 222,000
5 Kuo Chen Hung Taiwan 168,300
6 137,300
7 Ping Hsien Chan Taiwan 118,500
8 King Lun Alan Lau Hong Kong 105,000
9 Paul Nattapatsiri Thailand 91,500
10 Chia Chaing Ko Taiwan 80,800

VINCENT CHAUVE holds head high at the Big Bounty

vincentchauve 2

Decorated French player Vincent Chauve was the last head hunter remaining at the Big Bounty to clinch his first ever USOP title. On Chauve’s road to victory, he cleaned out nine hunters, each one paying out NTD 5,400 for NTD 48,600 in bounties. Added to the first prize payout of NTD 97,700, the champ collected a combined NTD 146,300 (~USD 4,700).

Date: January 6, 2024
Buy in: NTD 12,000 (~USD 385)
Entries: 52
Cash pool: NTD 264,000 (~USD 8,500)
Bounty pool: NTD 280,800 (~USD 9,030)
ITM: 7 places

*Bounties not included in payouts

Rank Player Flag
Payout in NTD
1 Vincent Chauve France 97,700
2 Thomas Liffick UK 58,100
3 Yutang Wang Taiwan 35,600
4 Naoya Yamashiro Japan 25,100
5 Jae Won Choi South Korea 19,800
6 Federico Faranda Germany 15,800
7 Chih Hung Ho Taiwan 11,900

Shao Me Yang wins maiden USOP title at Pot Limit Omaha Turbo


31 Pot Limit Omaha enthusiasts came out for the variant’s evening turbo, among them was Taiwan’s Shao Me Yang, a known frequenter of PLO games. Yang took it to the limit to bring home a maiden USOP title and NTD 94,700 (~USD 3,045) in winnings.

Date: January 6, 2024
Buy in: NTD 8,000 (~USD 255)
Entries: 31
Prize pool: NTD 210,500 (~USD 6,770)
ITM: 4 places

Rank Player Flag
Payout in NTD
1 Shao Me Yang Taiwan 94,700
2 Kuan Hua Huang Taiwan 56,800
3 Man Chung Tsui Hong Kong 35,800
4 Tiger Beng Wei Ong Malaysia 23,200

VIVIAN WANYU LO shines at Six Max Hyper Turbo for first live win


Swell turnout at the day’s last trophy event with a roaring 93 signups for the Six Max Hyper Turbo. The short-handed fast-paced game wrapped up in under five hours. It was a maiden victory for USOP’s Vivian Wanyu Lo after putting the brakes on the more achieved Japanese pro Nobuaki Sasaki at heads up. Lo became the first female to win at the series. In addition to lifting her career first trophy, Lo also walked away with a cool payout of NTD 126,000 (~USD 4,050).

Date: January 6, 2024
Buy in: NTD 5,000 (~USD 160)
Entries: 93
Prize pool: NTD 397,000 (~USD 12,765)
ITM: 12 places

Rank Player Flag
Payout in NTD
1 Vivian Wanyu Lo Taiwan 126,000
2 Nobuaki Sasaki Japan 75,400
3 Keon Young Oh South Korea 47,600
4 Anton Zhen Zhao Lu Australia 30,800
5 Ray Chiu Hong Kong 23,800
6 Weichen Lin Taiwan 18,900
7 Joshua Soo Tjan Malaysia 15,900
8 Kaihung Hu Taiwan 13,900
9 Sigma Nguyen Vietnam 12,600
10 Mao Lun Yu Taiwan 11,500
11 Yoo Eunjung South Korea 10,700
12 Clayton Jacobs Taiwan 9,900

USOP Taiwan 2024

Following a booming 2023, USOP opens the new year with a bigger and richer Taiwan festival. Compared to its launch last year, the schedule has increased from 23 trophy events to 45 trophy events. This ensures players plenty of chances to become a USOP champion. Buy ins range from NTD 5,000 (~USD 160) up to NTD 50,000 (~USD 1,590). With two days in the books, the mantle is down to 35 trophies. Claim yours!

usoptaiwantrophy 4 1

In partnership with the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association (CTP), the festival runs from January 5 to 15, 2024 at the Asia Poker Arena. It is headlined by the NTD 15,000,000 (~US$ 478,270) guaranteed MAIN EVENT which gets underway starting January 11 and runs until January 15. Buy in set at NTD 33,000 (~USD 1,075).


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