USOP Danang Day 3 recap: Robert Kiss ships Mystery Millions; Do Anh Tai, Daniel Tighe, Romain Bier, Yixuan Don win trophies


The U Series of Poker (USOP) season finale concluded another day of exciting poker action resulting in six more trophies leaving the awards table. The festival has been ongoing at Furama Resort located in the gorgeous coastal destination Danang, Vietnam. Games kicked off on November 17 and will run until November 27. Here are the Day 3 highlights.

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ROBERT KISS wins Mystery Millions, LEE WAI HUEN draws biggest bounty

mystery millions winner 1
Robert Nemeskeri-Kiss

What a finish for Robert Kiss to take down the Mystery Millions! At three-handed, with chips about even, Kiss eliminated Dang Minh Dat on a wild runner runner. Dang was all in holding AhKh, Kiss called with 6s6d, the board ran 4hAcKd6c6h. Facing Do Van Tang at heads up, it was a quick finish. Do shoved his 6c6d on a flop Jh2c9s, Kiss had AdJc top pair. The turn was 3s and river 5d. Kiss shipped the VN₫ 710,000,000 top prize plus 9 bounties amounting to VN₫ 110,000,000 for a total payout of VN₫ 820,000,000 (~$33,800). Kiss was the first player from the USA to win at the series.

Watch the final table action via the USOP YouTube livestream link below.

Event recap

On opening day, USOP Danang welcomed players in with the highly popular Mystery Millions featuring a VN₫ 4 Billion guarantee, which was boosted an extra billion from previous. Players flocked to the felt, and after three starters, it drew a roaring 555 entries, padded up to 568 entries due to the Ho Chi Minh satellite feeder. With buy in at VN₫ 11,000,000 (~$465), the prize pool ballooned to VN₫ 5,509,500,000 (~$227,055).


Entering Day 2, 72 players were guaranteed to money and a shot at drawing bounties. Overnight chip leader Lee Wai Huen finished in 16th place but not before pulling the biggest bounty worth VN₫ 300,000,000 (~$12,360). This was eight times more than his ITM payout of VN₫ 37,300,000.

leewaihuen 1
Lee Wai Huen

Tan Xiaohui also earned VN₫ 300,000,000 in bounties. Tan pulled a VN₫ 200 Million and VN₫ 100 Million. She finished in 5th place for an added VN₫ 168,600,000 (~$6,950).

Tan Xiaohui

Date: November 17 to 19, 2023
Buy in: VN₫ 11,000,000 (~$465)
Guarantee: VN₫ 4,000,000,000 (~$165,000)
Entries: 568
Prize pool: VN₫ 3,566,500,000 (~$147,930)
Bounty pool: VN₫ 1,920,000,000 (~$79,130)
ITM: 72 players

Final table payouts

Place Player Bounty Total Payout
1 Robert Nemeskeri-Kiss ₫110,000,000 ₫820,000,000
2 Do Van Thang ₫60,000,000 ₫558,000,000
3 Dang Minh Dat ₫195,000,000 ₫497,400,000
4 Mai Bien ₫15,000,000 ₫227,000,000
5 Tan Xiaohui ₫300,000,000 ₫468,600,000
6 Do Tuan Phong ₫15,000,000 ₫153,200,000
7 Lee Seok Young ₫30,000,000 ₫141,300,000
8 Xu Mei ₫86,600,000
9 Nguyen Duy Tung ₫65,000,000 ₫132,000,000

Full results in USOP Daang – Festival Results

DANIEL TIGHE cleans up to win Short Deck

shortdeck winner 1
Daniel Tighe

After Daniel Tighe delivered the bubble with Ah9h outdrawing AsQc, he went on to rail the next last two players in his path to capture his first ever USOP trophy. He also collected a cool VN₫ 126,100,000 (~$5,200) and put Ireland on the board.

Date: November 19, 2023
Buy in: VN₫ 11,000,000 (~$465)
Entries: 26 (18 unique)
Prize pool: VN₫ 252,200,000  (~$10,390)
ITM: 3 places

1 Daniel Tighe ₫126,100,000
2 Ivan Ermin ₫75,600,000
3 Tan Wah Meng ₫50,500,000

DO ANH TAI dominates the Mini High Roller

Second trophy for Vietnam after Do Anh Tai closed out the day’s Mini High Roller. do outlasted the 58 runners to pocket VN₫ 416,000,000 (~$17,140) and his first ever USOP title.

15 mini high roller winner
Do Anh Tai

Leading up to Do’s victory, at five handed he earned a chunk of chips off Bui Quang Tung with Kd5d quads on a board 8hKcKsKhQc. Bui showed 8h full house. Do then proceeded to clean out Meherzad Munsaf who risked it with 2s4s gutshot/flush draw that failed to improve against AcAs. After Shen Hao eliminated Bui in 4th place, Natalia Rozova fell to Do in 3rd place with Qd3d outdrawn by 9d5d that flopped trip nines then improved to a boat. This lead to heads up with Do ahead 63 bb to Shen’s 33 bb.

Despite the deep stacks, the end came fairly quick. Do three-bet all in with 7s7h, Shen snapped with QhQd, the board dropped a Seven on the flop and ran out 7c4cAh10sJc for a winning set.

Date: November 19, 2023
Buy in: VN₫ 22,000,000 (~$930)
Guarantee: VN₫ 400,000,000 (~$16,480)
Entries: 58 (48 unique)
Prize pool: VN₫ 1,125,200,000  (~$46,370)
ITM: 7 places

1 Do Anh Tai ₫416,000,000
2 Shen Hao ₫247,000,000
3 Rozova Natalia ₫152,000,000
4 Bui Quang Tung ₫110,900,000
5 Munsaf Meherzad Viraf ₫84,400,000
6 Doan Quang Trung ₫63,500,000
7 Kyaw Paing Htet ₫51,400,000

ROMAIN BIER wins the Turbo event

turbo winner
Bier Romain Michel

The French team “Cimitarra” is attending its first ever USOP event and on Day 3, Romain Bier came out golden at the Turbo event. At three-handed, Bier denied Yin Wenhua a second series title with his AhQh dominating Ac10d. Facing Vu Thai Bao at heads up, it was a quick finish. On a turn board Ac8c2s9d, Vu shoved with 5c6c, Bier called with 9h2h two pair, the river was 6d. Bier became the first player from France and from his team to win a trophy in this series.

Date: November 19, 2023
Buy in: VN₫ 4,500,000 (~$190)
Entries: 96 (71 unique)
Prize pool: VN₫ 372,400,000  (~$15,350)
ITM: 12 places

Final table payouts

1 Bier Romain Michel ₫114,000,000
2 Vu Thai Bao ₫70,500,000
3 Yin Wenhua ₫44,100,000
4 Abhishek Paul ₫29,600,000
5 Lee Junghyun ₫22,500,000
6 Myagmarsuren Ariuntemuujin ₫18,100,000
7 Sze Yuk Ping ₫15,500,000
8 Cemepehko Denis ₫13,600,000
9 Tiew Kar Huat ₫12,100,000

Full results in USOP Daang – Festival Results

YIXUAN DONG wins Bounty Hunter Turbo

Yixuan Dong emerged victorious at the Bounty Hunter Turbo to collect VN₫ 72,500,000 plus 10 bounties amounting to VN₫ 20,000,000 for a combined payout of VN₫ 92,500,000 (~$3,800).

bounty hunter hyper turbo winner
Dong Yixuan

Picking up the action at five-handed, Dong won all of showdowns to capture the win. Her first clash was with hot running Nevan Yu Chung Chang who was on his third final table ITM. Dong’s Ac8c paired the Eight to dust 5s5d.

Down to four players, Dong doubled up through Jeong Hyun Woo then sent him packing on the next shove with Ks10h pairing the King to crack QdQh. Facing Guy Taylor at heads up, Dong shipped the win with Ah7h straight against AcJs on a final board 5c6sQh9d8h. Dong became the fourth player from China to win at the series.

Date: November 19, 2023
Buy in: VN₫ 6,600,000 (~$279)
Entries: 50 (43 unique)
Prize pool: VN₫ 191,000,000  (~$7,870)
ITM: 6 places

*Payout includes bounties

1 Dong Yixuan ₫92,500,000
2 Guy Taylor ₫55,900,000
3 Jeong Hyun Woo ₫33,900,000
4 Lee Koangho ₫34,100,000
5 Chang Yu Chung ₫22,800,000
6 Nattapatsiri Paul ₫11,800,000

Other Day 3 highlights:

Record breaking day at USOP Danang Day 3

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