USOP: A week into the World of Champions.

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U Series Of Poker – World of Champions III has just added on a brand new champ to their hall-of fame. The Poker series that began on the 17th of July 2022, saw the grand conclusion of its Kick-Off Single day event with  30,000 GTD. The event champion, nick names Blades (ID: 956275) along with the other top 9 winners are listed in the link here:

USOP KickOffChampion 18072022 01

USOP is garnering tremendous love and support from poker lover around the world. With the Warm-Up side event coming up very soon July 22nd 2022, you could be the next USOP champion. The Warm-Up event is a multi-day MTT, which will be ending on 24th July 2022. Be sure to check out the schedules and register for your favourite events.

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This is the chance to cement your name among poker’s legendary players. However, as the saying goes, every grand journey begins with a single step and the first step is to get yourself registered for one of the many events of USOP World of Champions III.

The USOP Hall-of-Famers seen below took that first step in the first USOP World of Champions and it proved to be the best decision in their lives. Below are images of the previous USOP winners.

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