UPoker’s Tantalizing Trick or Treat

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We’re big fans of Halloween here at UPoker and if you are anything like us, you’ll enjoy being on our bigger better poker platform come this Halloween season. Beginning from 27th October to 3rd November 2021, the yearly costumes and candy custom is creeping into your mobile-device via UPoker’s Tantalizing Trick or Treat. Dive pumpkin-head first into the article below, and get a picture of the plethora of party-worthy poker rewards we prepared for your pleasure.

The Fright – Night Halloween Theme

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Like all good All Hallows Eve party plans, UPoker’s too begins with a costume. The team of dedicated UPoker designers and programmers have put their creative gears into task to conjure a crafty table theme that will immerse anyone in the seasons vibes. Soak in the bats, jack-o-lanterns and the eight-legged hell-spawn that has become the undeniable mascots of Halloween in the Fright Night table theme. This terrific thrilling table theme is capped off with an eye-ball dealer button just to up the ante on the creep-factor even further. If you were with UPoker during October last year (2020), you would have noticed a sudden surge of Halloween themed emojis. Since our top trick-or-treaters never jumped ship and became trick-or-traitors we’ve decided to give you the Fright Night Table Theme (for 300 diamonds) to match the LOL-worthy Halloween Emoji pack. To be honest the reference images you see along with this article does not do the the theme justice as the artistry is truly magnificent in person, and can’t be recreated anywhere else except in the UPoker online mobile poker application.

It will rain gold!

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Despite what the title of the UPoker Halloween Campaign suggests, there seems to be an overwhelming surplus of treats and not enough tricks. You did not read the sub-header wrong, the propitious sentence humbly describes the very first treat in-store at the UPoker achievements section. Players who have completed twenty-five-hundred hands in either PLO or OFC tables will be able to claim 20,000 lobby gold-coins. Now if we had left it at there, the reward promised will be a hand-full and good but that’s not how UPoker rolls. Players get to complete this task 3 times over and claim a total of 60,000 lobby gold-coins making this reward bigger and better, the UPoker way.

High Hand Hocus Pocus

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What could be the ultimate reward for an impressive Halloween treat if not the UPoker’s Ultimate VIP card. The High Hand Hocus Pocus challenge is sure to freak you out but in the most pleasant way possible. Simply hit either a Straight Flush or Royal flush in either a PLO or NLH table to take home (to your UPoker profile) a 30-day Ultimate VIP Card. The UPoker’s Ultimate VIP card is one of the most precious in-app items you could get as it surely elevates the way players experience the game. There surely must have been a mistake in the campaign design and someone in the discussion room mistook Halloween for Christmas and decided this is the season of giving. As far as UPoker VIP cards go this isn’t even a bigger better reward this is the biggest and best the application offers. Aside from the heap of handsome features one stand out privilege enjoyed by a UPoker Ultimate VIP card holder is the offline-protection function. The app will halt the poker-game just in-case your device gets disconnect in any way during game-play.

Halloween Duel

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Here’s yet another knock-out offer by UPoker, specifically for Progressive KO MTT lovers. Knockout players 150 times in KO- Progressive MTT tournaments and win 200 diamonds. Players get to accumulate their ‘head-count’ throughout multiple KO Tournaments to reach a total of 150 knock-outs.  In tandem with the three thrillers above comes the Halloween-Duel  killer deal. Players now get to win diamonds, with which a variety of in-app features can be unlocked. Rabbit-cards, time-banks, emojis and multi-emojis are just a fraction of the things having diamonds allows a player to experience within UPoker. If you are a UPoker club owner you’d notice that Marilyn Monroe was only half right when she sang Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Club owners too are best buddies with diamonds. From adding chips to your club, to giving VIP card gifts, or even organizing free-roll MTTs having extra diamonds in your profile account greatly enhances the club experience for both the UPoker club owner and club players alike.

(To find out how to play in a UPoker Club, simple inquire us at: care@upoker.net)

Halloween MTT Series  – 15 Million Lobby Gold GTD

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We know poker players love MTTs as it is where you get a holistic experience of the game. UPoker MTTs reward true skill and this Halloween season,
Everyday for a whole week between 27
th October to 3rd November 2021 UPoker lobby will be having MTTs of all game types that can be presented in MTT format. NLH, PLO, SDK. Not only do winner of the Halloween MTT series will be able to bag home a hefty gold-coin reward, they will also be competing for 7-day Gold or Elite VIP cards. With each MTT offering 2 Gold cards and 3 Elite cards that are up for grabs.
The Halloween MTT Series Main Event the Halloween Gladiator offers 30 days Gold & Elite VIP cards as part of the prize on top of the 1.5 Million GTD.

If you ever wondered what it’s like to be a UPoker VIP player, this could be you chance to be several hundred thousands richer in lobby gold and become a 30 day VIP card holder.

Put on your game-face and get UPoker in your device

Download UPoker to have an ultimate poker experience with a bigger better poker Halloween. UPoker is a tailored poker universe with a global poker community. This ultimate poker application made with a player-first mindset is compatible with all iOS, Android and Windows devices. Get playing and start trick or treating with UPoker

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