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[Press Release] Every online mobile poker player dreams to play in a BOT-FREE environment that is guaranteed safe. With an organic grown player-base, UPoker ensures your poker ecosystem is fueled by real people and real friendships. UPoker is against bots and that’s just the beginning of the good news. With UPoker you may enjoy a bot-free poker environment in every variant of the game. Be it No-Limit Holdem’ (NLH), Pot Limit Omaha 4 cards or 5 cards (PLO), Open Face Chinese Poker (OFC), or even the recently popular Short Deck Poker (SDK). UPoker is available for free download in both Google Playstore and Apple Appstore, and is compatible with all mobile devices.

With our Multi-Screen feature, UPoker provides you the option to play all poker variants, UP TO 4 TABLES at the same time with just a SINGLE DEVICE. Our Multi-Screen feature enhances the Club to Multi-Union aspect of UPoker. You may play various poker styles, from multiple regions in different time-zones at the same time!

Multi-Screen + Club to Multi-Union

UPoker‘s Multi-Union feature enlighten you to join clubs into multiple unions consisting of clubs from various time-zones. Imagine joining a club that is part of 2 unions; Union A which contains clubs from U.S.A, Europe and Russia and Union B which contains clubs from Australia, South Africa and Asia. All the tables of all the clubs in those two unions will be visible for you to pick and sit. You now have the ability to play 4 different poker games, from 4 different regions in 4 different time-zones all at once on the same screen. Club owners and administrators can now multi-task by managing clubs and playing in tables at the same time with the Multi-Screen feature.

You may activate the Multi-Screen feature in three easy steps as shown below:

Ecosystem Enhancement

UPoker’s fee-distribution system offers 65 % for the losing party and 35% fee-return for the winners.

This helps UPoker club owners to retain recreational players. Our fee distribution system ensures the sustainability of your ecosystem. When you are with UPoker, you’re in for the long-run!

Secured Environment

First and foremost, UPoker’s random number generators have been awarded the Gaming Labs International (GLI) certificate. This verification of our integrity is evident that UPoker is able to provide a safe and fair poker gaming environment. This means the odds in UPoker are fair and the cards are completely randomized. Our GPS and IP restriction features stops players who are close to each other, from sitting at the same table to plan-out unethical behavior. UPoker also gives club owners a pop-up warning for continuous zero fee from suspicious tables.

Ease of management

Traditionally, when tracing players, club owners need to look through every table manually to track the individual down. UPoker gives club owners the ability to trace players easily under member management. UPoker also allows an infinite number of tables to be executed with a SINGLE button.

Listed below are some of the automated features made possible by UPoker’s advanced platform:


Club-to-Multi Union

­­UPoker’s mechanism goes further than just the clubs, we have reached great new heights with the Club to Multi Union feature. A union is able to hold up to 25 clubs under it, with each club having the potential to hold up to 1200 members. With the club to Multi-Union feature, your club is able to be a part of two unions. This gives your club visibility of all the tables from those 50 clubs and play with up to 60,000 members. It doesn’t end there, the unions you are part of may create completely new unions which further expands your club’s visibility. This gives your club more traffic and more action. Such a club will gain the loyalty of its members as your members face less hassle to have access to multiple clubs.


Multi-Union also means your club may join unions from various time-zones. This will ensure your players experience a truly global poker club that never sleeps. As one region’s poker traffic slows down, another starts afresh.

Build your empire

Become a skillful leader as a UPoker Union head. As a union head one could ban or blacklist clubs with suspicious activity. You may also set each club’s chip-limit, and send out or claim back club chips to take complete control over the chip-flow. Create incentives for your poker community by building your own empire, empowered by UPoker. Download UPoker and reward yourself today!

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