Triton Super High Roller Series Final 9 Live Updates

The Triton Super High Roller Series Main Event is underway at Solaire Resort & Casino in Manila, Philippines with final nine players at the felt, all chasing the massive first place purse of HKD16,135,550 (US$2,080,328). The Main Event drew in 62 entries plus 39 add-ons to bring the total prize pool up to a hefty HKD48,747,650 (US$6,286,240). Updates will be posted at the bottom of this article.

6:40PM: Wai Kin Yong wins the Main Event!

Level 25: Blinds 125K-250K ante 25K

Wai Kin Yong

It’s all over!! Wai Kin Yong has just eliminated Bryn Kenney in 2nd place to capture his second Triton SHR Series title!

Back in early September, Yong took down the Triton SHR charity event. Though it wasn’t heavily advertised, he seized over HKD 6M in winnings. Tonight, he bagged an even bigger purse of HKD16,135,550.

At the heads up round, Yong held a 2:1 chip lead against Kenney, It didn’t take long for them to get all their chips in the middle. When it happened, Kenney held Kh9h and Yong with Kd10d. The board ran Ad6c2h5h2d and in a flash that was it.

Bryn Kenney took 2nd place for HKD10,870,700

Wai Kin Yong wins HKD16,135,550!

6:30PM: Heads up between Yong and Kenney

Level 25: Blinds 125K-250K ante 25K
After just over four hours of play, we are down to the final two players with Wai Kin Yong and Bryn Kenney going head-to-head for the title and the HKD 16,135,550 first place purse.

Wai Kin Yong 16M
Bryn Kenney 8.1M

6:15PM: Yong cripples Aido, then sends him out in 3rd – HKD 6,580,900

Level 25: Blinds 125K-250K ante 25K

Spain’s Sergio Aido, came into the final nine on fire. He eliminated three players, Frenchman Arnaud Romain, Malaysia’s Wai Leong Chan, USA’s David Peters, and poker legend, Indonesia’s John Juanda. Amassing a stack that neared half of the chips in play, Aido seemed to be well on his way to shipping in the entire load but then ran into some trouble at three-handed, most especially against the young Malaysian, Wai Kin Yong.

It took two successive hands for Yong to put the lid on Aido and send him out in 3rd place. After Aido lost a pot to Kenney (previous hand reported), Aido defended his big blind and called a raise of 550K by Yong. At the flop of 10d9d8s, Aido checked, Yong bet 600K, and Aido moved all in. With about even stacks, Yong called for a showdown. Aido held 7d4d for a flush and open ended draw, while Yong had 10c8h two pair. The turn of Qs and river of 7h was no help to Aido and he was crippled way down to 75K in chips.

Unable to meet the small blind, Aido was forced all in on the next hand and was eliminated by Yong.

Aido earned HKD 6,580,900 for his 3rd place finish and killer performance at the felt.

6:10PM: Queen high good for Kenney

Level 25: Blinds 125K-250K andy 25K

The once very short stacked and highly dominated pro at the final nine, Bryn Kenney is on the rise. He just earned a sizable pot against chip Sergio Aido to bring him closer to average stack.

Action began with Aido raising to 425K on the button and Kenney calling on the big blind. At the flop of Kc3h4s, Keney check-called Aido‘s 400K bet, then on the Kd turn, they both checked. With the river of As, Kenney led out for 925K and Aido opted to call and get a look at Kenney‘s hole cards. Kenney showed QcJs and Aido chuckled at the queen high as he mucked his hand and paid the bet. Kenney up to 7.9M.

5:50PM: Actions slows down; Break time

3 handed play

Action has slowed down significantly with three players remaining. They are now in a short dinner break. Here are the chips counts.

Sergio Aido 10.7M
Wai Kin Yong 7.5M
Bryn Kenney 6M

4:55PM: Aido and Yong butting heads

Level 23: Blinds 75K-150K ante 25K

Sergio Aido and Wai Yong Kin

Looking for some payback, Sergio Aido went head-t-head against Wai Yong Kin in two hands with both of them getting the other to pay up.

The first encounter was a massive one with Aido cracking Yong‘s aces to regain the lead and crippled the young Malaysian. It began with Aido defending his big blind by calling Yong‘s raise on the button. On a flop of KcJc8s, Aido check-called Yong‘s continuation bet, and did the same on the turn of 3h. On the river of 3d, things got hairy for Yong who was put in the tanker by Aido’s shove. After assessing the board, Yong called. Yong turned up pocket aces but Aido had him way beat with Ks3c full house. Aido climbed to over 14M and Yong plummeted to just over 1.5M.

The subsequent hand saw Yong move all in with K-2 off suit and Aido making the call with J-10 off suit. The board ran a dramatic three-kings giving Yong quads and a much needed double up to over 3M.

4:40PM: Yong hits Aido’s stack, takes chip lead

Level 23: Blinds 75K-150K ante 25K

Wai Kin Yong

Ever since the first big hand of the day, Wai Kin Yong lost his chip leader’s status. Since then, he has been in the shadow of Sergio Aido who has just been dominating the final table. While Yong has managed to keep himself out of any danger, he did lose some chips to Bryn Kenney in a previous hand.

He quickly recovered landing a big double up against the hot-handed Spaniard Aido. Yong held 7h7d and Aido with AhKh. Despite the board felting two hearts, the rest of it ran dry and low for Aido and Yong doubled up to 10M. Aido fell to just over 6M.

4:35PM: Bryn Kenney gets a stack boost

Level 23: Blinds 75K-150K ante 25K

Bryn Kenney

With the average stack at 8M, and Sergio Aido holding nearly half of the chips in play, Bryn Kenney was on the opposite end with just over 1.5M. In a hand against Wai Yong Kin, he was able to double that up with his AcJd shove that Yong called with KcQd. The board ran 9cJs7d improving Kenney’s lead, but with a Qs on the turn, Yong overtook. Then the river of As changed it up again with Kenney picking up a dominating two pair.

4:10PM: John Juanda railed by Aido in 4th place – HKD 4,533,500

Level 22: 60K-120K ante 20K

Sergio Aido is simply unstoppable. He already has three heads under his belt and has just placed another on a stake. The unfortunate casualty in 4th place was poker legend John Juanda.

After losing some chips to Aido in a previous hand (unreported), Juanda put his tournament life on the line with Qc10c and faced Aido with JhJc. The board bricked, running 7s9h4s2c2h and that was it, Juanda took 4th for a HKD4,533,500 payout.

3:30PM: Winfred Yu dusted by Juanda in 5th place – HKD3,119,800

Level 22: 60K-120K ante 20K

Returning from the break, small blind Winfred Yu three-bet shoved his stack of 7 bbs and initial raiser John Juanda called from the button. Yu held Qd9d and Juanda with 8d7h. The board ran 5h7c8c2h3s for two pair to Juanda and Yu the 5th place berth.

As Yu was on his walk of shame, justifying his shove with Bryn Kenney agreeing, Juanda chided, “No, you can’t shove on me. Don’t listen to Bryn, he just wanted your chips.”

Despite being stopped before the finish line, Yu has just added another deep run to his stats this year.

3:20PM: Break time chip counts

We are at the first 10-minute break of the tournament.

Sergio Aido 10.6M
John Juanda 5.47M
Wai Kin Yong 5.3M
Bryn Kenney 2.095M
Winfred Yu 930K

3:05PM Peter Chan eliminated by Kenney in 6th place – HKD2,339,900

Level 21: 50K-100K ante 15K

Peter Chan

Hong Kong‘s Peter Chan opted not to wait for the blinds to reach him and shoved from under-the-gun with J-7 off suit. After action folded around to the small blind Bryn Kenney, he made the quick call with his dominating A-K off suit. The board bricked and Chan was the next casualty, finishing in 6th place. Kenney is now up to 2.7M in chips.

Five players remaining.

2:50PM: Bang bang! Chan and Peters downed by Aido

Sergio Aido

Sergio Aido is on a killing spree! Shortly after booting out Arnaud Romain with his cowboys, he sharpened his tips and spun his spurs and bang bang sent Wai Leong Chan and David Peters out simultaneously. Chan was all in with A-Q off suit, Peters with A-6 off suit, and Aido with red hot cowboys. No help came for the drawers and the field was quickly cut to 6 players.

Aido now up to 10M in chips.

Wai Leong Chan takes 7th place for HKD 1,901,200

David Peters takes 8th place for HKD 1,657,400

2:45PM: John Juanda takes the chip lead

Just a few minutes ago, Sergio Aido held the chip lead but with action fast and fierce at the table, that quickly changed. John Juanda now has the chip lead after landing a big double up against David Peters. Juanda held A-K off suit dominating Peters who had K-Q off suit. The board was favorable to Juanda with an ace showing up. Juanda shipped in over 5.5M in chips while Peters fell to over half a million in chips, way below the average stack.

2:35PM: Arnaud Romain out first! 9th place HKD1,608,700 

Frenchman Arnaud Romain entered the day running second in chip command. He lost over a million of it to Wai Leong Chan but hoped to score a double up when he shoved with A-K. Unfortunately for him, he ran smack into Sergio Aido‘s pocket kings. When the board ran out, there was no improvement for Romain and he fell as the first casualty of the day in 9th place.

Aido is now up to 5M in chips and has taken over the chip lead.

2:15PM: Winfred Yu doubles up to stay in the game

After Winfred Yu paid Wai Leong Chan a double up, he shoved his ailing short stack with Kc7c and David Peters called with 5c8c. Though not necessary, Yu improved to a pair when a king landed on the felt and he doubled up to almost 700K.

2:10PM: Wai Leong Chan doubles up twice

 The shortest stack at the table, Wai Leong Chan has quickly gotten himself out of the hole, pushing his chips in the middle in back-to-back hands and successfully doubling up in both occasions. The first hand was won against Winfred Yu with his Qh2h landing a small pair against Ah10h, and the other against Arnaud Romain with his pocket fives improving to a set to survive against big slick. Chan is now up to 2.7M chips.

2:00PM: Finalists Presentation

Finalists Presentation

Here are the final nine players according to seat chart.

Seat 1: Arnaud Romain (France)
Seat 2: Wai Leong Chan (Malaysia)
Seat 3: Bryn Kenney (USA)
Seat 4: John Juanda (Indonesia)
Seat 5: David Peters {USA)
Seat 6: Peter Chan (Hong Kong)
Seat 7: Winfred Yu (Hong Kong)
Seat 8: Sergio Aido (Spain)
Seat 9: Wai Kin Yong (Malaysia)


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