Triton Returns with HKD 1M Buy-In Short Deck Event

Triton Poker is back once again, bringing with it all the usual familiar joys of high stakes tournaments. There will however be something a little less familiar this time around, with the introduction of a short deck ante-only event.

Short deck ante-only event

In fact, there will be two. The first is a HK$250,000 multiple re-entry event starting May 13th and the second is a HK$1,000,000 event starting May 17th.

For those who have not yet heard the term, a ‘short deck’ is simply a deck of cards with all the 2’s,3’s,4’s and 5’s removed. An ace can take the role of a 5 for the purposes of making straights. This throws up interesting dynamics, such as it being harder to complete flush draws, and open-end straight draws being more valuable. There will also be more pairs, two-pairs and trips being hit too, so all in all, it is very much a game for the action junkies. Both the short deck games will be ante only.

Tom Dwan explains short-deck poker (6-Plus Hold’em)


An action packed festival

These two exciting events will feature alongside a 6-max HK$250,000 event starting May 13th and the HK$1,000,000 Main Event on May 15th. The Maestral Resort & Casino in Montenegro will be hosting the series, with all the action being televised and a host of star names expected to attend. Multiple re-entries will be permitted during the series, with shot clocks in operation to keep the action flowing throughout.  

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Article by Craig Bradshaw