TMT 9 X APT final week results: Chen An Lin ships the Main Event; Chan Lok Ming scores Player of the Series; Zong Chi He & Kun Han Lee win APT SHR titles

The Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association (CTP Club) wrapped up another successful live event in Taipei City with the Taiwan Millions Tournament Season 9 awarding big prizes throughout. The popular homegrown festival ran from October 23 to November 9, offering a total of 30 events and 18 Daily Deepstacks. Highly revered brand Asian Poker Tour joined the festivities with five events hosted and an APT Championships at CTP Taichung. It all concluded with live tournament pro Chen An Lin taking down the Main Event for his first major title on home soil. Another player ruling the charts was Hong Kong’s Chan Lok Ming, the only one to capture three series events to lock up the TMT 9 Player of the Series title. At the APT Super High Roller events, local star Zong Chi He and Kun Han Lee emerged victorious. Check out our earlier post on the first half results, read on below for the final half.

Event #17: Main Event – CHEN AN LIN – NT$ 1,205,000 (~US$ 42,100)

Taiwanese pro Chen An Lin secured his first ever TMT title after topping a field of 1,066 at the featured Main Event. At the final table, Lin dominated, eventually defeating Chung Chie Kuan at heads up. For his victory, Lin earned the larger payout deal of NT$ 1,205,000 (~US$ 42,100) and a CTP Platinum Pass worth NT$ 25,000.

tmt main event winner
Main Event winner Chen An Lin. Credit: CTP Club Facebook

For those unfamiliar with Chen An Lin, the pro has been tackling the live felt for over a decade. His achievements across the globe include deep runs in places such as Monte Carlo, Australia, Korea, Philippines, USA, and Macau. His biggest year was 2018 where he scored two six figure payouts – US$ 141,434 at the Aussie Millions Main Event for 8th place and US$ 147,642 at the PokerStars Macau Millions Main Event for 1st place. Prior to his latest win, Lin finished 3rd at the festival opener APT – Natural8 Open Super High Roller 6 Max for NT$ 425,000 (~US$ 14,870). To date, he has accrued over US$ 1.3 million in live earnings.

Date: November 1 to 9
Buy in: NT$ 8,000 (~US$ 280)
Guarantee: NT$ 2,500,000 (~US$ 87,400)
Entries: 1,066
Prize pool: NT$ 7,031,300 (~US$ 246,000)
ITM: 124 places

The TMT 9 Main Event was another guarantee smasher turning NT$ 2.5 million into NT$ 7,031,300 (~US$ 246,000). The final table saw Lin lead for a majority of the action with Chung Chie Kuan tightening the gap after railing Ji Ying Tang in 3rd place. Facing off for the title, both players immediately agreed to reduce the pay jump. Chung Chie Kuan was already looking to pocket his biggest known live score. After an hour of intense exchanges, the final hand arrived. Lin 7c7h, Kuan 9d9h. Progressive bets by Kuan with Lin check-calling the board 9s8c6d10h. On the river 4d, Lin checked once more, Kuan tank-all in, snap called by Lin with the winning straight.

Final table results

1st Chen An Lin – Taiwan – NT$ 1,205,000 (deal reached)
2nd Chung Chie Kuan – Taiwan – NT$ 1,120,000 (deal reached)
3rd Ji Ying Tang – Taiwan – NT$ 532,800
4th Wei Chia Huang – Taiwan – NT$ 388,500
5th Cheng How Pan – Taiwan – NT$ 262,800
6th Chi Jen Chu – Taiwan – NT$ 191,800
7th Zeng Yi Li – Taiwan – NT$ 163,400
8th Fu Yen Chan – Taiwan – NT$ 142,100
9th Hsu Huang – Taiwan – NT$ 120,800

TMT 9 Player of the Series – CHAN LOK MING – 558.81 points

player of the series
Chan Lok Ming. Credit: CTP Club Facebook

Hong Kong hotshot Chan Lok Ming stole the first half of the series by becoming the only player to win two events. Chan took down the opener APT – Natural8 Open Super High Roller 6 Max and the Mini Main Event for a combined NT$ 1,129,200 (~US$ 39,500). In the final half, Chan’s rule continued. He took 3rd at Event #18: TMT 9 High Roller, shipped Event #29: TMT 9 High Roller to add a third series trophy to his shelf, and also won the Daily Deepstack #14. No other player reached such heights. For his achievements, Chan accrued the most points to win the TMT 9 Player of the Series title and a CTP Platinum Pass worth NT$ 25,000.

It was a tight race for 2nd place with Philip King Chung Wang just edging Ori Kossongi who took 3rd place. Wang ended with 469.97 points to win the TMT 10 Early Bird Package and one Mini Main Event seat, Kossonogi with 469.23 points won one seat to TMT 10 Mini Main Event.

TMT Team of the Series – ITM Dream Team – 59.9 points

team winner
Credit: CTP Club Facebook

The TMT Team of the Series was a newly introduced contest, similar to the Player of the Series. Each team was made up of four players and each team earned points when a player reached the money. The “ITM Dream Team” consisting of Chia Yun Wu, Philip Kung Chung Wang, Chih Ying Liang, and Chen Shou Dian claimed victory with 59.9 points. For player Chia Yun Wu, he may not have achieved a “back to back to back” Player of the Series title however, a title at the Team of the Series should do just as well. Each player in the ITM Dream Team won a CTP Platinum Pass worth NT$ 25,000.

Earning 2nd place was “Fried Chicken Team” with 56.3 points. The team players were Chan Lok Ming, Ping Hao Huang, Li Lun Hsiao, and Ori Kossonogi. Each of the players won a TMT 10 Early Bird Package worth NT$ 8,000.

Event #24: APT Super High Roller – ZONG CHI HE – NT$ 440,000 (~US$ 15,400)

During the first half of the series, local crusher Zong Chi He won the TMT Fighters event, topping a field of 149 for NT$ 112,100 (~US$ 3,900). In the last half, He came out on top once more, this time at the APT Super High Roller event for a much larger payout of NT$ 440,000 (~US$ 15,400). This was He’s third APT side event career win and first under the Super High Roller category. These wins however pale in comparison to his four Main Event titles, all won at the CTP Club – the 2019 HKPPA Premier League Main Event for US$ 39,000, TMT 6 Main Event win for US$ 24,200, APT Taiwan Main Event for US$ 63,300, and the APPT Open Taipei Main Event for his largest career score of US$ 97,300.

Buy in: NT$ 33,000 (~US$ 1,150)
Entries: 48
Prize pool: NT$ 1,440,000 (~US$ 50,400)
ITM: 7 places


1st Zong Chi He – Taiwan – NT$ 440,000
2nd Ori Kossonogi – Israel – NT$ 317,800
3rd Chi Hung Ho – Taiwan – NT$ 202,500
4th Pete Yen Han Chen – Taiwan – NT$ 153,700
5th Yi Wei Peng – Taiwan – NT$ 118,700
6th Chih Ying Liang – Taiwan – NT$ 90,800
7th Eric Ting Yi Tsai – Taiwan – NT$ 73,300

Event #26: APT Super High Roller – KUN HAN LEE – NT$ 395,700 (~US$ 13,845)

Kun Han Lee is one Taiwanese player you can’t miss at the tables. He is uber-aggressive and tends to rack up a large pile early on. Up until this series, his long list of cashes has earned him nearly US$ 160K which has further been boosted by his deep runs this series and victory at the APT Super High Roller. This was a huge win for Lee who not only denied pro player Pete Yen Han Chen at heads up but also captured his first ever APT title. He earned NT$ 395,700 (~US$ 13,845) and the token trophy.

super high roller winner
Kun Han Lee. Credit: CTP Club Facebook

Buy in: NT$ 33,000 (~US$ 1,150)
Entries: 40
Prize pool: NT$ 1,200,000 (~US$ 42,000)
ITM: 6 places


1st Kun Han Lee – Taiwan – NT$ 395,700
2nd Pete Yen Han Chen – Taiwan – NT$ 273,500
3rd Pei Chih Shih – Taiwan – NT$ 174,600
4th Ori Kossonogi – Israel – NT$ 133,900
5th Ping Hao Huang – Taiwan – NT$ 104,800
6th Kar Wee Chee – Taiwan – NT$ 81,500

Other Results

Event #18: TMT 9 High Roller Event

Buy in: NT$ 15,000 (~US$ 525)
Entries: 96
Prize pool: NT$ 1,296,000 (~US$ 45,300)
ITM: 13 places
Winner: KUO CHEN HUNG – Taiwan – NT$ 333,900 (~US$ 11,700)
*Chan Lok Ming finished 3rd for NT$ 153,400 (~US$ 5,400)

Event #19: Ladies Event

Buy in: NT$ 2,500 (~US$ 87)
Entries: 29
Prize pool: NT$ 61,625 (~US$ 2,150)
ITM: 4 places
Winner: HUA WEI LIN – Taiwan – NT$ 25,700 (~US$ 900)

Event #20: 6 Max NLH

Buy in: NT$ 3,000 (~US$ 105)
Entries: 94
Prize pool: NT$ 239,700 (~US$ 8,400)
ITM: 10 places
Winner: ERWIN NG – Singapore – NT$ 62,600(~US$ 2,200)

Event #21: 2000 NLH Turbo

Buy in: NT$ 2,000 (~US$ 70)
Entries: 52
Prize pool: NT$ 83,200 (~US$ 3,000)
ITM: 7 places
Winner: MANG LING LIN – Taiwan – NT$ 27,500 (~US$ 960)

Event #22: APT Six Max PLO Hi

Buy in: NT$ 6,600 (~US$ 231)
Entries: 58
Prize pool: NT$ 325,380 (~US$ 11,400)
ITM: 6 places
Winner: LI TA HSU – Taiwan – NT$ 104,200 (~US$ 3,650)
*This was Li Ta Hsu’s first APT win

Event #23: Three Bullets NLH

Buy in: NT$ 2,500 (~US$ 87)
Entries: 58
Prize pool: NT$ 123,250 (~US$ 4,300)
ITM: 7 places
Winner: CHE YI SUN – Taiwan – NT$ 59,600 (~US$ 2,100)

Event #25: Monster Stack Turbo

Buy in: NT$2,500 (~US$ 87)
Entries: 123
Prize pool: NT$ 261,375 (~US$ 9,150)
ITM: 12 places
Winner: CINDY MAN NI CHEN – Taiwan – NT$ 67,200 (~US$ 2,350)
*This was Cindy Man Ni Chen’s second series win

Event #27: 2000 NLH Turbo

Buy in: NT$ 2,000 (~US$ 70)
Entries: 55
Prize pool: NT$ 88,000 (~US$ 3,080)
ITM: 7 places
Winner: PATRICK LIANG – Taiwan – NT$ 29,000 (~US$ 1,010)

Event #28: Mega Stack – PO CHING LIN – NT$ 162,000 (~US$ 5,670)

Buy in: NT$ 5,000 (~US$ 175)
Guarantee: NT$ 500,000 (~US$ 17,500)
Entries: 154
Prize pool: NT$ 654,500 (~US$ 22,900)
ITM: 18 places

Event #29: TMT 9 High Roller

Buy in: NT$ 15,000 (~US$ 525)
Entries: 76
Prize pool: NT$ 1,026,000 (~US$ 35,900)
ITM: 11 places
Winner: CHAN LOK MING – Hong Kong – NT$ 273,600 (~US$ 9,500)
*This was Chan Lok Ming’s third series title

Event #30: Monster Stack Turbo

Buy in: NT$ 3,000 (~US$ 105)
Entries: 84
Prize pool: NT$ 214,200 (~US$ 7,500)
ITM: 10 places
Winner: DAVID HSING HSIUNG TAI – Taiwan – NT$ 56,100 (~US$ 1,960)
*This was David Tai’s second win this series

Up next at CTP Club

No rest for the mighty as one closes another opens. Following the end of the TMT 9 X APT comes the much awaited arrival of globally renowned brand World Poker Tour. The WPT has been eager to bring their brand of poker to Taiwan however with Covid 19 raining on everyone’s parade, the inaugural event has been rescheduled twice. Third time’s the charm! The WPT Deepstack Warm Up will take place from November 13 to 16 at the CTP Club Taipei. Eight tournaments are rostered. The warm up will be followed by the WPT Deepstacks Taiwan on December 11 to 21.

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