Three Televised Poker Hand Highlights During the First Months of 2018

Only a few months of 2018 have elapsed so far, and already we have televised heroics at the tables. If you have forgotten to turn on your TV screen in the last few months, you may have missed these three televised gems.

Isildur1 Call Of The Year commented by joeingram1


Hero-calls are always sweet, but when they are the final act that ends a tournament and are made by one of the biggest names in the game, they also carry a little extra sweetness. The following video gives us all a timely reminder of the immense talents that Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom has brought to the table since he exploded onto the online scene almost ten years ago.

Incredibly Unbelievable Fold on the World Poker Tour


In this video, Ian Steinman makes the sort of fold that you could watch back five times and still not believe it had happened. The commentators understandably feel that Steinman is dead and buried, but astonishingly, the player finds a way to escape his seemingly certain fate.

The #1 Mistake Poker Players Make:


In this video, Doug Polk casts his expert eye over the hand shown in the former video, outlining his thoughts and ideas surrounding the hand in question and offerings his opinion on where Steinman went right, or wrong.

No Gamble, No Future for Antonio Esfandiari


This hand from Poker After Dark sees Esfandiari make a very questionable choice when facing a huge raise in a three-way pot. Pot odds are normally a prime consideration when faced with this kind of spot, but Esfandiari opts to ignore the numbers in this instance, creating a huge pot, and you could certainly argue – a huge mistake.

Article By Craig Bradshaw