The Best Place to Shop – Christmas 2021

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UPoker’s UShop has a collection of amazing poker apparel designed to awe you.  It’s even better that the shop is running a launching discount event especially for poker lovers. Enjoy a store-wide 25% discount from 22nd December 2021 to 26th January 2022. Visitors to UShop would simply need to key in the promo-code GRAND25 to receive the 25% discount in any item. Shop till you drop in our virtual poker store made with a poker player’s needs in mind. Shop from anywhere too as the online store offers free shipping with a minimum purchase of 200 USD.


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The clothes aren’t just designed to be trendy but they are also made to be comfy. We know as poker players there would be days you’d need to spend long hours in poker rooms or at MTT tables. The UPoker ‘Your Fish Tank’ designer TShirt, is just the right thing for you. It is designed with the proverbial poker shark standing over a fish , representing the idea of dominating the competition. It is warm and comfortable with material that is soothing to the skin even after being worn for long hours.  The shark tank TShirt is tailored to fit you snugly and the raven- black or pure white colour is sure to complement any figure.


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If  you notice the fashion trends among poker pros, you’ll be sure to notice that the ‘head gear’ is always a head turner. Everyone from Phil Hellmuth, to Phil Ivy has had their fair share of iconic caps. Spending most of the game seated, putting on a cap is the best way to make a fashion statement. UPoker’s Signature caps hit the sweet spot between class and style. It is one of our pride and joy. Designed and created in Brazil, these caps are the pinnacle of craftsmanship. The UPoker Signature Caps come in a variety of colours and each one is a design masterpiece. We have deep- red, raven-black, steel-blue, hot-pink and earth-brown.


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UShop has many more exciting set of T-shirt collection. Notably the UPoker Signature-T. It comes in three colour variations with striking gold wordings. The  T-Shirts carry a poetic message of good luck and positivity. Attract positive vibes with our exquisite apparel this Christmas.

The items in UShop could also make a great gift this Christmas for those who have close poker buddies. Instead of a generic gift, giving them a poker item will surely make your Christmas present a genuinely thoughtful and memorable one.


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