Taiwan Millions Tournament 12 highlights: Zhong Hao Lee wins record breaking Main Event; You Da Tsai tops Player of the Series; Zong Chi He banks the most



Record-breaking numbers at the 12th edition of the Taiwan Millions Tournament which ran from July 8 to 25 at the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association (CTP Club). For years, this biannual homegrown festival has been one of the most sought after events in Taipei City, Taiwan, and for this season, the results were through the roof. Over the 18 days, it amassed a grand prize pool of NT$ 39,563,475 (~US$ 1,320,500), which was nearly four times the advertised NT$ 10M guarantee. In addition, both the Main Event and Mini Main Event set new records. Emerging as the biggest winners were Zhong Hao Lee and Zong Chi He while You Da Tsai topped the Player of the Series. Here are the highlights.

*All photos courtesy of CTP Club

Festival review

Festival prize pool: NT$ 39,563,475 (~US$ 1,320,500)
Events: 56
Entries: 9,602
Main Event champion: Zhong Hao Lee – NT$ 2,310,000
Player of the Series: You Da Tsai
Highest earner: Zong Chi He – NT$ 2,633,700
Multiple wins: You Da Tsai, Wu Chiayun, Zong Chi He, Chi Jen Chen, Hung Wei Ye
Record breaker: Main Event – 1895 entries
Record breaker: Mini Main Event – 1,728,entries

Main Event: ZHONG HAO LEE – NT$ 2,310,000 (~US$ 77,100)


This season of the Main Event was a sight to see as players poured in for a chance at the TMT’s most coveted title. To sweeten the deal, out of the NT$ 5 Million guarantee, a minimum of NT$ 1 Million was guaranteed to the eventual champion. Over the three starting days, it amassed a record turnout of 1,895 entries, easily crushing the previous 1,522 high attendance set at TMT 8. In turn, the prize pool also swelled over 2.5 times for a jaw-dropping NT$ 12,886,000 (~US$ 430,100). After six days of competition, Zhong Hao Lee defeated hot running local pro Zong Chi He to seize the NT$ 2,310,000 (~US$ 77,100) first prize. This was Lee’s largest known score and first career takedown. As for Zong, it was another incredible performance having won one of the High Roller events and the festival’s Mini Main Event days prior. 


Briefly recapping Lee’s race to the crown, he entered Day 2 just below average and was wedged in the middle of the 224 qualifiers. By the time the final table was formed, he had navigated to 3rd in chips until he eliminated Wei Chia Huang (5th). During the hand, Lee had AcKd outdrew Huang‘s QdQh when a king landed, to climb to second rank. After the fall of Sian Zong Huang in 4th place, the final three players – Zong Chi He, Kuan Hsueh Lu, and Lee took turns up top until Lee eliminated Lu in 3rd place. Lee entered heads up with a massive 100 BB stack against Zong’s 35 BB stack. It only took fifteen minutes to close it out with QhJs higher straight on a board that completed Jh2c10c8d9d, Zong had Kc7c

Dates: July 20 to 25
Buy in: NT$ 8,000 (~US$ 267)
Guarantee: NT$ 5,000,000
Entries: 1,895
Prize pool: NT$ 12,886,000 (~US$ 430,100)
ITM: 224 places

Final table payouts

Place Name Country Payout
1 Zhong Hao Lee Taiwan NT$ 2,310,000
2 Zong Chi He Taiwan NT$ 1,420,000
3 Kuan Hsueh Lu Taiwan NT$ 875,000
4 Sian Zong Huang Taiwan NT$ 632,000
5 Wei Chia Huang Taiwan NT$ 421,000
6 Kingston Wang Taiwan NT$ 300,000
7 Jian Tsung Yang Taiwan NT$ 254,700
8 Chiun Shiang Gau Taiwan NT$ 217,000
9 Shihchuan Hu Taiwan NT$ 182,000

Biggest earner / Mini Main Event champion: ZONG CHI HE

Local pro Zong Chi He emerged the biggest earner at the series, besting even the massive payout of the Main Event champion. Zong shipped two events, Event 16: $22K High Roller for NT$ 391,500 and the record breaking Mystery Bounty / Mini Main Event for NT$ 754,000. In addition, he finished 2nd at the Main Event for a NT$ 1,420,000 payout. These three combined to a total score of NT$ 2,633,700.


This season’s Mini Main Event was changed to a Mystery Bounty format. It drew a record turnout of 1,728 entries and with buy in at NT$ 4K each, it blew away the NT$ 2M guarantee for a crushing prize pool of NT$ 5,875,200. At heads up, eventual champion Zong carried in a massive 82 BB stack against Ping Chieh Wu’s 20 BB. Wu was able to cut the gap on a lucky runner runner trips but still could not overtake Zong who closed it out with Ace-Queen over King-Queen. 

Buy in: NT$ 4,000
Guarantee: NT$ 2,000,000
Entries: 1,728
Prize pool: NT$ 5,875,200 (~US$ 196,100)
ITM: 202 places

Final table payouts

Place Name Country Payout
1 Zong Chi He Taiwan NT$ 754000
2 Ping Chieh Wu Taiwan NT$ 445300
3 Xiao Yung Lung Taiwan NT$ 276300
4 Po Theng Huang Taiwan NT$ 198000
5 Chu Ling Hsu Taiwan NT$ 133000
6 Yu Hung Liu Taiwan NT$ 93300
7 Ming Chang Xiao Taiwan NT$ 81200
8 Min Feng Huang Taiwan NT$ 69300
9 Yiching Lin Taiwan NT$ 58600

Kick-Off Event: SHIH WEI HOU


The festival opened its doors with the NT$ 2K Warm Up event and with 372 turning up, it was a sign of larger things to come. Two days later, the Kick-Off Event saw a storm of 805 entries and at NT$ 3,500 each, it built a prize pool of NT$ 2,394,875 (~US$ 79,933), breaching the advertised NT$ 750K guarantee three times over. Taking it to the limit for his first known live tournament victory was Shih Wei Hou to pocket the NT$ 496,500 (~US$ 16,570) first prize for his largest career payout. 

Buy in: NT$ 3,500 (~US$ 117)
Guarantee: NT$ 750,000 (~US$ 25,030)
Entries: 805
Prize pool: NT$ 2,394,875 (~U$ 79,933)
ITM: 101 places 

Final table payouts

Place Name Country Payout
1 Shih Wei Hou Taiwan NT$ 496,500
2 Wei Chia Huang  Taiwan NT$ 305,200
3 Huiheng Wu Taiwan NT$ 185,500
4 Chen Sheng Wen Taiwan NT$ 136,400
5 Yan Chen Jiang Taiwan NT$ 92,200
6 Tsai Yuchung Taiwan NT$ 67,300
7 Tsulin Tsao Taiwan NT$ 55,100
8 Zi Wei Tung Taiwan NT$ 47,900
9 Chia Hui Tu Taiwan NT$ 40,700

Player of the Series: YOU DA TSAI – 625.41 points

22 1

Player You Da Tsai dethroned three-time winner Wu Chia Yun by winning Player of the Series. Among his many cashes were three victories. His first win was at the Daily Deepstack, topping a field of 90 entries. The following day he shipped Event 16: No Limit Hold’em Turbo, defeating the 64 entry field. Five days later, he claimed Event 22: Head Hunter NLH where he bested an larger field of 101 entries. For his achievement, Tsai was awarded a TMT 13 Package worth NT$ 20K and the POS trophy. 

Coming in 2nd was Xiao Yung Lung who was awarded a TMT 13 Package worth NT$ 15K, and in 3rd place was Hung Wei Yeh who won a TMT 13 Package worth NT$ 10K. 

Other Highlights

Event 6: Fighters NLH 

Buy in: NT$ 3,500 (~US$ 117)
Guarantee: NT$ 200,000 (~US$ 6,675)
Entries: 214
Prize pool: NT$ 636,650 (~US$ 21,250)
ITM: 24 places
Winner: HUNGLIN TSENG – Taiwan – NT$ 151,200

Event 10: Giant Stack


Buy in: NT$ 5,000 (~US$ 167)
Guarantee: NT$ 500,000 (~US$ 16,690)
Entries: 371
Prize pool: NT$ 1,576,750 (~US$ 52,625)
ITM: 45 places

Event 26: Monster Stack Turbo 


Buy in: NT$ 2,500 (~US$ 84)
Guarantee: NT$ 200,000 (~US$ 6,675)
Entries: 200
Prize pool: NT$ 425,000 (~US$ 14,185)
ITM: 26 places
Winner: CHIA HAO HSU – Taiwan – NT$ 101,000 (~US$ 3,370)

High Roller winners

Yu Chung Chang

Event 9: High Roller
Buy in: NT$ 15,000 (~US$ 500)
Entries: 101
Prize pool: NT$ 1,363,500 (~US$ 45,510)
ITM: 12 places
Winner: YU CHUNG CHANG – Taiwan – NT$ 351,200 (~US$ 11,720)

Event 16: High Roller
Buy in: NT$ 22,000 (~US$ 735)
Entries: 69
Prize pool: NT$ 1,380,000 (~US$ 46,060)
ITM: 9 places
Winner: ZONG CHI HE – Taiwan – NT$ 391,500 (~US$ 13,070)

Event 25: High Roller
Buy in: NT$ 15,000 (~US$ 500)
Entries: 115
Prize pool: NT$ 1,552,500 (~US$ 51,817)
ITM: 126 places
Winner: ZI WEI TUNG – Taiwan – NT$ 385,800 (~US$ 12,876)

Event 31: High Roller
Buy in: NT$ 22,000 (~US$ 735)
Entries: 41
Prize pool: NT$ 820,000 (~US$ 27,370)
ITM: 6 places
Winner: YEN LIANG YAO – Taiwan – NT$ 270,400 (~US$ 9,025)

38 1
Tzu Hao Tseng

Event 38: High Roller
Buy in: NT$ 33,000 (~US$ 1,100)
Entries: 80
Prize pool: NT$ 2,400,000 (~US$ 80,100)
ITM: 11 places
Winner: TZU HAO TSENG – Taiwan – NT$ 640,300 (~US$ 21,370)
2nd: Yu Chung Chang – Taiwan – NT$ 455,100

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