Bump up the fun with Somuchpoker’s new staking feature coming your way!


Somuchpoker's Staking feature

Holding down our title as the top poker media group in the Asia Pacific, Somuchpoker is ready to bring you a step further from your usual daily poker news with a new staking feature thrilled to take on your action. Hitting the screens this week, Staking by SMP serves as a simple and secure crowd-staking marketplace where anyone can buy and sell action for a variety of games. 

The platform, powered by StakeKings, encompasses any tournament hosted by a legitimate online poker platform or live event organized by a certified poker tour/ club location. Not limited to tournament poker, cash game staking will also be in the mix focusing on streamed cash games and its quick rise in popularity across the community.

Staking has been a regular and vital practice across the field as a way of minimizing variance, optimizing bankroll management, and profit sharing. While this may be advantageous for both parties, having a safe system in place is still the best way to go. The awaited launch fulfills that purpose while protecting both stakers and action sellers from any wrongdoing during the transaction. Staking by SMP ensures a seamless experience from start to finish, beginning from buying in, tracking player’s performance, claiming shares, all the way to cashing out your winnings.

Interested players must pass through a simple verification process prior to selling action on the system with proof of registration required before receiving posted entry fees. On the other hand, those who have been legitimately active on the platform for over six months qualify for the privilege of receiving buy-ins upfront. More information on signing up and how it works will be provided shortly in a follow up article, answering more of your questions in detail.

For now, brace yourselves and get your list of games ready as Staking by SMP takes center stage this August!

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Janette Dee

Graduated from De La Salle University, Janette works as a full time teacher in Manila, Philippines. She has long joined the local poker community as a recreational player for the last decade. Having a natural love for the game, she decided to branch out into a different avenue of poker. Currently, Janette works for Somuchpoker as a content writer reporting local and international news for the site.

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