“Shenqiyulu” wins WPT Asia Online Main Event for $251K; final festival results

The globally renowned World Poker Tour wrapped up its second Asia Online series on the Poker King app, and as previous, it paid out hefty prizes to all the winners. The top attraction was the headliner Main Event where a whopping CN¥ 10,000,000 (~US$ 1,564,724) was promised. After seven starting flights, 3,078 entered, creating a sizable overlay. Emerging victorious was “Shenqiyulu”, who turned the lowly CN¥ 2,200 (~US$ 344) buy in into a massive CN¥ 1,605,750 (~US$ 251,350) payday.


Aside from the enormous pot, also adding value was the bounty reward placed on invited stars, Daniel Dvoress, Patrik Antonius, Lynn Gilmartin, DJ Steve Aoki, and Poker King Ambassador Phil Ivey. While each one advanced to Day 2, none of them reached the money round.

Recapping the action, 743 players advanced to Day 2 with payouts starting at 370th place. At the fall of “Hanalice” in 10th place, the final table was formed led by “winner4life”. Upon resuming, shortest stacked “leitingyulu” quickly busted in 9th place followed by “huaguduo” (8th) who fell to player “AAadminAA” with Jh9h full house over AsKs top two pair on a board 10h9cAh9sKd. Player “zhadan6” amassed a commanding lead after finishing off “winner4life” (7th) with Ace-Queen over King-Nine. From there, “zhadan6” held the advantage until the final three when “Shenqiyulu” AsJd eliminated “ikggkjjk” KcKh with a brutal straight over a set on a board 10hAdQc7hKs. Heads up lasted all of one hand with “zhadan6” shoving Kd2c and “Shenqiyulu” ahead throughout with Ah7d. In US dollars, the top two players earned noteworthy six figure payouts.

Day 1A: 547 entries
Day 1B: 458 entries
Day 1C: 461 entries
Day 1D: 453 entries
Day 1E: 143 entries
Day 1F: 568 entries
Day 1G: 448 entries
Total: 3,078 entries

Dates: November 16 to 22
Buy in: CN¥ 2,200 (~US$ 344)
Guarantee: CN¥ 10,000,000 (~US$ 1,564,724)
Entries: 3,078
Day 2 qualifiers: 743 players
Prize pool: CN¥ 10,000,000 (~US$ 1,564,724)
ITM: 370 places

Final table payouts

1st “Shenqiyulu” – CN¥ 1,605,750 (~US$ 251,350)
2nd “zhadan6” – CN¥ 857,650 (~US$ 134,250)
3rd “ikggkjjk” CN¥ 581,100 (~US$ 90,960)
4tth “SuitedNuts” – CN¥ 442,400 (~US$ 69,250)
5th “AAadminAA” – CN¥ 369,400 (~US$ 57,820)
6th “iiiiiiiivy” – CN¥ 297,900 (~US$ 46,630)
7th “winner4life” – CN¥ 227,500 (~US$ 35,610)
8th “huaguduo” – CN¥ 164,600 (~US$ 25,765)
9th “leitingyulu” – CN¥ 125,400 (~US$ 19,630)

Featured Events

Event #13: NLHE High Roller

The biggest buy in event was the NLHE High Roller with 64 coughing up CN¥ 10,500 (~US$ 1,640) for a pot that well exceeded the CN¥ 400K guarantee. Only 8 players earned a piece of the CN¥ 672,000 (~US$ 105,190) prize pool with player “泡泡的美脚” pocketing the largest cut of CN¥ 192,000 (~US$ 30,000). At three handed, 泡泡的美脚 landed a big double up with a set of Eights then carried the winning momentum to the end with pocket Sixes beating pocket Fives.


Buy in: CN¥ 10,500 (~US$ 1,640)
Guarantee: CN¥ 400,000 (~US$ 62,600)
Entries: 64
Prize pool: CN¥ 672,000 (~US$ 105,190)
ITM: 8 places
Winner: 泡泡的美脚 – CN¥ 192,000 (~US$ 30,000)

Event #15: The Closer

Closing out the series was the CN¥ 1 Million guaranteed The Closer event with 1,212 saddling up at just CN¥ 1,100 (~US$ 172) each. This created a smashing prize pool of CN¥ 1,333,200 (~US$ 208,690) with 146 earning a cut. Player “随机漫步” aka “Sijimanbu” outlasted the competition to claim the handsome CN¥ 225,917 (~US$ 35,360) first prize.

Buy in: CN¥ 1,100 (~US$ 172)
Guarantee: CN¥ 1,000,000 (~US$ 156,600)
Entries: 1,212
Prize pool: CN¥ 1,333,200 (~US$ 208,690)
ITM: 146 places
Winner: 随机漫步 – “Sijimanbu” – CN¥ 225,917 (~US$ 35,360)

Event #12: Short Deck Championship


Buy in: CN¥ 550 (~US$ 86)
Guarantee: CN¥ 200,000 (~US$ 31,300)
Entries: 391
Prize pool: CN¥ 200,000 (~US$ 31,300)
ITM: 47 places
Winner: 天天大魔王 – “tiantiandamowang” – CN¥ 38,980 (~US$ 6,100)

Side Events

Event #10: NLHE Progressive Bounties 6-Max

Buy in: CN¥ 220 (~US$ 34)
Guarantee: CN¥ 100,000 (~US$ 15,670)
Entries: 755
Prize pool: CN¥ 166,100 (~US$ 26,000)
ITM: 257 places
Winner: “366Giving” – CN¥ 21,392 (~US$ 3,350)

Event #11: PLO Championship 6-Max

Buy in: CN¥ 550(~US$ 86)
Guarantee: CN¥ 100,000 (~US$ 15,670)
Entries: 239
Prize pool: CN¥ 131,450 (~US$ 20,580)
ITM: 29 places
Winner: “sdctks” – CN¥ 26,325 (~US$ 4,120)

Event #14: NLHE Turbo

Buy in: CN¥ 220 (~US$ 34)
Guarantee: CN¥ 200,000 (~US$ 31,300)
Entries: 798
Prize pool: CN¥ 200,000 (~US$ 31,300)
ITM: 96 places
Winner: “Thinkao” – CN¥ 39,770 (~US$ 6,225)

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