Satellite Winner Shurane Vijayaram Wins Aussie Millions Main Event

And the Aussie Millions Main Event is finally over with a new face as its champion. Shurane Vijayaram from Australia proved victorious over a field of 725 players taking home a whipping AU$1.6 Million.

Shurane Vijayaram (Photo Danny Maxwell – Crown Poker)

The Main Event had a buy-in of AU$10,000 but Vijayaram got in the Main Event through a satellite at Crown Casino for only AU$130.  His measly AU$130 investment has turned into a 7-figure cash prize, a trophy and one of the most prestigious poker titles in the world.  This victory will be the very first record in both Hendon Mob and Global Poker Index (GPI) as he has no history of ever cashing in any major event in the poker world.  From totally being unknown, he is now the 2017 Aussie Millions Champion.

It is truly one of those Cinderella stories most poker players dream of.

He started off in the final table as the chip leader amongst Goliaths Jeff Rossiter, Feder Holz and Ben Heath, who just won US$141,440 at the PokerStars Championship Bahamas NLH 8-Max Event 2 weeks ago.

In a very short heads-up match against Ben Heath, Vijayaram won with pockets 5x5x after making a hero call against an all-in shove from Heath who held Ks8c on a 6h9c7s3hQs board.  Heath check-raised the turn after Vijarayam’s consistent aggression since the start of the hand.  At the river, Heath shoved all-in which made Vijarayam tank, taking time in assessing the situation before making the call that would change his life.

Ben Heath got eliminated at 2nd place taking home a cash prize of AU$1 Million.

Final 7 Payouts (AUD)

1 – Shurane Vijayaram 1,600,000

2 – Ben Heath 1,000,000

3 – Tobias Hausen 620,000

4 – Jeff Rossiter 440,000

5 – Fedor Holz 335,000

6 – David Olson 270,000

7 – Luke Roberts 210,000

Article by Gabrielle Barredo

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Final Hand

Complete Final Table

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