Sam Razavi’s WSOP 2019 poker and vlogging ambitions

4-time Asia Poker Tour “Player of the Year” Sam Razavi is a well-known figure of the Asian poker circuit. However, right now his ambitions have switch to a new focus, both as a player and also as a content creator.


Sam Razavi has just landed in Las Vegas with his ambition to do better than last year’s runner–up finish in the Millionaire Maker.

He shared with Somuchpoker:

“The main focus will be on the Rio and the WSOP itself, Hold’ em and PLO, up to and including the Main Event. The structures seem to allow for more play this year so as always exact events will be dependent on what Day 2s I have or haven’t made. From a poker perspective my goals are always the same: the focus is on as many WSOP events as possible to maximise the chances of winning a bracelet and of course make as much money as possible.”

He continues, “The WSOP is fast becoming my ‘bread and butter’ months of the year as aside from the Aussie Millions my focus outside of those months involves much less poker than it used to. Aside from that I hope to keep up a healthy routine which should be much easier not only living with my brother but also having our own place instead of living out of the Rio every day.”

Vlogging and Giveaway

Sam also has high expectations for his vlogging. He will produce content built on a combination of his acting skills and the support of his brother. And many will be happy to hear: There will be giveaways!

Sam explains, “A lot of people have been in touch over the years asking if I’m going to write a book about my experiences travelling and playing poker, or to give a greater or more detailed insight into the game in general.”

“So I thought vlogging would be a fun way to start. I’ve moved back to the UK and have been actively getting back into acting and I have plans to write and direct some stuff myself so this also makes the vlogs beneficial to me as of course there will be some fun stuff thrown in there that will utilise the element of performance and it will force me to familiarise myself with filming, editing and so on.”

The support of his brother on more than one level

“My brother Ismaeel has given me some pointers so far as he’s done a fair bit of vlogging himself. We’ve rented a house together and he’s supplying healthy nutritious meals for poker players out there. His cooking is second to none. He was offered a job with Gordon Ramsay on his first meeting with him and couple that skill with him being a certified nutritionist and you can’t go wrong.”

More interaction and entertainment

“The other fun thing with this vlog is that it gives me a new avenue to interact with my followers and they will be rewarded with giveaways of my action throughout the series. The focus is going to be much more on entertainment rather than strategy, although I will touch on interesting hands and keep an update of events paid and profit/loss.“

“What I don’t want to do is alienate and make the vlog only of interest to those that like poker. I’d like to reach a wider audience and I do think there is no harm in showing what life is like as a poker player, if only to help dilute certain stigma that surrounds this profession. I spent many years on the Asian circuit most notably the APT, and as such it would be great to have a following not only from Europe and the UK but also from across Asia.”

“For the Asian community it gives a real insight into Vegas and I will probably do an episode that really covers everything for first time visitors. So it think overall it’s of great benefit for them to follow!”

The first giveaway will end in few hours. Do not miss it!

Article by Christin Maschmann