Pros run well at the inaugural APT Korea Incheon 2017

The Asian Poker Tour headed to Korea for its second event in the country this year. Instead of Daegu or Jeju, the event was held in a new destination, at the recently opened Paradise City in Incheon. The APT Korea Incheon 2017 festival ran from August 12th – August 20th; many pros were in attendance with a couple of them closing out some of the events.

Tetsuya Tsuchikawa continues his impressive APT run

Tetsuya Tsuchikawa - Photo APT
Tetsuya Tsuchikawa – Photo APT

Two APT events ago, Japanese pro Tetsuya Tsuchikawa usurped the lead in the 2017 APT Player of the Year race. Since then, he has been at the top of the APT rankings, running deep and winning multiple events to keep his lead. At the recently concluded festival, Tsuchikawa won the High Rollers 1 event for a KRW 9,210,000 (~ US$8,000) payout and though this was the only event where he pocketed, it was enough to distance him further upwards in the APT POY race.

High Roller Results

1 –  Iwakura Hajime: 19,180,000.00
2 –  Naohito Tamaya: 12,050,000.00
3 –  Hiroyuki Noda: 7,590,000.00
4 –  Gerard Mark Bringley: 5,800,000.00
5 –  Masashi Shibata: 2,600,000.00

Iori Yogo wins the APT Player of the Series

Iori Yogo - Photo APT
Iori Yogo – Photo APT

Another highly decorated pro also stole the spotlight, Iori Yogo, and for several reasons. Yogo charged into the festival with an immediate takedown at the Welcome Event. He bested a field of 96 entries for a KRW 7,604,000 payday. The next day, he nearly landed another title coming in runner up position at the No Limit Hold’em 1 event to pick up an additional KRW 5,390,000.

With the Main Event up next, Yogo continued his prime performance landing at the top again, this time at Day 1B. He ultimately finished in 3rd place out of the 185 total entries for his biggest single score of the festival, KRW 17,590,000 (~US$15,000). With these high marks, Yogo won the APT Player of the Series.

Opening Event Results

1 – Iori Yogo: 7,604,000.00
2 – Eric Ahn: 4,643,000.00
3 – Hongming Zhou: 3,358,000.00
4 – Genki Nakano: 2,576,000.00
5 – David Scott Shepherd: 2,213,000.00
6 – Aya Ryoke: 1,911,000.00
7 – Chun Ho Edward Yam: 1,659,000.00
8 – Jeremy Graves: 1,458,000.00
9 – Kham Vladislav: 1,319,000.00
10 – Hyun Kyu Bae: 1,195,000.00

Albert Paik ships in the Main Event

Albert Paik - Photo APT
Albert Paik – Photo APT

Albert Paik may not be a frequent flyer in the tournament arena however this young American has already posted some very impressive stats. Last year, Paik entered the scene with a victory at the APPT Seoul Main Event. While he has been dry in titles since then, he ended that drought at the APT Korea Incheon. Paik won the Main Event overcoming a field of 185 entries. He shipped in the KRW 44,860,000 (~US$39,000) first prize.

Main Event Results

1 –  Albert Paik: 44,860,000.00
2 – Jin Woo Kim: 25,840,000.00
3 – Iori Yogo: 17,590,000.00
4 – Andy Li: 12,560,000.00
5 – Kazuto Sato: 10,230,000.00
6 – Yuichi Sumida: 8,250,000.00
7 – Yoshihiro Kitauchi: 6,640,000.00
8- Kimiharu Nakamura: 5,380,000.00
9 – Shigeho Yoshioka: 4,490,000.00
10 – Naoki Morita: 3,730,000.00

Article by Triccia David

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