PokerStars Manila Super Series 15: Jason Magbanua bags Main Event title for Php 1,340,000 (~US$ 23,928); Justin Castro and Chun Yip among side event winners

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Photo Credit – PokerStars LIVE

The recently concluded PokerStars LIVE’s Manila Super Series proved to be an eventful festival having smashed all its listed guarantees for its fifteenth edition with the Main Event awarding the largest payouts for the week. Fresh off from a win in Metro’s Php 2M (~US$ 35,428) guaranteed tournament, local pro Jason Magbanua stole the spotlight once again, this time with an even bigger score of Php 1.3M (~US$ 23,928). Also documenting an impressive run was Hong Kong’s Chun Yip who claimed two side event titles and winner Justin Castro who took down the title of the second largest prize pool of the series, the Php 1M (~US$ 17,714) guaranteed Warm-Up event.

Manila Super Series 15 Main Event: Jason Magbanua – Php 1,340,000 (~US$ 23,928)

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Photo Credit – Chris Librojo

After three starting flights, this season’s Main Event collected a total of 500 entries with only 77 players making the minimum payout of Php 24,000 (~US$ 425). The great turnout generated a sizable prize pool amounting to Php 6,547,500 (~US$ 116,917), more than double of the advertised Php 3M guarantee. By Sunday’s end, the final eight was set and was led by local runner Jason Magbanua holding a significant margin to start the final day. Magbanua dominated throughout the entire final table gameplay, not once relinquishing his commanding chip lead. 

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Main Event Final Table, Photo Credit – PokerStars LIVE

By the end of the first level, Magbanua had already eliminated two of his short stacked opponents – Emmanuel Segismundo and Calum Davies in 8th and 9th place respectively. Cash game enthusiast Ernesto Salazar was the table’s next casualty after landing top pair on a blind vs blind battle. His weak kicker ended up sending him to the rails in 7th place with second in the running, Ellezer Castillo having amassed all his chips. With blinds continuing to add on the pressure, Bonifacio Mondalo found himself with a short stack following a couple failed open-fold situations. Finally folded to him on the small blind, Mondalo jammed his four big blind stack with Queen-high and was called by chip leader Magbanua on the big blind with Jd5d. Though slightly ahead, Magbanua’s hot run continued through, eliminating Mondalo in 6th place fashion.

Local pro Alexis Lim was the next player to jump the gun, shoving his less than eight big blind stack on the button with 10cJh only to run into Edgar Asehan’s pocket three’s in the big blind. Having made the call, the board revealed Kh2s4cQs8h and Lim exited in 5th place along with Php 340,000 (~US$ 6,022) in winnings. While Asehan’s stack received a much needed boost, his run shortly ended after losing a crucial flip to table captain Magbanua. After opening under the gun with 9h9c, Magbanua on the big blind put on maximum pressure and moved all-in with KhQs. Asehan made the call and the board quickly gave Magbanua top two pair, leaving his opponent to settle for 4th place.

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Vamerdino Magsakay, Photo Credit – PokerStars LIVE

In spite of getting three full double ups from Magbanua throughout the first four levels, Vamerdino Magsakay’s fourth attempt landed him his eventual elimination. Grinded down to six big blinds, Magsakay went with Ks10c, called by Magbanua with Ac6s in the big blind. The board ran dry, failing to give any of the two a pair and Magbanua took down the pot with ace-high. Sitting with a considerable lead, the heads up match only played for one hand before Castillo hit the rails. On a flop of 8dKs8s, Castillo fired a check-raise to which Magbanua answered with a call. The turn followed with a 7d and Castillo had no room left but to check-call for the remainder of his chips with 4s6s. Magbanua revealed Ad8c as the river gave no help for Castillo’s combo draw, leaving him for the fated runner-up finish. After four hours of final table gameplay, Magbanua secured the title and top payout of Php 1,340,000 (~US$ 23,928) after outlasting the 500-entry field.

Dates: July 7-11, 2022
Buy in: Php 15,000 (~US$ 267)
Guarantee: Php 3,000,000 (~US$ 53,570)
Entries: 500
Prize pool: Php 6,547,500 (~US$ 116,917)
ITM: 77 places

Manila Super Series 15 Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Jason Magbanua Philippines ₱1,340,000
2 Ellezer Castillo Philippines ₱780,000
3 Vamerdino Magsakay Philippines ₱560,000
4 Edgar Asehan Philippines ₱440,000
5 Alexis Lim Philippines ₱340,000
6 Bonifacio Mondalo Philippines ₱267,000
7 Ernesto Salazar  Philippines ₱200,000
8 Emmanuel Segismundo Philippines ₱140,000
9 Calum Davies Australia ₱110,000

*Includes ₱100,000 APPT Manila Main Event Package (seat and accommodation) taken from the prize pool

Hong Kong’s Chun Yip takes down two events: Megastack – Php 159,078 (~US$ 2,840), and ₱15,000 NLH Deepstack Turbo – Php 206,300 (~US$ 3,683)

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Chun Yip, Photo Credit – PokerStars LIVE

With only eleven tournaments geared for the week-long schedule, Hong Kong’s Chun Yip were among those who banked notable profits after claiming two single day side events: Megastack Php 500K guaranteed, and the ₱15,000 NLH Deepstack Turbo. Yip’s two champion titles earned him a combined Php 365,378 (~US$ 6,472) in addition to also coming in 51st place for Php 26,500 (~US$ 470) in the Main Event

Yip denied two local runners Ruderico Dela Cruz and Edwin Dela Cruz the respective wins after beating both of them in heads up play for the coveted title. Yip appears to be a regular in tournaments held in the Asian region with dozens of results recorded from several countries such as Macau, Australia, Vietnam, and Taiwan. His career-best cash remains to be a second place finish in the APPT Asia Championship of Poker, Macau back in November 2015 for a whopping US$ 61,924 according to The Hendon Mob.

Manila Super Series 15 Megastack
Date: July 10, 2022
Buy in: Php 6,000 (~US$ 107)
Guarantee: Php 500,000 (~US$ 8,928)
Entries: 124
Prize pool: Php 635,078 (~US$ 11,340)
ITM: 17 places

Manila Super Series 15 Megastack Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Chun Yip Hong Kong ₱159,078
2 Ruderico Dela Cruz Philippines ₱108,000
3 Kenjiroh Suzuki Japan ₱70,200
4 Patrick Kong Hui Soh Malaysia ₱58,200
5 John Matsuda Japan ₱46,900
6 Gilson Chan Singapore ₱37,000
7 Edwin Dela Cruz Philippines ₱28,300
8 Jason Wong China ₱21,300
9 Kin Pan Lei Macau ₱15,900

Manila Super Series 15 ₱15,000 NLH Deepstack Turbo
Date: July 8, 2022
Buy in: Php 15,000 (~US$ 267)
Entries: 50
Prize pool: Php 654,750 (~US$ 11,691)
ITM: 7 places

Manila Super Series 15 ₱15,000 NLH Full Payouts

Place Player Country Prize
1 Chun Yip Hong Kong ₱206,300
2 Edwin Dela Cruz Philippines ₱149,000
3 Jose Colada Philippines ₱95,000
4 Careaga Abaitua Adol Spain ₱72,100
5 Jeremy Chee Malaysia ₱55,700
6 Petter Magnus Karlsson Sweden ₱42,600
7 Jan Jason Leoncio Philippines ₱34,050

Manila Super Series 15 Warm-Up: Justin Castro – Php 360,000 (~US$ 6,428)

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Justin Castro, Photo Credit – PokerStars LIVE

Dates: July 5-6, 2022
Buy in: Php 6,000 (~US$ 107)
Guarantee: Php 1,000,000 (~US$ 17,856)
Entries: 364
Prize pool: Php 1,864,262 (~US$ 33,290)
ITM: 56 places

Manila Super Series 15 Warm-Up Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Justin Castro Philippines ₱360,000
2 Alfonso Baja Philippines ₱229,000
3 Jose Padilla Philippines ₱165,000
4 Rommel Vasquez Philippines ₱134,000
5 Sangyoon Kim Korea ₱106,000
6 Alexander Ungria Jr Philippines ₱81,000
7 Lance De Vera Philippines ₱60,000
8 Azamat Dyussembekov Kazakhstan ₱44,000
9 Oleg Mordassov Switzerland ₱35,062

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